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Entrepreneurs Affirmations: – Many of us did not have formal training and enough MONEY when we started working. At that time, we felt unworthy and unlucky. Just working hard in life is sometimes not enough. Adding to hard work and luck, we want something else as well. I strongly RECOMMEND these Entrepreneurs Affirmations for all those new and old Entrepreneurs who want to grow faster in life.

Just focus on your Aim and Chant all Entrepreneurs Affirmations once in a day or you can watch this Entrepreneurs Affirmations Video once a day with full focus. These powerful affirmations for Entrepreneurs can help you to achieve your desired future soon.

I am sure that these Entrepreneurs Affirmations will soon become your reality. After using these Entrepreneurs Affirmations, within a month or two your life will take a complete turn. Many new opportunities will be unlocked in front of you, which will ultimately give you the desired position in your professional life and take you to heights along with financial growth and freedom you have ever dreamt of. These Entrepreneurs Affirmations will help you to open new doors of success.

Best And Most Powerful Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

Watch Powerful-Best Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

Here are 40 Powerful-Best Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

1. My Business is Running Successfully For My Financial Freedom.Financial Freedom Affirmations Entrepreneurs

2. I can pay for my debt & have money left over for my Future.Affirmations Entrepreneurs money

3. My Ideas, Thoughts & My Plans Attract Success, Abundance & Prosperity.Attract Success Abundance Prosperity Affirmations Entrepreneurs

4. Successes, Achievements & Good Fortune Flow Towards Me Like a River Flood.Successes, Achievements Good Fortune Affirmations Entrepreneurs

5. Every Step I Take Leads Me Towards Opportunities & Advantages.Opportunities Advantages Affirmations Entrepreneurs

6. I have Positive Mind & I Rise to the top.Positive Mind Affirmations Entrepreneurs

7. I am a Role Model of Success & Triumph.Success Triumph Affirmations Entrepreneurs

8. I am a Magnetic & Dynamic Person.Magnetic Dynamic person Affirmations Entrepreneurs

9. My Personality is Radiant with Success, Confidence & Certainty.Success, Confidence Certainty Affirmations Entrepreneurs

10. I always have more than Enough Money To Fulfill My Desires.enough Money Affirmations Entrepreneurs

11. Rain of Surprising Money Falls Simply Onto Me.Rain of Surprising Money Affirmations Entrepreneurs

12. I Attract only Rewarding, Pleasant & Favourable Situationsrewarding pleasant Affirmations Entrepreneurs

13. I Receive Money Just by Thinking.Affirmations Entrepreneurs receive Money

14. My business is Perfect for Me.My business Affirmations Entrepreneurs

15. I am a Success Magnet & I Succeed With Ease.success magnet Affirmations Entrepreneurs

16. My self-belief supremacy is in any Business Affirmations Entrepreneurs

17. I have Extreme Passion about Increasing My Business.Affirmations Entrepreneurs increasing my business

18. My Wealth is Increasing Every Day.wealth is increasing Affirmations Entrepreneurs

19. I Boldly Sell My Ideas.sell my ideas Affirmations

20. Whenever I Open a DOOR, Opportunity Appears Before Me.opportunity appears before me

21. I am Motivated & have the Power To Achieve Anything.achieve anything Affirmations Entrepreneurs

22. I Deserve all Good Things in My Way.I Deserve all good things in my way

23. I Do the Most Incredible Things & Always Move Forward Enthusiastically.Enthusiastically Affirmations Entrepreneurs

24. I am Always in The Right Place At The Right Time.Affirmations Entrepreneurs

25. Money is Flowing to Me & My Income is Constantly Increasing.Money is flowing to me & my Income is constantly increasing.

26. I am Becoming More Successful Business Person Each Day.Successful Business person Affirmations

27. Each day I am Open & Receptive to New Avenues of Success.Avenues Success Affirmations Entrepreneurs

28. I am World’s Best Entrepreneur.I am world’s best Entrepreneur

29. My Business has Reached at World’s Top 10.My Business has reached at world’s top 10

30. I Drastically Increase My Sales.I drastically increase my sales Affirmations Entrepreneurs

31. I always Choose a Catchy & Descriptive Name for My NEW Products.Entrepreneurs

32. My Business is very well Organized therefore Customers can find what they are looking for Easily.well organized Affirmations

33. I have Grown My Own Start-Ups into Multi-Million Dollar Businesses.Million Dollar Businesses Affirmations Entrepreneurs

34. I have the Mindset of an Amazingly Successful & Resourceful Business Owner.mindset of an amazingly successful & resourceful Business Owner

35. I Prosper in any Economic Situation.I Prosper in any economic situation

36. I Frequently Allow My Booming Business To Manifest in Perfect Way.booming business Affirmations

37. I am in Tune With the Latest Trends in My Industry.I am in tune with the latest trends in my Industry

38. My Business Offers a Superior Service & Products & Adding Value to the Community.superior service Affirmations Entrepreneurs

39. I have a great SUPPORT TEAM of Nice, Positive & Wealthy People.I have a great SUPPORT TEAM of nice, positive & wealthy people.

40. All those working in my corporation & foundation are Honest, Sincere, Cooperative, Faithful, & Full of Good Will to All.corporation Affirmations Entrepreneurs

You can also use Best Money Affirmations and Count Switchword for Quick Money Manifestation. And never miss reading 15 points before start affirming. You don’t need to chant any of the above-mentioned affirmations if you are a VK user because the use of only Total Wealth Serum can fulfill all your worldly desires. You can watch above video and chant Entrepreneurs Affirmations with watching the video for best results.

If you have any experience regarding this Entrepreneurs topic or if you know any other have any affirmation regarding Entrepreneurs topic, please feel free share with us in the comment box below. We will be pleased to read your words on this Entrepreneurs Affirmations topic. If you liked this post, would you consider sharing it or forwarding it?


  1. Sharat Sir,
    I write the 40 Business entrepreneur affirmation on paper and Request VK to activate this written affirmation for my business,and keep it for 30 mnts .This will do.
    Sharat sir sorry sir for asking the same question in different ways many times.

  2. Sharat Sir.
    In my Garments shop my daily sales never exceed more than 2k or very rarely it’s 3k.Its been 2yrs it’s like that .
    Sir can you guide me so that my daily sales exceeds more than 5k daily.

  3. Gratitudes for 27th April, 2016
    1. Thanks to resolving of conflict with someone.

    2. Thanks to appreciation from onshore for my work always

    3. Thanks to RSHD for resolving issue and making our work smooth

    4. Thanks to hubby for feeding me yum grilled sandwich.

    5. Thanks to my body for strength and courage.

    6. Thanks to great feedback and appreciation from onshore for me.

    7. Thanks to mail announcing my promotion and great salary increment with it.

    8. Thanks to manager and seniors for confidence and appreciation.

    9. Thanks to rewards and recognition coming my way always

    10. Thanks to Sir for taking care of my clan

    11. Thanks to healings continuously from my end and instant results with it making me glad and keeping me motivated.

    12. Thanks to Baba for been with me always and blessing me always.

    13. Thanks to Baba for listening to me whenever I call.

    14. Thanks to Baba for fulfilling my wishes instantly always

    15. Thanks to my cells for perfect functioning.

    16. Thanks to perfect health of me and my near and dear ones.

    17. Thanks to time for GS and VO daily

    18. Thanks to my promising career.

    19. Thanks to bank accounts for keeping my money safe and always increasing exponentially.

    20. Thanks to my attitude of gratitude.

    21. Thanks to my eyes for proper and perfect vision

    22. Thanks to my analytical skills to use it at right places.

    23. Thanks to healing for providing me clean, clear and glowy face without any marks.

    24. Thanks to my womb for carrying our baby well.

    25. Thanks to my normal delivery and delivering healthy and wealthy baby.

    26. Thanks to me for doing excellent work on my ridley plan and receiving excellent feedback from peer reviewer and consultants.

    27. Thanks to hubby for gifting me diamond solitaires earrings if atleast 1 karat each.

    28. Thanks to us for been mature enough to handle each and everything well.

    29. Thanks to hubby for trust, love, confiding and sharing each and everything.

    30. Thanks to Sir for been in our lives.

  4. Gratitude for 14th April, 2016

    1. Thanks to the time I get to write gratitudes.

    2. Thanks to my interviewer and interviewee for ease and comfort.

    3. Thanks to sir for his time and effort on us and explaining us everything logically for us to make sense and understand it properly.

    4. Thanks to hubby for movie and food which we enjoyed thoroughly.

    5. Thanks to my confidence and dealing with people softly and aptly.

    6. Thanks to Sai baba for keeping me grounded and fulfilling my desires.

    7. Thanks to Baba for darshan every Thursday to me and my family.

    8. Thanks to mail for promotion and increment letter.

    9. Thanks to great news coming my way each day.

    10. Thanks to my analytical skills for analyzing well where it is needed.

    11. Thank to my reproductive system.

    12. Thanks to Almighty for His blessing son me and my family always!

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    Can i have a switch word to get the stuck money from a party. It is stuck past 4-5 yrs. and he is not willing to pay. Even he has taken a stay in the court. Me and my family is suffering a lot. Plese help me. It is a very big money.

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