Charge Water For a Particular Illness Using VIBBES KADA

VK can be used to energize drinking water for better health. One can charge water with 4 to 5 positive energies related to a particular illness in one water. Once water is charged, it remains charged until it is consumed. This video ⇑ demonstrates how VK can be used for charging water for a particular illness and what is a dose any VK charged water.

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How to Send Energies with a Direct Request to VK – By Rakhi

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Space Clearing with Cosmic Energies, Cosmic Serums & VIBBES KADA

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Do you feel stuck and feeling cloudy or gloomy some times? Do you feel you are just not able to decide where to move in life? Do you feel lazy, low, and inactive mode many times? Do you feel angry and aggressive frequently even with trivial or little things? Some people find poor sleep or poor diet […]