Total Wealth Serum {TWS} is the 2nd serum of the list of our Cosmic Serums. The keyword of Total Wealth Serum is Money, Wealth, Cash, Job, Business, Work, Good Luch, and Prosperity. Keyword means when you have any situation related to above-mentioned words then TWS should instantly Ring Up in your mind.

Can you imagine just 4 doses of water a day can create more Money, Wealth, Cash, Job, Business, Work, Good Luch, Prosperity, and Abundance and Good Luck for you? But a Magical way is here: Total Wealth Serum can fulfill all your desire…use this…

Now with Total Wealth Serum no need to chant switch word phrase GOLDEN SUNRISE FULL COUNT or any other phrase, no need to chant COUNT Switchword or any other switchword, no need to chant SHREEM BRZEE Mantra or any other Lakshmi Mantra and no need to work on Basic Chakra more. Even Money Reiki and Abundance of Flush Empowerment are not required now.

Life is a race and everybody wants to get the first rank. Now Total Wealth Serum can help you to attain more success. Working with TWS continuously will give massive wealth. It is good for an easy, rich and prospers life. TWS can open your path of success, money, wealth, and abundance.Total Wealth Serum Wealth

As a salesperson, you can increase your clientage with TWS. As a shopkeeper, you can increase your sales with the help of TWS. As a businessman, you can increase your business with the help of TWS. Total Wealth Serum makes you money magnet. TWS removes your subconscious blockage related to money and prosperity.

Want a new job??? Take Total Wealth Serum regularly.

Give TWS to your deal and close it on your own terms.

If college-going students take TWS, they will get a bright future when they go for earning. It will help their minds to choose the best career for them.

With Total Wealth Serum, Money Manifestation has become an easy task now.

TWS can increase your money awareness and with this, you can become a wealthy and efficient businessman.

Total Wealth Serum Money Manifestation has become an easy task now.

Be lucky and enjoy a debt-free life soon with the help of Total Wealth Serum.

Do you have Vaastu Dosha of your home/workplace or negative planetary effects??? Use All Clear Serum with Total Wealth Serum because they together defy their negative effects.

Have a doubt full mind, whether a job or business is good for you??? Take Total Wealth Serum regularly and it will lead you towards your true career.

Attracting wealthy people, lucky events, right investments, profitable investments, good fortune, an endless supply of cash, prosperity mindset, entrepreneur mindset, millionaire mindset, new opportunities, new income streams, name, and fame is now very easy if you take Total Wealth Serum regularly. Sending Total Wealth Serum to your Vision Board regularly can speed up manifestation and increase your own power of Law of Attraction.

Set a target and give Total Wealth Serum to it regularly, can also shorten the time period of wish fulfillment. Check this video too How to Charge Water For a Particular Illness.Point to Remember about Total Wealth Serum

Just remember Friends, Continuous use of VIBBES KADA and Total Wealth Serum will open many opportunities of prosperity in all areas of life and you will get signals from the Universe… from your intuition, from people around you, from some publications or many other ways. Take all conscious effort to act. Prosperity will come to you with your own efforts, actions, and patience.

Never pray for a stable business. Billionaires do not use the term stable. They always pray for growing business.

Points to Remember about Total Wealth Serum

  1. Name of the serum should be taken as Total Wealth Serum while sending thru VK and not as short form TWS.
  2. Do not take it with any health serum or health-related energy.
  3. Request for TWS or any Serum is designed to work only with the use of VK.
  4. Do not write TOTAL WEALTH SERUM or any Serum name in a closed energy circle.
  5. Do not use this serum if you are already using more than 3 to 4 serums for other health-related issues. If it is needed then make a 10 min gap between TWS and other Serums. This gap of 10 min is when you are taking 2 unrelated serums in 2 different water. Example: if you are taking Perfect Health Serum in one water and this serum charged in another water, then keep a gap of 10 min between intake of these two charged water. For other methods like direct request or charging the name on paper or on a photo, a gap of 30 min can be taken for two unrelated serums. Read here more about 30 min concept. 
  6. Receive prosperity in all areas of your life with regular use of Total Wealth Serum.
  7. Start with 4 doses of Total Wealth Serum daily. If you require more energy based on your current situation increase the dose. There is no upper limit for doses of TWS….take as much as you feel.
  8. Total Wealth Serum can be taken in drinking water through VK. Also, an image of the filled water bottle can be charged for your dear ones or even for an unknown person in any part of the globe.
  9. You can charge incense stick, lamp oils, candles, room fresheners with TWS and All Clear Serum and use this daily for taking all the benefits of the above serums both in your homes and business places.
  10. Use of GOLDEN SUNRISE and Total Wealth Serum together will give an enhanced effect.
  11. TWS with Mood Up Serum help to ease the stressful situation during tight money days and rainy days. It will induce hope thus motivate you for the future.
  12. If your money is stuck with someone or if payments to you are due for a long time, you can send the energy of Total wealth serum and all clear serum to that situation. Additionally, you can send SHIELD OF 7 Rays to your money so that it remains yours and comes back to you. If required prepare an EC as per Stuck money recovery with ease and energize this EC with GOLDEN SUNRISE, Total Wealth Serum and All Clear Serum. The number of doses will depend upon the situation and its energy requirement. Total Wealth Serum, Shield of Seven Rays and All Clear Serum can give all together to your stuck money. It will unstuck the money as soon as possible.
  13. Give Total Wealth Serum with Shield of Seven Rays to your projects, bank accounts, job, salary, factory premises, machines, tools, career, and investments. It will take care of them.
  14. It can be sent distantly to anyone simply by writing their names on the paper or on a photograph. Just say the energy name 3 times and place VK on name/photo.
  15. Total Wealth Serum can also be sent directly by just touch VK and requesting the energy for the receiver. Just say Total Wealth Serum to receivers name 3 times in one go. If we say more than one receiver’s name, the energy will get divided equally.
  16. You can charge bulk food items like flour, rice, pulses, etc.
  17. You can charge water used for cooking food with Total Wealth Serum.
  18. You can charge milk, juice, tea or any other prepared food with Total Wealth Serum.
  19. Business executives, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs or people with work profiles, a business which requires a pleasing and charming personality can use Alpha Male Serum/ Alpha Woman Serum along with TWS.
  20. For an important business meeting/ sales meeting, one can send Golden Sunrise and Total wealth serum to the meeting just with the intention of using VK.
  21. Send Beauty Serum and Total wealth Serum to important business presentations just with intention. This can help to enhance the presentation for a fruitful outcome.
  22. Take Bravo Serum with TWS if there is any fear of job interviews or negotiation with clients or for important presentations.
  23. Combination of Total Wealth Serum, Mood up Serum, Bravo Serum, and Alpha Male Serum/ Alpha Woman Serum can help people who feel low and lack courage in business and work environment.
  24. You can charge your wallets and purses with Total Wealth Serum to balance your earning and spending abilities. You can do this daily or as per your need.
  25. You can send Total Wealth Serum and All Clear Serum to situations such as pending court cases involving material benefit. The frequency will depend on the situation. Keep energizing until you get the results.

Total Wealth Serum {TWS}: Money Wealth Abundance (Cosmic Serum-2)

Any question in your mind, please write us into the comment box below. Now be ready to attract more money, cash, abundance, wealth, prosperity, good luck, success, etc. into your life with the help of Total Wealth Serum.

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  1. Sir
    My Monthly turnover in Garments business is not increasing since last two years. My monthly turn over doesn’t exceed more than 15k to 20 k
    Getting a day sales on an average
    Sometimes daily 500/-, 1000 /- or upto 1500 a day .Doesn’t exceed these amount.
    I get one or two customers per day and some days without customer s.
    What should I do Sir
    To get a very good business.

  2. How can i contact you .i want to understand this theory more .Also couldnt get clear about vk.
    Please guide

  3. Sir,
    I just wanted to make it clear for me,
    the above suggested combo of TWS MUS Balance Serum and ACS give by you to my Garment shop.
    Is this correct way if I give direct request to Vk.VK please activate TWS MUS BS and ACS×3 to my Garments shop to sell all mygarments stock to sell now.
    Can I also charge water bottle with this above combo with VK.Or only I should charge water with TWS.
    Sir please reply this.

    • This is the correct way to give a direct request to Vk.VK please activate TWS MUS BS and ACS×3 to my Garments shop to sell all my garments stock to sell now.

      You can also charge a water bottle with the above combo with VK and drink.

        • Everything is already explained in this article. You need a VK to get the benefits of Total Wealth Serum.

  4. Sir
    Can I take this combo of TWS MUS BS ACS by water charging method other than direct request with VK.

  5. Sharat Sir,
    I am using Total Wealth Serum from last six months. I send energy of TWS to my Garments Shop and take TWS in water. My sales is not picking up neither I m getting g9d monthly turnover.
    Sir please guide on this.

  6. Sir daily morning I request VK to activate Golden Sunrise total wealth serum and All. Clear serum for my garments stock to sell now.i request this when I am at home.
    This will do or I have to go to shop and do the request.
    Again can I charge my water bottle of one litre with total wealth serum Golden Sunrise and All clear serum and take doses of this water whole day.This will do Sir.

    • Our Cosmic Serums are combinations of Cosmic Energies. These Serums are energies and not any liquid, solid or medicine in physical form. All Serum are the energy packs and work on all levels of a certain problem. To get any cosmic serum one should have VK. Cosmic Serums are sets of energies which are combined in the Universe by Sharat Sir in such a way that One Cosmic Serum has a complete set of required energies which might be required in rectifying specific situation or problem or to enhance such desired qualities. These energies will harmonize each and every aspect of the problem or situation and thus give the relief to the body at the cell level or situation at the root cause.

  7. Sharath sir
    Regularly I am taking tws, it was fine, all of sudden I don’t know for the last one week I am facing very difficult to get money why I don’t know. Pls suggest me

  8. Respected sir I am watching switchwords videos and chant also, gives me superb results thank you thank you thank you, thr is one humble request I also want VIBBES KADA pls help and guid
    Thank you so much

  9. 1.Can we combine TWS with perfect health serum?
    2.can we combine TWS with key pen serum and Heart serum.

    • No need to chant any mantra during water charging with Total Wealth Serum… if you want to chant something then chant Total Wealth Serum again and again.

  10. Charge water chanting words ‘TOTAL WEALTH SERUM ” and rotating VK ? or just rotating VK ?, Please make a video clearly and send the link.

    • Here are the steps to charge water…

      1. Take some water in the glass…
      2. Hold your VK in your hand…
      3. Focus VK towards the glass…
      4. Say Total Wealth Serum 3 times…
      5. Now rotate VK 15 to 20 times on the glass…

      Your water is charged now. Have a sip 4 to 5 times a day or whenever needed.

  11. When we want to send TWS and Shiel of 7 ray to our bank account and to investment, Do we need to metion specific bank name and specific investment Instrument like Mutual fund scheme name or it can be to all bank account and investments as general.

  12. New serums like Gym Serum, Alpha Male/Alpha woman seems are specified in Flab Down and TWS description. Some brief on these new serums would help.

  13. Hello sir can we us tws as simple to request vk…vk plese activate total wealth serum in my life?plz clarifies

  14. Dear Sharat Sir

    I got the full insight with TWS today and will use it regularly. I have been practicing with GS, ACS, SO7R and OSS for all my needs and VK have become my best buddy, Thanks a ton to you Sharat Sir, VK, Amardeep Ji and Payal Jain JI

  15. Thanks infinitely for this awesomely written article which ushers us, who are already acquainted with this Serum, to re-discover it. Moreso, elaborated avenues of its variant usage are much encouraging. It feels so great to have a huge power that can be so easily practised. Tons of Thanks to you Sir. Its only your Genius which made it possible.

    • Sir,
      While going through the Total Wealth Serum under the heading “points to remember about total wealth serum”, you have mentioned that “Do not write TOTAL WEALTH SERUM or any Serum name in a closed energy circle”. What does it mean. E.g. If we pray for a person or for a goal, if we write the goal or name of the person in a paper, placing the VK in the paper and if we keep the paper with VK inside a book or table drawer, the prayer will not be fullfilled or what. Please clarify my doubt.

  16. sir
    if i charge rice pulse or vegetable and then wash it will the enery will also wash away,
    second thing if i charge some thing how many hour will the energy will stay.

    • You can change anything, energy will sustain till the contact of negative energy….and also wash rice or vegetable with the charged water…

  17. Hello sir pl let me know the cost of VK & how does it work . What is Total wealth serum ?I want to know all the charges . Thanks. I couldn’t hold money it goes like sand from our hands .I want abundance & prosperity.Thanks

      • plz let me know the cost of this serum and how to use this in hindi please because my english is not so good.

        • All Serums are attuned in the Universe and one can only make them using VK. Name is always same in any language. Poonam hindi or english me same poonam hi hoga…

  18. Sorry I am new to this site and the Cosmic Serums. Where do I find out the cost of these serums and where exactly I need to go to purchase them?

  19. Hello,
    I keep reading about the serums but I do see exactly how to make them.
    Is it simply writing “Total Wealth Serum” on a piece of paper and taping it to a bottle of water?
    Hold VK in right hand and touch a bottle of water with left hand saying, “Vibbes Kadda, please make this a Total Wealth Serum”?
    Also, how do we include Golden Sunrise with Total Wealth Serum?

    Thank you

    • Just hold VK in right hand and focus towards a bottle of water and say 3 times ToTal Wealth Serum and rotate VK on the bottle for 15 to 20 times, this water has now become Total Wealth Serum…


    Thank you for making prosperity healing so easy with Vibbes Kada and Total Wealth Serum. Thank you for teaching the multiple ways of using TWS with VK.

    The images in the article are wonderful.
    Thank you for your selfless effort in sharing your knowledge openly to all with no cost.
    God bless you always

  21. Thank you for this amazing serum and a wonderfully written article. Earlier we were instructed to use TWS, energy of shreem brzee , energies of lakhsmi maa and abundance flush empowerment along with charging our root chakra. So now does the same serum incorporate all these energies mentioned as written in the article above?

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