Switchwords to Get Back the Money – Money Recovery Energy Circle

Switchwords to recover money get back Money Energy Circle

For how many times and for how many reasons have you ever given money to someone as a loan?

Have you been kind enough to help someone in need or lent part of your salary to pay a friend’s kids’ school fees?

A relative who had an urgent need for medical treatment?

Or a colleague who although had enough money to buy his car but needed a little more money to pay the EMI.

Ever did an investment scheme or proposal happened just between friends, for the purpose of a good financial future of all, inspired you to invest, even without legal formalities?

A friend also might have fooled you into investing in his own project. Is your payment stuck with another company that is making you further stuck in making payments to keep your business going or a homeless friend to get a space to sleep at least?

There can be many more reasons where you would have invested or given your money as a loan or helped your friends or relatives.

Have you ever invested in builders or other projects without returning back money or even principles?

Did you ask for your money back from them?

Are they keeping up their promises are there any hopes of your money coming back?

Are they responding to your calls, messages, or emails?  Or, are you shy to ask your friend or relative for your money back?

Do you prefer your relationship with your money?

Are you scared to ask for your money back because they neither are good people nor they behave well enough that you ask for money for them?

Are they lazy to pay you back or take it to light to understand your situation that even you need the money back?

And you yourself in a fix because you took money from one friend to loan it to someone else in need and now they are not returning your money to make you too free from debt.

This and many more reasons can be there when you are unable to get back your money you lent someone in their need, even the written commitments of no use.

You would have hunted enough ways out to get your stuck money back. Visited lawyers out of vain, checked out your horoscopes with astrologers but no solution?

Or left to the so-called destiny to get the money back?

Did you seek the help of powerful people to help you but with more investment of money in paying them back? Before moving ahead please click here and read what are switchwords?

Used alternative healings like affirmations or switch words prayed to all possible gods and goddesses to help you?

Surely it would have helped some but not all. Many are still seeking ways out to have their money back.

Switchword Phrase is very powerful and enormously helpful to Get Back Your Stuck Money With Ease.

Are you losing more money to get back the previous money?

Some have gone hopeless but some have their hopes still alive. Some have left to destiny but some believe in creating destiny. And some tried really hard and stopped working to get their money back in despair but some still wish to get their money back.

Many have lost their faith and trust in humanity and the working of the Universe. And many can still work for their wish to come true. For all those who are in these categories and want a solution check this out.

There are many reasons why people face such situations

Why don’t they get their money back?

Why are they left hopeless?

And why they lose their trust and faith in the divine working?

Many people have a belief that once the money was gone is gone forever or they might be under some curse that this happened with them.

According to the law of attraction, it is also said that like attracts like and many attract this situation under wrong emotions and feelings. Emotion like pity for the person in a bad situation or ego of being safe.

Anger with the Universe for putting you in such a situation or lack of gratitude for all the money you actually have. The craving for more money by hook or crook or hatred for a person having more money than you.

These and many more reasons can be your story too. But no one can actually chalk out the real fact of losing money.

Neither just sitting at home and praying to Lord has helped you nor the belief system you HAVE, has worked yet. Neither has to invest more money to get the old one back has, nor any astrologer’s prediction and suggested chanting have.

Here is a perfect solution for people in the above-said situations:

This is a Sample of Money Recovery EC

Get Back Money Recovery Energy Circle


Above Switchword Phrase is very powerful and enormously helpful to Get Back Your Stuck Money With Ease.

You can better understand with this sample Energy Circle (EC)

Here are steps to create this EC:-

  1. Create a circle on any paper or you can download this downloadable sample EC.
  2. Write down the above Switchword Phrase in between the circle (skip this step if you downloaded sample EC).
  3. Write the person or company’s name (from whom you want to get back your money) on the above side of the Switchword Phrase.
  4. Must write your name on the below side of Switchword Phrase.
  5. Now paste this EC on the wall Check here rules of creating EC.
  6. This EC works for you day and night but you can take the help of VIBBES KADA to work faster. Must read How to Enhance Effects of Energy Circles Using VK in Simple Ways.

This is a Downloadable Money Recovery EC

Money Recovery Energy Circle

Meaning of Switchword Phrase 



GOLDEN SUNRISE has Golden Color Energy which helps to get rid of laziness, lethargy, darkness, and procrastination. In this case, GOLDEN SUNRISE creates hope, fulfillment, happiness, and eliminate negative energies and related bad karmas.

GOLDEN SUNRISE has stunning energy that will get you through the tough times and will help you succeed in this case. GOLDEN SUNRISE creates constancy and unlocks the right path for those who are going on the wrong path. Switchword GOLDEN SUNRISE also creates abundance and stop losses. Read more about GOLDEN SUNRISE

WALNUT Is a Bach Flower Remedies. In this case, WALNUT works as a habit breaker. A habit of being stuck. A habit of being negative and a habit of struggling. WALNUT protects this case from unwanted influences and powers. Know more about WALNUT

TOGETHER has Sky Blue Color Energy and helps to master any action. In this case, TOGETHER is used to unite YOU and DIVINE and GOAL to get things done quickly.

BRING has Green Color Energy and use as a manifestation switchword. BRING helps you to unite and connect with your goal and finish what was started. Switchword BRING helps to shorten the time period for any goal and manifest quickly. In this case, BRING helps to attract your stuck money and pull towards you amazingly.

BRING unites you with your target and craft an easy pathway between you and your goal. BRING makes sure the Universe delivers all your stuck money with all the ease.

FULL is used to get a state of the greatest strength and capacity. It helps to complete a task. Used to grow fully with complete satisfaction. Helps in expansion and move beyond the limit. Used to make something perfect. It helps to feel certainty and less worried.

COUNT in this case after using COUNT, your sensory responsive mind desperately searches money to count (even stuck one). And you become more magnetic to money.

SHREEM is a powerful mantra of Goddess Lakshmi. In this case, SHREEM drives help from Divine and Good Luck. Know Shreem Mantra Benefits, Meaning & Procedures.

EASE helps to get back your stuck money with more simplicity. EASE also softens the hard relationship between you and another party.

NOW has Blue Color Energy to act on good impulse. In this case, NOW erase procrastination and helps to make sure that your fortune gives you simply excellent things at the right time and that time is “NOW”. NOW helps to eliminate past failures and speed up things that are stuck into and due to bad karmas. 

Must use Total Wealth Serum to Get Back Your Stuck Money With Ease if you are a VK user. 

You can read more about EC’s do’s & don’t in this switchword energy circle article.

You can also find all used switchword here in switchword list.

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