Energy Circle (EC) To Resolve Relationship Issues Via Bach Flower Remedies

Energy Circle EC To Resolve Relationship Issues Via Bach Remedies

Resolve Relationship Issues: Moving ahead in the amazing world of EC, we introduce an innovative way to heal all kinds of relationship issues.

A human is a social animal and their life is a continuous interaction and involvement with other related beings. The best example of a human relationship is a Spider and its web. A human is like a spider himself and the relationships are in the form of a web interconnected and extended.

They have a series of relationships around them like ones very close to say children, parents, siblings, and other extended relations like friends, social connections, and business associates so and so forth. Before moving ahead please click here and read what are switchwords and how to use them?

We can say in Category A where the person generally shares a healthy relationship with maximum but a certain relation is not working well and has some relationship issues.

In Category B where the person does not have any healthy relationship with even a single individual and has so many relationship issues all around him.

If the person falls in Category A then the person and that particular relationship issues have to be healed but whereas in Category B the person itself requires the healing. This article is for relationship issues like Category A. 

Once we have identified if the person is at fault or a certain relationship is impacted then we have to select the healing remedies accordingly.

It is known to us that a person is assessed on the basis of his behavior and expressions which varies from person to person or relationship to relationship. So we can categorize the behavior on the following factors:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Emotional

To arrive at a solution to heal relationship issues we need to identify the above behavior patterns of both the involved persons based on which a healing solution can be derived.

Let’s take an example of a Husband who is physically abusive and controlling his wife but has an amicable and respectable position in society. And the Wife is fearful of the husband due to certain incidents and experiences but is liked and respected in the society. They will fall under category A.

The most common Bach flower remedies for Husband is Heather, Willow, and Chicory whereas for the Wife it is Rescue, Mimulus, and Sweet Chest Nut. Hence when an EC is created for relationship issues, we include all mentioned bach remedies in the EC.

As these remedies do not have any negative impact they can be applied for both husband and wife in the same EC. As we are doing Healing using Vibbes Kada (VK) the tool is intelligent enough to provide the required energy as per their need. (Remember all EC’s work without using VK but in a slow manner).

You can read more about EC’s do’s & don’t here in this #switchword energy circle article.

You can also find all used switchword here in switchword list.

How to Create an EC To Resolve Relationship Issues?

Energy Circle (EC) To Resolve Relationship Issues

For Husband and Wife: Draw a circle and write the name of the husband in the upside in the EC and also write the name of the wife in the downside in the EC. In between the EC, you need to write all the selected remedies (see the example).

Now command VK to activate this EC at least thrice a day for good and quick results. After receiving a command from you, VK automatically starts giving the cosmic healing energy to the EC to activate faster.

Side Effects of EC To Resolve Relationship Issues

There are few side effects of this Energy Circle after resolved relationship issues.

  1. Doctor’s bills, police’s mess uptime, and advocate’s/court’s bills can significantly be reduced or fully ended.
  2. Hotel bills and vacation bills can be increased.
  3. Peace of mind with a loving attitude can be increased.
  4. Movie bills and shopping bills can also be increased.
  5. The happiness of a family can also significantly increased.
  6. Better growth of children.
  7. Money in saving accounts can also be increased.
  8. Job promotion can also be gifted.
  9. Blessings of the Divine will always there.
  10. Happy hormones are more frequently nourish one’s body.   

Many other relationship related issues can also be resolved with this method like:- Boss and Employ, Mother in Law and Daughter in Law, Father and Son, Close Friends, Boy Friend, and Girl Friend and many more relationship related issues.