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Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is the best and most popular of the Bach remedies. It is not a single remedy at all. Rather, it’s a mixture of five most valuable Bach Flower Remedies. This combination of these 5 remedies are:-

  1. Cherry Plum : help to let go
  2. Clematis : when someone lost consciousness
  3. Impatiens : settle down people’s impatience 
  4. Star of Bethlehem : easy dealing with shock and trauma
  5. Rock Rose : in the time of panic and terror

This mixture was originally created by Dr. Bach himself to help in emergencies and crises. When you have no time to make a proper decision which remedies is to give then give this remedy. It can also be used in the case of severe stressful situations, like exam or interview times nervousness. It can also be given after an accident or bad news. Rescue remedy helps us to relax, stay stress-free, induce focus and calm.

This is not only advised to help in immediate problems but it can also help to heal old wounds and mental scars and pain. Rescue Remedy can also to be given a child who has by birth problems and illnesses.

I successfully use Rescue Remedy to treat many by birth problems. If you are working through an underlying problem – or if you need rescuing every day – you will find a longer-term solution by selecting a personal blend of remedies. Many times children need Rescue Remedy because of their stressful school life.

It helps stock trader and broker when they feel depressed while the market is down. Many people always carry Rescue Remedy with them but you can also use VIBBES KADA to mimic this remedy. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic Rescue remedy energies even without any problem or custom for you. Use VK more and more. Click Here to read about other Bach Flower Remedy.


  1. Hello
    I would like to know what switch words would be best to help forgive and heal from and abusive relationship yet still be protected from experiencing more abuse when having to be around the abusive person at times.?Thank you


      this switchword can help you. Also take RESCUE remedy to come over past pains and trauma.

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