Attract More Money as Cash & Cheques 12 in 1 Combo Vision Board

Attract More Money as Cash & Cheques Vision Board. Increase the Sense of Richness, Wealth & Work Smartly.

Increase Motivation to Earn More Money. Improve Money Making Skills.

Remove Poverty Consciousness. Increase Prosperity Consciousness.

This 12 in 1 Combo Multi-Screen Power Booster Vision Board Video to Increase Money as Cash & Cheques is very powerful and designed for everyone who wants to be Rich.

Whatever job or self-business you are doing this 12 in 1 Combo Multi-Screen Power Booster Vision Board Video to Increase Money as Cash & Cheques helps you to become Rich and Wealthy.

Here in this my 12 in 1 Combo Multi-Screen Power Booster Vision Board Video, I present an innovative way to increase money as cash and cheques.

This video is first of its kind and you must have never seen this concept of a vision board with images and words increasing your motivation to work more smartly.

What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us. Julia Cameron.

Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this. Dave Ramsey.


  1. Every person who is a businessman or entrepreneur.
  2. Every person who wants to be rich and wealthy.
  3. Every person who wants to grow in the job.
  4. While watching a VK user can use Total Wealth Serum to speed up the effect of the Video with VK.

  1. Every person who wants to build a business.
  2. Entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, service providers who want to attract more money.
  3. Those who are facing poverty since childhood.
  4. Those who are starting a new business.
  5. Those who are planning the launch of new products on a big scale.
  6. Those who wish to improve wealth consciousness.
  7. For business heads who want to convert ideas into money.
  8. Those who want to Increase the Sense of Richness & Wealth
  9. Those who want to Work Smartly and earn more. 
  10. Those who want to Increase Motivation to Earn More Money.
  11. Those who wish to Improve Money Making Skills.
  12. Those who need to Remove Poverty Consciousness.
  13. Those who wish to Increase Prosperity Consciousness. 

Yes, you can. Just before watching this video, place an intention in your mind, that you are watching this video for a specific person to get the effect for that person.


  1. This video is 12 in 1 combo and has some powerful images, words, and switch words.
  2. In this attract more money vision board video, I used very powerful images that can easily and directly connect with your subconscious mind and give it a direction for drawing the essence of your ability.
  3. The more these images repeated, the more it affects your energy field. The more it affects your energy field, the more you draw the experiences, conditions, or responses the images represent to you.
  4. This video is a novel way of shifting your vibrational frequency from dullness to prosperous life, based on various principles from the law of attraction, all in one.
  5. The video with very powerful images can easily and directly connect with your subconscious mind. It can give you a direction for drawing the essence of your ability.
  6. The more these images repeated, the more it affects your energy field. The more it affects your energy field, the more you draw the experiences, conditions, or responses the images represent to you.
  7. The moving images on money and cash will remind your mind to act fast.
  8. It helps you stay more motivated to enter into a deeper state of mind.
  9. The constant focus on these images will remove blockages of mind and shift your frequency to attract more money.
  10. The special combination of images can help you to act to close the business deals successfully.
  11. Shifting of images rapidly in this Video can create fast and instant energy. The images in this speed can bypass your conscious mind and directly interact with your subconscious mind to create wonderful results.
  12. When watched repeatedly, this video will act on your subconscious mind and remind you about your big goals.
  13. It will help you to receive abundance in the form of cash money etc.
  14. It will motivate you to work on your big goals.
  15. This video when watched daily can help you to be Rich and Wealth Conscious.
  16. With repeated watching of this video, you will feel happy about your sense of richness and achievements.
  17. It can help you to work with more determination and willpower towards your big money goals.
  18. You may feel to work with more money consciousness and attract more richness.
  19. This video is attuned with COSMIC ENERGY by me to speed up your desires.
  20. It is a short video with multiple concepts of LOA in one, so easy to watch. 


  1. You can watch this video at any time of the day.
  2. You can watch this video while traveling, sitting on a sofa, or lying on the bed. No restrictions.
  3. This video creates permanent changes by watching on a daily basis.
  4. It does not work when downloaded.
  5. You can watch it with and without headphones.
  6. You can watch this video at least twice a day.
  7. Watch this video frequently if you feel more connected to it. For best results, do watch this video just before sleeping also, even if you are watching it during the daytime.
  8. No other rule for these videos, in my research I found that watching a 5 min video is = 12 hour of thinking towards your goal. No one can judge and understand your or anyone’s need. It is up to you to decide your own needs and watch this video any number of times but I suggest watching this video minimum twice a day for a long period of time. After sometimes, your mind will fine-tune itself at autopilot mode forever.
  9. You can watch this video until you get the desired results or continue to watch even to keep enjoying its benefits.
  10. When you watch this video, you can focus anywhere on the video screen. The moving images are so designed that it will work for you, wherever you focus. That’s the beauty of the video. Don’t worry about where to focus, just go with the flow and enjoy the images. Allow your eyes and mind to focus wherever it goes on the screen.
  11. You can watch this video back to back repeatedly or with a gap as you feel to do.
  12. You are free to watch as many videos as you wish. If you feel dizzy or heavy while watching my videos, you can take a break. This may happen due to the high energy in the video. You may get adjusted to this energy with time. You can take a break and either watch on the same the day or next day if you feel dizzy.
  13. Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE FULL COUNT if you like to chant in addition to watching this video.

TIP for VK users

  • If you are a VK user, you can still watch this video, while wearing VK. Before watching, VK users can request VK to enhance the effect of this video multifold for the energy receiver with a simple request in your own words to VK.
  • You can mimic the energy of this video using VK just with the title of the video with a direct request to VK. Check this VK TIP 34.
  • A VK user can charge drinking water with the energy of this video. You can club the energy of this video with other Cosmic Serums as per the need of the receivers. You can add Total Wealth Serum, Alpha Male Serum, or Alpha Woman Serum for best results.
  • If you have financial fears, you can use VK TIP 102.
  • If there is an evil eye or black magic effect on the business persons or entrepreneurs, use VK Charged Hanuman Chalisa Water to reduce and remove such effects.
  • Always send Shield of Seven Rays with VK to your money, business deals, and career.
  • You can send Beauty Serum and Golden Sunrise to your money-making skills.


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Note: This video is a powerful solution to attract more money. It acts like a powerful mantra to increase money and cash. Don’t miss to follow your body and mind signals for a prospering life. This video is the combo of one of the best money-making videos. From now on no need to use Grigori Grabovoi codes and switch words to attract more money, Tantra for money, Yantra for money, etc.