25 Best Money Affirmations That Work (Choose To Be Rich)

25 Best Money Affirmations That Work Choose To Be Rich

Money Affirmations: These Powerful money affirmations train your mind to align with your desires. You can attract money with these Most Powerful money affirmations. Choose to live abundantly and RICH with these money affirmations.

Many people live their lives in depression due to a lack of money because they have a strong negative mindset about money. These money affirmations can alter your negative mindset and help you to become more prosperous.

Below are the 25 most powerful affirmations to attract money and you can choose at least 10 affirmations that are best fitted to your nature for your daily practice. Don’t hate money. If you hate money, it will never come to you abundantly. Money Affirmations Positive Best And Most Powerful

Remember Money cannot buy joy and happiness  but it can give you a wealthy life and Wealthy life can lead you towards joy and happiness

25 Money Affirmations Best & Most Powerful

1. My Love for Money is HIGH.

2. Money comes easily & naturally into My LIFE.

3. I attract Money EXCELLENTLY. My surname is Money.

4. I understand that money is vital for a GOOD Life.

5. The DIVINE is my constant Money Provider.

6. I always have MORE than enough Money in My Life.

7. My all ACTIONS make Money for Me.

8. My bank balance is ever INCREASING.

9. Money is my close friend. We have an EVERLASTING friendship.

10. I am a money magnet and attract money CONSTANTLY.

11. I ATTRACT and save more money daily.

12. Money is a central part of My life. I am becoming financially INDEPENDENT.

13. My Perception of money is perfect and POSITIVE.

14. I always pay GRATITUDE for my richness.

15. My financial dealings are Divinely BLESSED.

16. I have firm faith that what is good for me always comes to me in rich ABUNDANCE.

17. I always perform good DEEDS with my money.

18. My money is Blessings for ALL.

19. Money always over FLOODED into my life.

20. Whatever I donate and spend comes to me THOUSAND times more.

21. I attract whatever I mentally choose and ACCEPT. I choose money.

22. I now choose and accept health, success, and HAPPINESS with Money.

23. This is a wealthy and friendly Universe. I always get my portion of RICHES.

24. I now bless LAVISH abundance for myself & for all the Earth.

25. The Divine plan of my life now takes definite concrete shapes of money, SUCCESS, and prosperity.

money affirmations litairianFor you, I have also created a vision board video to attract huge money. Never miss reading 15 points before start affirming.

The Best way to chant money affirmations is in front of a mirror. Repeat the above affirmations at least 28 times in a row x 3 times a day for good results. Try above Compelling Money Affirmations in your Real Life.

You no need to chant any of the above-mentioned Money Affirmations if you are a VK user because only Total Wealth Serum can fulfill all your money and wealth-related worldly desires.

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  1. I have created 6 jars for money management

    1. FFA Financial Freedom Acc ( savings)
    2. LTSS : Long term savings for spending
    3. EDUC : money for self
    4. PLAY : Money to b spent on myself
    5. GIVE : Donations
    6 NEC: Money for necessities

    I am designing stickers for every jar … can u plz suggest switch phrases and numbers to be written on them ?

  2. Dear Sir,
    When started watching any video after few minutes my mind thinking something different. I am not able concentrate on video properly. Please advise me thanks

  3. Before starting any of the above Mantra(s) one has to go deep-down and stop, just stop at zero level for sometime and then come out of his body (remember you are a soul and not a body) sit ahead of your body and then recite the Mantra with soul.


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