Clematis Can Heal Useless Fantasies and Dreamy State of Mind

Clematis Can Heal Useless Fantasies and Dreamy State of Mind

Clematis: I’m pretty sure you have met those people or know those types of people who are physically present with you but not mentally. Their mind flows away from the present to the fantasies of the future or somewhere else. These types of people are mostly busy with themselves. These are mostly lost in their thoughts.

Symptoms of Clematis mental state are:

  • Dreaming of the future while working in the present
  • Dreamy state of mind always
  • Feeling cloudy
  • Lost in the future’s fantasies
  • Dreaming with open eyes
  • Being aloof
  • Lack of focus on work

These are those types of people whose minds drift away from the present into fantasies of the future, or into alternative versions of the present. They dream with open eyes. They dream about what they really want. Instead of doing efforts to get what they want, they just only dream about it which results in nothing. Often they dream of future success, creative endeavor, and achievement.

They dream about what they really want to get and do in their life. But the danger about this is that they are not sufficiently anchored in reality to make their dreams happen. These types of people don’t understand the difference between the reality and fantasy world. They like to spend most of their time in their open eye dreams. Most of these people have a lack of or no great interest in their real lives. They hardly take an interest in their real-life issues. They just pass their life with no special activity or soundness in it. Most of the sufferers of this state are likely to remain quiet.

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Sometimes, the person is alone. At that point in time, the person has limited ways to spend his free time. There can be two ways to spend free time with a lonely person. He can make his schedule too busy such as by getting himself busy with different activities with the outside world. So that he cannot get time to be alone. Or the other way can be, make his world confined to the four walls. Following the second way will make him the dreamy person who will live his life in the dreamy world instead of living in reality.

These persons are like the spiritless body. Being ungrounded is one of the things any affected person should ideally avoid as it can have a negative effect on their long-term health. Being underground means to maintain fewer contacts with the outside world.

The best remedy or cure for this type of mental state is Clematis. Clematis is the remedy for grounding. Clematis will help bring the spirit back into the body and help keep you focused on the present. Clematis builds self-confidence also. Increase the power of concentration in yourself.

After getting treated with Clematis remedy the person will come out of the dreamy world and will be able to turn his thoughts into action. Clematis is one of the medicines of Rescue Remedy. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Clematis energies even without any problem or hassle for you. Use VK more and more.