Calm Down Serum {CDS} – Soften Ego Anger Hyperness & Aggression (CS-18)

Calm Down Serum {CDS}: Calm Down Serum is the 18th serum on the list of our Cosmic Serums. The keyword of Calm Down Serum is “Hyper & High”. As a VK user, you must use CDS whenever you hear above-mentioned these two words. CDS is a very Good Friend for angry, irritated, bitter nature, annoyed, harsh, rude and offensive, and always impatient persons. annoyed, harsh, rude offensive impatient persons

We have taken birth to learn some lessons in life. All positive and negative life situations teach us many lessons. Some learn soon but some persons take longer time than others to learn the lessons of daily life. Sometimes it takes several experiences before the lesson is learned. Some people do not take full advantage, even when they observe the situation, and deliberately ignore the experience from multiple events in their life. They never regret and make the same error and mistakes again and again. Calm Down Serum is best for such people.advantage observation

Calm Down Serum is good for careless, jealous, envious, revengeful, and suspicious types of persons. Calm Down Serum helps those who are quick in thought and actions and wish everything should be done without hesitation or delay. They expect the same from others and get impatient if others are not aligned with their speed. Some people are always ready to fight, ready to the argument but never ready to forgive. CDS is there to definitely helps them. jealous, envious

Some people are very strict in their way of living, they deny themselves from joys and pleasures of life because they consider it might interfere with their work and use CDS on them without hesitation. They get strict even with others around them unreasonably. Use CDS on them without hesitation. CDS is a great serum to calm down irritated, angry, impatient, and stiff nature person. CDS helps to ease whatever is the hard, hyper, or high even be it a person, a thing, or any situation. Some people who are hard to teach and are bitter in nature should take the help of Calm Down Serum. You can say CDS is good for Hitler kind of person. Need a sound sleep? take CDS 15 min before going to sleep. The effect of CDS is Peace. Calm Down Serum

Points To Remember About Calm Down Serum

  1. Calm Down Serum is a cosmic serum that can be used only with VIBBES KADA VK.
  2. The name of the serum should be taken as Calm Down Serum while sending thru VK and not as short form CDS.
  3. Do not use this serum with Mood Up Serum and Bravo Serum. CDS is just the opposite of MUS.
  4. Do not use this serum if you are already using more than 3 to 4 serums for other health-related issues. If it is needed then make a 10 min gap between Calm Down Serum and other Serums. This gap of 10 min is when you are taking 2 unrelated serums in 2 different water. Example: if you are taking Key Pen Serum in one water and this serum charged in another water, then keep a gap of 10 min between intake of these two charged water. For other methods like direct request or charging the name on paper or on a photo, a gap of 30 min can be taken for two unrelated serums. Read here more about 30 min concept.
  5. Calm Down Serum can be taken in drinking water through VK. Also, an image of the filled water bottle can be charged for your dear ones or even for an unknown person in any part of the globe.
  6. It can be sent distantly to anyone simply by writing their names on paper or on a photograph. Just say the Calm Down Serum 3 times and place VK on the name/photo.
  7. You can add GOLDEN SUNRISE with this serum to enhance its effects.
  8. Calm Down Serum can also be sent directly by just touching VK and requesting the energy for the receiver. Just say Calm Down Serum to the receiver’s name 3 times in one go. If we say more than one receiver’s name, the energy will get divided equally.
  9. Increase the Frequency of dosing with Calm Down Serum (and other combinations) if the person is very aggressive or violent or always remains angry or shouts with frustration, say every 15 to 20 mins, one small sip of charged water. If you are sending the energy by other methods, do it every 15 mins. Then as the aggression reduces every hour or 2 hrs. Continue for a week. And then a minimum of 4 doses per day for at least 3 to 6 months or even more till you see the desired results.
  10. You can charge bulk food items like rice, flour, pulses, etc with Calm Down Serum.
  11. You can charge water used for cooking food with Calm Down Serum.
  12. You can charge tea, coffee, milk, juice, or any other prepared food with Calm Down Serum.
  13. Calm Down Serum can be added with any health Serum or Total Wealth Serum and any mind healing serum. Except that Mood up Serum should not be used with Calm Down Serum.
  14. Do not use Calm Down Serum for a person who is very low or silent or stops talking or expressing. Use Mood up Serum for such person.
  15. Digee Serum is a good companion of Calm Down Serum if there is discomfort or digestion problems or liver-related problems or vomiting.
  16. Perfect Health Serum is also very helpful with Calm Down Serum because the body feels weak due to a lack of nutritious food.
  17. Calm Down serum is a must for a person in aggression due to lack of love, financial setbacks, feeling irritated and shouting because of health problems, lack of interest in life, a crying screaming child, aggressive or violent person after separation or divorce cases and so on.
  18. If there is too much aggression with fatigue, lethargy, or no interest to take action, in an emergency where there is a sudden loss of physical and mental strength, shock-like states, Do or die situations, use a combination of Calm Down Serum and Perfect Health Serum.
  19. For people who feel aggressive or a lot of anger due to work profile, job-related issues, or a business or professional front, use a combination of Calm Down Serum and Total Wealth Serum to attract prosperity with happiness. Add Alpha Male Serum/ Alpha Woman Serum if you wish to have a charming personality.
  20. If there is any aggressive or an at a workplace or in a professional, business situation, take a combination of Calm Down Serum, Total Wealth Serum and All Clear Serum. Alpha Male Serum/Alpha Woman Serum can be added to have a charming personality.
  21. In case of illness or post-surgical recovery or for old age people, if the person shouts or gets violent, Calm Down Serum can be added with Perfect Health Serum to calm the person for peace. Any other specific health serum also can be added. Example Key Pen Serum or Heart Serum….
  22. If a person or child is screaming continuously may be due to some mental stress from a past event or some illness, or after losing a near one due to separation or death, use a combination of BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY with Calm Down Serum to release the person from past and to bring happiness to present life. You can also listen to the audio of Erase bad memories.
  23. If there is a lack of interest in love life from your spouse and your spouse is always in anger and becomes violent, create more romance in your married life, give a combination of Love Serum and Calm Down Serum to your spouse. Please note Love Serum should not be given to self. And Love Serum can be used by VK users only to improve their OWN relationships.
  24. During exam times or while studying for any competitive exams if the child gets irritated and shouts frequently, you can use a Calm Down Serum and Study Serum together for children to keep them cheerful, energetic, and focused. Can add Total Wealth Serum for teenagers planning for a career or to help them plan their career.
  25. Calm Down Serum is best for women with premenstrual anger or aggression in menopause along with Fem Serum and Perfect Health Serum and Beauty Serum.
  26. If you see a person shouting, screaming, and getting violent while you travel or at any place, do send Calm Down Serum to that person even if you don’t know them, you never know it will bring peace to that person.
  27. You can also do VO Balancing on the head and heart with Calm Down Serum for an aggressive, violent, and angry person.
  28. Along with Calm Down Serum must-watch release anger audio too.
  29. Charge any cream or oil with Calm Down Serum and Beauty Serum and apply the same on the body to feel peaceful.
  30. Send CDS along with Immune Serum to your thyroid gland if it is overactive and hyper and is a reason for hyperthyroidism.
  31. Send CDS along with Digee Serum to your liver and digestive system if it is overactive and the reason for acidity, hyper appetite, and frequent desire of eating.
  32. Send CDS with Men Serum (to a man) or Fem Serum (to a woman) to the sexual organs if there is a hyper interest and need for a sexual relationship and resulting in excessive masturbation.
  33. A man can charge a cream with CDS, Men Serum, and Alpha Male Serum and apply the same on the private part to get rid of premature ejaculation – PME (quick emission of semen during sex).
  34. A woman can charge cream with the CDS, Fem Serum, Beauty Serum, and Alpha Woman Serum and apply the same on the breast to decrease the size.
  35. In high BP and rapid heartbeat use Heart Serum and Calm Down Serum together.
  36. In the loss-motion, diarrhea and vomiting use Digee Serum and CDS together.
  37. Use CDS on any organ which is functioning high and overactive.
  38. Charge your clothes and bedsheets too for the same effects.
  39. Charge room fresheners or aroma oils with Calm Down Serum to make the environment peaceful when you have an event or get-together at home.
  40. Must remember that Calm Down Serum is very helpful in all anger and aggressive behavioral patterns.
  41. Check this video too How to Charge Water For a Particular Illness.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or experiences regarding Calm Down Serum then please write us in the comment box below.

Bring peace & harmony with VK

And Calm Down Serum