Star of Bethlehem Easily Cure Trauma, Shock and Their After Effects

star of bethlehem bach flower remedy

Star of Bethlehem: Keywords for this remedy are easily insulted, oversensitive, unhappiness, grief, nightmares, psychic shock, excessive need for comfort, and energetic trauma. It is a remedy for a victim of violence. 

There are certain moments in life that leave us disturbed. We are in a state of shock or trauma after going through those moments. The after-effects of shock sometimes are profound and yet silent. In the short run, post-traumatic stress may seem to get buzzed off but actually, they get buried inside us and whose results are actually seen in the long run.

The moments which leave us in a state of trauma could be anything like accidents, deaths of dear ones, departure or ditching by loved ones, violence, and many more unexpected events that may cast a heavy toll on us. The effects of these kinds of shocking events may be incessant like the change of personality of the affected person.

However, the intensity of after-effects cannot be guessed. Since the effects of this morbid stuff actually affect the personality of the person it certainly takes time to be observed. The burial of these horrendous events has an accumulative and eventually toxic effect upon a person’s body, mind, emotions, and psyche. The outcome of those incidents may even take years to appear and when it does the result is debilitating and devastating.

In this stage, a person usually gets disturbed and often finds himself depressed for no reason. Even a minuscule stimulus may affect him deeply, sending them into a state of depressing agony.

The sad part of this state is that it is not easy or I should say it to be a herculean task to get out of this depressing state at the cost of our own willpower. And hence the need for a remedy to this situation arises. Here comes the savior Star of Bethlehem, the Bach flower remedy which has the ability to heal you completely. It heals up and removes all the post-traumatic effects within you. You may feel that a tremendous weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Star of Bethlehem showers new positive thoughts on your mind.

Star of Bethlehem remedies nullify any form of energetic trauma and quickly restore the body’s self-healing abilities. Trauma and shocks are an inevitable part of life. We may suffer from these at any moment in our lifetime. Trauma occurs when we experience a shocking event that our energy system is unable to cope with.

In a negative Star of Bethlehem state, the person would leave all that work that he does not want to think about. For instance, it may also be the cause that if the person had an accident, in the repercussion the person would stop driving the car.

Star of Bethlehem remedy gives you immediate relief. And if you will consult a doctor or psychologist, you may spend a considerable amount of bucks which is not the case with the Star of Bethlehem remedy. The Star of Bethlehem is the simplest and most effective way to deal with these scenarios.

Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Star of Bethlehem

Some emotional aspects of a person who needs the Star of Bethlehem are:

  1. shock of abuse
  2. aftershock depression
  3. grief and agony life
  4. after-effects of bad news
  5. initial shock
  6. numbness of bereavement
  7. dazed, and devastated
  8. despair due to shock
  9. despondency from shock,
  10. distraught due to shock and bad news
  11. nightmares
  12. fright, horrified, and sudden grief
  13. shock, and heartache
  14. longs for happiness
  15. heartbreaking loneliness
  16. sense of loss through grief
  17. mourning in grief
  18. need for peace of mind
  19. disturbed by grief
  20. realization
  21. sudden shock as a result of rebirthing
  22. grief and sadness uncovered by recoil through shock
  23. shock to the system during recovery
  24. refusal to be consoled after the shocking news
  25. shocked and saddened by regression
  26. reminders that provoke sadness and grief
  27. remoteness due to grief and shock
  28. sadness, shock, and shattered by the news
  29. sleeplessness through grief
  30. sorrowful due to grief and loss
  31. spiritless due to deep sadness
  32. spooked, startled, and stunned
  33. sudden alarm
  34. suppressed emotion due to shock
  35. tension due to shock
  36. transfixed aftershock
  37. trauma
  38. unable to weep due to numbness following serious news
  39. zombie-like
  40. mentally stunned through shock

Situation to Use Star of Bethlehem

Situations, where you can use Star of Bethlehem, are unprocessed or unresolved psychic or physical trauma, seemingly unbearable life situations, inability to forget or let go, neuroses, consequences of accidents, injuries or psychic trauma and shock of serious news, the loss of someone dear, falling into a traumatic relationship, the fright following an accident, and such like events, the situation can also stem from something as simple as shutting the door on your fingers, a person who has been informed of a financial or legal setback, a soldier who has experienced the traumatic events of the war. 

Star of Bethlehem as a Treatment

Star of Bethlehem, can be used for treating injuries or psychic trauma, shock, blurry sight, or inability to hear, trauma sometimes makes itself known instantly after the event, and sometimes not until years later, mental half-sleep, Post Traumatic Stress Disease, patients with psychosomatic conditions that have proved “untreatable” by conventional methods often find relief when this Bach Flower Essence is added to their treatment regimen, sunstroke, unprocessed or unresolved psychic or physical trauma, unbearable life situations, inability to forget or let go, neuroses, consequences of accidents, injuries or psychic trauma and shock, unhappiness, grief, nightmares, psychic shock, excessive need for comfort, and injuries.

Pet and Star of Bethlehem

If a pet is sad because of the death of the owner, the death of a partner, beaten badly, or an accident.

Affirmation and Star of Bethlehem

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with the Star of Bethlehem. For example,

  • I release my stagnant energy and allow it to circulate freely.
  • I release myself from the trauma of my past.
  • In interior peace, I reorient myself toward the light.
  • I choose to remember who I am and my purpose in life.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Star of Bethlehem

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Star of Bethlehem release from traumatic influences originating in the past, reorientation aftershock, peace and serenity in the midst of chaos, rebirth, inner healing, dissolution of pain linked to physical and psychic traumas, hope, tolerance, safety, faith, inspiration, in-spirited, releasing love, forgiveness, decisiveness.

Star of Bethlehem and Cosmic Serum

Mood Up Serum, Bravo Serum, Immune Serum, and Alpha Male Serum/ Alpha Woman Serum are the best serums that can be used with Bach Flower Remedy Star of Bethlehem.

Dose of Star of Bethlehem

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy depends upon many criteria like age, intensity, and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. Learn here how to use VK for BFR.

Star of Bethlehem is not only for those affected severely since no one is immune to experiencing traumatic events. The energy level of our body may not always respond to the stimulus in the desired way putting us in a depressed mood. The remedy Star of Bethlehem plays on our side in those situations to regain the body’s natural immune system to alleviate the ramification of those situations. Therefore Star of Bethlehem is the key part of Rescue Remedy. And remember one thing that VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Star of Bethlehem energies even without any problem or hassle for you. Use VK more and more. 


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