How to Remove Black Magic Or Evil Eye Using Hanuman Chalisa?

How to Remove Black Magic Or Evil Eye Using Hanuman Chalisa?

Remove Black Magic with Hanuman Chalisa VK Charged Water: Yes, VK can be charged water with the energy of this Indian devotional hymn sung in praise of Lord Hanuman.

If you feel negativity all around you, or you feel things are not working around you or you feel something is stopping you from proceeding happily in life, use the energy of this mantra with VK and see the situations changing around you.

There are energies around you that could be the influence of some negative energies around you or trapped within you. Sometimes these are not your own negative thoughts. These can be something more than this. These can be black magic, the influence of evil spirits, or the evil eye.

Is there anything you can do with your VIBBES KADA – VK?

VK with its special abilities helps to check the presence of Black Magic, Evil Eye, Evil Spirits, Voodoo, Maaran, Videshan, Uchchatan, witchcraft, etc.

You can check the presence of evil spirits, black magic, or evil eye with the help of VK and the energy of Hanuman Chalisa.

Watch this video or read the whole article to know more about How to Remove Black Magic & Evil Eye Using Hanuman Chalisa & VK

Before we know more about this process, let’s understand Hanuman Chalisa and its significance with reference to black magic.

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What is Hanuman Chalisa?

Hanuman Chalisa is an Indian devotional hymn with 40 verses written by Hindu Saint and poet Tulsidas, in praise of Lord Hanuman.

Who is Lord Hanuman?

Lord Hanuman is believed to be the greatest devotee of Lord Ram and the main character in the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. He is blessed with supernatural powers. Lord Hanuman could expand or shrink himself to any size as per his wish. He could fly over tall mountains with unmatched speed.

Lord Hanuman could instill terror in the minds of demons and evil. He symbolizes innocence, the highest devotion, and self-surrender. He has been known as a great warrior without having an ego. Lord Hanuman symbolizes how with a moving mind one can evolve spiritually through the highest devotion and surrender to the Lord.

What is the Meaning of Hanuman Chalisa?

The word Chalisa is derived from the word CHALIS in Hindi, Chalis means number 40. It has 40 main verses and each verse is referred to as Chaupayi. It is believed that each verse or chaupayi among the 40 verses of Hanuman Chalisa has great significance. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa helps to invoke the divine intervention of Lord Hanuman. Each verse is created for the benefit of different areas of life.

When there are good forces around us, there can be evil forces as well. Some human beings have negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, ego, anger, etc. These types of people would want to compete and win over human beings in evil ways and destroy others’ goodness.

They may cause harm to others by entrapping their bodies, home, space, etc. with evil spirits or taking control of bodies, minds, souls, and work. Good or innocent people may act as their slaves. It may appear, that their healthy relationships with their spouses may go at stake, and they may feel repeated obstacles in their career, loss of money, etc.

They would be facing huge debts, stagnancy, depression, and major illnesses not getting cured. They may or may not realize but they get trapped in evil influence and nothing would seem to work in their favor.

Here Hanuman Chalisa would help and protect them if chanted continuously and frequently. The whole CHALISA is beneficial. But here I want to share some verses, which especially help in the above cases.

  • The most significant verse is the 24th verse/Chaupayi of Hanuman Chalisa. It helps in warding off Negative Energy spirits including Bhuta’s, Pishaacha’s, Sakini’s, Dakini’s, and black magical deities.

“Bhoota pishaacha Nikata nahin aavai

Mahaaveera jab naama sunaavai”

It means, all the ghosts, demons, and evil forces keep away, with the calling of your name, O’ Mahaveer (Victorious). You are the one with enormous and tremendous strength.

  • Another verse in the 30th Chaupayi helps in gaining victory over evil forces.

“Saadhu Santa ke tuma Rakhawaare

Asura nikandan Ram dulaare”

It praises Lord Hanuman, You are the Savior and the guardian of Saints and Sages. The destroyer of Demons, you are the greatest and most beloved devotee of Lord Ram.

The whole Hanuman Chalisa is bowing down to Lord Hanuman, praising his strength, devotion, power, and divinity, praying and seeking his blessings for protection, well-being, and wish fulfillment.

Chanting the whole Hanuman Chalisa brings changes in all areas of life. Just to name a few: good health, removal of obstacles, wealth creation, glory to the chanter, joy, peace, and divine protection.

So, I suggest the whole mantra should be chanted by a person who is affected by evil forces, evil spirits or black magic, or any such type of effect. It helps both in protection and as a remedy too. Hanuman Chalisa should be chanted with devotion and respect to Lord Hanuman. Each verse should be recited calmly and clearly with folded hands or in a meditative mode.

In most cases, the affected person is so weak because of the effects of evil or negative energies, that he or she is not able to chant anything, not even a few lines. The negative effect of the bad energies is so strong that it leaves a very strong negative impact on the person and the person is not in a position to chant the mantra on his own.

Evil forces and black magic would rule over such a person and trap him or her completely. The person may go blank and might not even ask for help.

If such a person is left out, the evil forces like black magic, evil spirits, voodoo, shamanic negative magic, etc. would keep negating the person in the body bringing in many seemingly incurable illnesses, huge debts, financial crunch, depression, loss of interest in life, stillness, helplessness, etc. It may even lead to death if the evil forces are very strong and not eliminated timely.

Some people get confused about whether all negative things happening around us are due to negative thoughts or due to negative or evil spirits and black magic. These days for a layman, it is possible to check the presence of evil eye, negative spirit, black magic, etc. with the help of the Divine tool VK, and moreover, VK can also remove these negative forces too.

Testing of influence and presence of black magic, evil spirit, etc. can be done easily with the help of VK. A user can easily test this problem. He/she can charge some drinking water with Hanuman Chalisa with the help of VK. We named this water “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER”.

Some VK users may be able to sense the influence of black magic for themselves or others with their special psychic abilities. You can read a real-life experience on this topic here:- abilities to sense black magic clearly. But here in this article, we will discuss only the simplest way of testing the negative energies even by a person who has no psychic abilities.

How to Prepare Hanuman Chalisa VK Charged Water?

Here are some tips to prepare for Hanuman Chalisa VK Charged Water:

  1. Charge drinking water with HANUMAN CHALISA energy using VK.
  2. Note you don’t have to recite the whole Hanuman Chalisa because VK has a special feature of mimicking the mantra just with the title of the mantra. So here, just with the title words “HANUMAN CHALISA”, when requested by VK, VK will give pure energy of the whole Hanuman Chalisa in the drinking water.
  3. Take a glass of drinking water. Hold VK and say “HANUMAN CHALISA” 3 times. Rotate VK over this water slowly 15 to 20 times. This water is now charged with the energy of Hanuman Chalisa. If required, you can charge water remotely too. Check this procedure on BASICS OF VK POST 24 on VK Forum.
  4. Now this drinking water is called “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER”.

How to Check the Presence of Negative Energies?

Here are some pointers to check the presence of Negative Energies:

  1. Take a glass of normal water that is not yet charged. 
  2. Charge the water with the energy of “Hanuman Chalisa” as mentioned.
  3. Drink this “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER” and check the taste of it.
  4. This is called the “water-tasting method”.
  5. Compare the taste of plain uncharged water and “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER”.
  6. You can feel the taste of water with a sip also or you can drink more than a sip of water to know the taste.
  7. If the taste of “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER” is sweet, pleasant, good, or the same as plain uncharged water, it means the person is FREE of the influence of negative or evil spirits, black magic, or any other kind of such evil effects.
  8. Check, if the taste of “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER” is bitter, sour, unpleasant, not acceptable, it means the person is under the influence of negative or evil spirits, black magic, or any other kind of such evil effects.
  9. If after drinking this charged water, the person feels like vomiting, dizziness, uneasiness, vertigo, headache, or unpleasant, it again means that there is a negative or evil spirit influence, black magic, or any other kind of such evil effects. Because evil wants to rule.
  10. The same person may find the “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER” unpleasant or unacceptable sometimes and no taste/ sweet at some other times. So when the taste is unacceptable/ bitter/ sour/ unpleasant/ not good, the person is under the influence of evil eye/ evil spirits/ black magic at that time. And when the taste is pleasant, no taste or sweet, or acceptable, the influence of negative evil spirits or black magic has faded off at that time.
  11. If you are testing for a friend or a family member, and you don’t want to ask about the taste directly… you can tactfully ask the person… is the water taste different? You may get an answer.
  12. If you can’t know the taste of charged water and you still suspect a negative evil influence or black magic, you can follow the remedy instead of testing. The best approach is, to know the taste of the person once, whom you suspect to be under such a negative influence, keep on charging their water for a long and wait for time till you see good results.
  13. Sometimes it may not be black magic, it may be only negative thinking or unwanted behavior of a person, here the person would need mental healing with Mood Up Serum or Calm Down Serum or Bravo Serum, or Bach Flower Remedies. But do check with the water-tasting method. I know a VK user who was continuously sending Hanuman Chalisa energy to his wife for many months and did not get the desired results. When he approached the VK teacher, he mentioned that he did not see any difference in his own broken marital relationship.

    He was asked to know the taste of “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER” by his wife. She reported that there was no change in taste as compared to uncharged water. So there was no influence of black magic or evil eye or any other kind of such evil effects on his wife. It was just an anger issue between the two, which required mental healing with Love Serum, Calm Down Serum, and One Soul Serum.

How to Remove the Influence of Evil Spirits, Evil Eye, or Black Magic?

  1. This is a wonderful coincidence that Hanuman Chalisa’s energy with VK works both as a testing as well as a remedial measure.
  2. Send the energy of Hanuman Chalisa with VK to a person who is under the influence of black magic, evil eye, evil spirits, etc. You can send this energy through drinking water (tell the affected person to drink charged water) or through a direct request or by writing the name of the person on paper or on a photo of that person.
  3. Add All Clear Serum along with Hanuman Chalisa for better results. All Clear Serum will help to remove unwanted effects remaining within a person. VK and All Clear Serum work on the body, mind, and soul of the energy receiver.
  4. Black magic is an energy attack on the soul, aura, mind, and body, which is far more difficult or impossible to remove with other healing modalities. Going to a tantric may not be a reliable remedy as a tantric would ask for huge money. The person accompanying the affected person to the tantric may also be exposed to the negative energy of tantric practices.
  5. Also, protect the affected person from further evil attacks using Shield of 7 Rays, which is another energy by me, and can be accessed only with VK. Send Shield of 7 Rays frequently to such a person. You can even club Hanuman Chalisa + All Clear Serum + Shield of 7 Rays all together in the same healing request while sending energy to the affected person.
  6. Healing frequency: It is best to send the energy of Hanuman Chalisa and All Clear Serum every 15 to 20 mins to the affected person. The healing frequency can be decided based on the severity of the situation. With higher healing frequency, it will be easier for the affected person to win over the evil spirits. As the symptoms of black magic reduce or like the taste of “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER” changes from bad to neutral or sweet, the healing frequency can be reduced to every 2 to 4 hrs or more of a gap. Decide the healing frequency based on your inner guidance and taste of the water.
  7. Hanuman Chalisa energy can be clubbed with Total Wealth Serum to remove blocks in prosperity due to evil influence. It can be clubbed with health or mind-healing cosmic serums too. But it is suggested to FIRST use the combination of Hanuman Chalisa and All Clear Serum to remove the severe negative influence for a few days or few weeks. And then add other energies. How to Remove Black Magic Or Evil Eye Using Hanuman Chalisa?

Point to Remember while Sending Hanuman Chalisa with VK

  1. Once a person feels the change in taste of the water of “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER” to the pleasant side, the healing frequency can be reduced. However there can be a threat to such a person about the next evil attacks, so this healing should be continued. You should at least test the absence of the negative attachment again with “HANUMAN CHALISA VK CHARGED WATER”. If again the water taste is reported as unpleasant, the frequency of healing should be increased.
  2. Some VK energy receivers reported nausea, headache, vertigo, dizziness, heaviness, or uneasiness while taking this energy. It is guided to still continue the remedy with high frequency (every 15 to 20 min). These unwanted symptoms are caused by evil spirits to demotivate a person or force them to quit the remedy.
  3. The evil spirit would try its best to resist Hanuman Chalisa’s energy causing undesirable symptoms deliberately. EVIL wants to win over at any cost. If the Hanuman Chalisa + All Clear Serum + Shield of 7 Rays healing with VK is still continued with high frequency, there would be a stage where positive energy concentration would increase and the evil spirit would start getting weaker and ultimately leave the soul, body, and mind of the affected person.
  4. It is very important to send this healing with determination to the affected person irrespective of the suffering happening during the remedy. If the healing is stopped, the evil forces may get stronger and again trap the person with more intensity. PLEASE BE AWARE.
  5. When you send Hanuman Chalisa energy with VK, just the title words “HANUMAN CHALISA” give the effect of the entire Hanuman Chalisa. The whole Hanuman Chalisa energy gives strength to the soul, body, and mind of the person. It helps to remove the evil influence on the affected person. The person is able to cope-up and progress in life-based on his or her merits.
  6. The energy of Hanuman Chalisa from VK is pure, which is pure energy and very important as a remedy to eliminate the effects of evil spirits, black magic, etc. An affected person may not be in a position or senses to chant the whole Hanuman Chalisa or even a few lines of specific verses. To get the full effect of Hanuman Chalisa, it should be recited or chanted with full devotion. The affected person may not be in the senses to recite it with devotion. Here, with VK, you can easily help such people.
  7. They don’t need to chant the whole mantra. VK can mimic the energy of the whole Hanuman Chalisa just with the title words “Hanuman Chalisa”. Now any VK user can easily take the pure energy of Hanuman Chalisa for his own self or for others also, through VK.
  8. You don’t have to take the permission of the affected person when you do this or any other healing with VK.
  9. If the VK user himself or herself is affected by evil spirits, evil eye, black magic, etc., it is advisable to wear VK for a maximum time or 24 by 7. VK will continuously energize the wearer with positive energy and clean the aura of such a person. Healing of black magic should be done on priority. Take care of the affected person first.
  10. If you are a VK user who is helping another person affected by evil influence or black magic, you can make that person wear VK for maximum time. It may happen that a person may feel like removing VK or keeping it away. This is due to the evil spirit in that person who wants to win. Here VK should be worn continuously.
  11. This remedial healing and testing should be done with patience. The negative energies may sometimes get stronger in the affected person. The energy sender has to continue healing with patience.
  12. When you send the energy of Hanuman Chalisa through VK, the sender is VK. There is no harm to the energy sender. However, every VK user should use Shield of 7 Rays with VK to protect from such negative influence irrespective of whether he or she is healing any other affected person. Self-protection should be your priority and always good and appreciated.
  13. You can send Hanuman Chalisa energy with VK to your dear ones or anyone with the benefits of Hanuman Chalisa even if they are not under the influence of any evil spirits or black magic.

When there are Evil Forces, Shri Hanuman Chalisa is there for You

If there are evil spirits or negative vortex in a place or black magic is done in a place like a home or an office, and people are affected due to these dark energies in the place, it is advisable to install a VIBBES SEEDER in such a place.

Healing a place or person with VK is possible but it requires continuous energy to remove the evil energies. If the healing with VK is stopped or paused at night, the evil influence will again rule the people staying at such a place. Once VIBBES SEEDER is placed in such a place, it will remove such evil and dark energies.

Please note VIBBES SEEDER will take care of the place. However, if the inhabitants move out of such a place, they should use VK to protect, reduce and remove evil influences.

If the person is already attacked by evil spirits or black magic, even before the installation of VIBBES SEEDER. The combination of both VIBBES SEEDER & VK can help to reduce and remove such evil forces. Having a wonderful combination of VK and VS is a boon. VS protects and cleans the energy of the place and VK helps the people.

Read experience from VIBBES SEEDER and VIBBES KADA Users here.

With VK and VS wonder combination, one can win over evil eyes, black magic, etc on living beings and places, in simple ways. Gratitude to Lord Hanuman for blessing us with the strength to win over evil.

Note: A non-VK user can chant Hanuman Chalisa to get the full result.

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