The feeling of Abundance and prosperity is a powerful mindset for mankind. It is the birthright of every person but sometimes, we unknowingly get apart from abundance and we always focus on poverty or lack or what we don’t have. So, automatically we attract what we focus on and repeat in our mind. Our focus and feeling should be of abundance and should concentrate and repeat prosperity and abundance.

Once we create our mindset for it, we will start attracting happy, joyful, prosperous and satisfactory life. It is an essential tool for Wealth. You should widen your abundance and prosperity awareness before accepting richness and money.

Abundance and prosperity are everyone’s inheritance. Negative encoding of your mind disturbs the path of Having prosperity. Unintentionally in your perception, your brain set in motion to disgust or fear money. You should train your mind to accept abundantly what is good for you and for the World. NEVER focus on lack and what you don’t have.Abundance Prosperity Affirmations To Attract Huge Wealth

Chanting these affirmations, again and again, is a most powerful way to train and fill your mind with most powerful thoughts. Money Affirmations work great with these affirmations.

You should also understand that abundance is abundance and prosperity do not just mean plenty of money. Money is just one module of prosperity. Other modules are property, homes, good relationships, genuine friends, good health, love, joy, perfect business, feeling blessed, enlightened soul and much more.

Remember again that your inner world creates your outer life. Your most powerful thoughts attract prosperity or poverty towards you. 

Below are the 20 most powerful abundance and prosperity affirmations to make your life happy and joyful. You must choose at least 10 affirmations those are best fitted to your nature for your daily practice and chant them prolong period of time to fully train your mind and create a positive mindset.

Watch Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations

Here is a List of Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations

1. I Love & Accept Abundance.Accept Abundance Affirmations

2. I Love & Accept Prosperity.Accept Prosperity Affirmations

3. My past self was Prosperous, my present self is Prosperous & my future self will always be Prosperous.Prosperous Affirmations

4. I am becoming more & more Abundant with each passing moment.becoming Abundant

5. My needs always met Abundantly.My needs always met Abundantly.

6. Divine always secure me with more than Enough.Divine always secure me with more than Enough

7. My personal Universe is filled with Love, Joy & All Material Things.Love, Joy & All Material Things

8. Abundance is my Basic Nature.Abundance is my Basic Nature

9. I create Prosperity with Ease & Perfection.I create Prosperity with Ease & Perfection

10. All Good Things are coming into My Life Now.My Life Now abundance prosperity

11. I Give & Receive Prosperity with Heart.I Give & Receive Prosperity with Heart.

12. I am Highly Blessed with Prosperity & Abundance.Abundance Prosperity Affirmations

13. I Believe that Universe has Enough for Everyone.I Believe that Universe has Enough for Everyone

14. The Whole World is Ready to Make Me More Abundant & Prosperous.More Abundant & Prosperous

15. I have Abundant Gratitude for the Divine.Abundant Gratitude for the Divine

16. My Life is filled with Love, Joy, Happiness & Miracles.Love, Joy, Happiness & Miracles

17. My Prosperity Awareness is widen up.Prosperity Awareness

18. I always choose to be Prosperous & Abundant.choose to be Prosperous

19. Magic of Gratitude is making my life more Prosperous.Magic of Gratitude

20. I constantly Attract Opportunities that Create More Prosperity into My Life.Attract Opportunities

You do not need to chant any of above-mentioned affirmations if you are a VK user because only Total Wealth Serum can fulfill all your wealth and abundance related worldly desires. Don’t waste your time waiting around for your life to get better. Start using above Abundance Prosperity Affirmations today to set a goal for your amazing life and experience the miracle that how swiftly it can happen.

You can also watch the above video and chant affirmations too. Please feel free to share your words with us in the comment box below. You can also share affirmations and anything regarding abundance prosperity topic. We love to read your words. Never miss reading 15 points before start affirming. If you liked this post, would you consider sharing or forwarding this abundance?


  1. Sharat sir heads of to you, superb awesome videos of money affairmations and abundance n Prospirity videos, I really watch atlist 3 times a day and chants also, thank you words are small words so lots of gratitude
    Love to learn more from you sir. And really intrested in VK also

  2. hi sir, i want my life should be fill great abundance of love, money,wealth and prosperity. can u please suggest me a mantra, want to chant and how many times.
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