Willow Helps To Overcome Bitterness Blame Game And Envy State of Mind

Willow: Keywords for this remedy are self-pity, isolation, more embittered, bitter, unforgiving, resentment, a need for revenge, an inability to reconcile, and being at odds with fate.

There are certain kinds of people who feel victimized by circumstances. They sometimes blame others for their slip of fate and may feel their life miserable or full of misfortunes. When a person becomes bitter and starts a blame game use Willow to cure him/ her completely.

When a person doesn’t accept their actual fault use, Willow. They always say it is not my fault. Here comes Willow as the Bach flower remedy. Willow remedy has frequent usage due to its efficiency. This world is full of Willow-like people. Willow paves the way for those who have suffered hardships or misfortune and are unable to comprehend without resentment or complaint. They even curse Divine for their unsuccessful life.

They perceive being in a frequent state of trials and tribulations, that it was unjust, and they become sad about it. There may also be cases of lacking interest even in those activities which they previously enjoyed. Willow is the remedy for those who often envy happy, successful, or well-settled people. They are often reluctant to the positive side of their lives. They complain about their lives and usually succumb to resentment and self-pity. Taking Willow is an easy way for helping people to perceive circumstances in a different way, why things are actually happening, and what’s the key behind it.

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This Bach flower remedy helps the person to induce a sense of responsibility for their own choices and reality. There is a famous quote- “it’s not until you take responsibility for all of it that you can begin to change any of it”. Willow inculcates positivity and jubilance which in turn induces faith. Willow makes people compassionate, generous, and empathetic toward others. And it also makes people cognizant that negative thinking may attract misfortune which complaining is done about.

Some people hold the faith of everything being one and free will. This remedy helps them to alleviate the situation when they feel things have been getting convoluted or even out of control. This remedy also revives them when they feel helpless in a sea of other’s machinations. Trying to walk in the shoe of willow people, an example is quoted. It’s the person alone and the rest of the harsh world on another side that does not empathize with you about what you are and what you have been through. It’s not unusual for people to be high-tempered and portray others as hard people by their actions.

These kinds of people usually keep silent if they perceived injustice has been done in a hope that others will notice. While also perceiving them as a victim at the same time. The problem which is associated with this type of thinking is that others perceive the same way the affected person does. And even if they do so, they may not as per the expectation of Willow people.

These people sometimes show an exhibitionist kind of behavior trying to portray how miserable their life is. While the audience is least interested in their exhibition. Showing the world as a victimized person is not only self-destructive as it tells the world that the person has chosen what others wanted rather than what the person actually desires. Willow helps to resuscitate and rejuvenate the affected persons and help to restore back their powers and balance in life to lead a life gracefully and not with resentments.

Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Willow

Some emotional aspects of a person who needs Willow are:

  1. abrasive with resentment
  2. self-pity, bitter nature
  3. acid-tongued,
  4. selfish, sarcastic, and acrimonious
  5. bitterness, aggrieved and resentful
  6. anti-social due to silkiness
  7. argumentative
  8. seeks attention
  9. no sense of belonging and feels bitter
  10. pity self and discontentment
  11. unwanted and ostracized
  12. bereavement with resentment
  13. blames others
  14. broody about misfortune
  15. complains about others and when ill
  16. enjoys and seeks consolation
  17. cynicism, defensive, and destructive
  18. introspective depression
  19. despondency due to embitterment
  20. fault-finding with others
  21. disgruntled, downcast, and gloom
  22. sulkiness and sullen
  23. bitterness and resentment of GOD
  24. grudge-bearing
  25. grumbles, moans, and mopes
  26. lacks a sense of humor
  27. tries to make an impression for sympathy
  28. lack of interest through embitterment
  29. introverted due to sulkiness and self-pity
  30. invokes illness through resentment and self-pity
  31. irritability due to ill-temper
  32. malicious thoughts
  33. mental arguments
  34. a martyr to resentment
  35. misbehavior to gain attention
  36. general misery in outlook with self-pity
  37. moody and intolerant
  38. annoyed with noise
  39. takes offense easily with introspection
  40. ostracised due to an angry attitude
  41. overacts for sympathy or attention
  42. over-anxious for self
  43. peace of mind disturbed by resentment
  44. pouts with resentment and self-pity
  45. inability to forgive uncovered by rebirthing
  46. recluse-by preference-due to resentment
  47. depressed and weepy during recovery
  48. refuses to be consoled yet
  49. manipulates consolation and sympathy through self-pity
  50. rejection with resentment and bitterness
  51. repressed emotions of resentment and bitterness
  52. resentment when unappreciated
  53. revolt at injustice
  54. unfairness, self-absorbed, and self-centered
  55. sensitive to criticism
  56. finds it hard to smile-depressed
  57. solace wants to be left alone to brood
  58. spiritless due to self-pity
  59. theatrical and self-indulgent
  60. attention-seeking
  61. tiresome due to a negative outlook
  62. feels used by others

Situation to Use Willow

Situations, where you can use Willow, are when another’s good fortune contrasts too sharply with our own situation and jealousy and resentment overtakes, the person who is tempted to put an end to someone else’s cheerfulness by doing something to spoil their day! in which feelings are powerfully projected into the outside world, with a destructive effect on the sufferer – and on everyone around him, for people who are very good at making demands, but never see a need to reciprocate, for one who criticizes to an extent that they finally alienate all those who once tried to help them, the chronic Willow type becomes more isolate, and more embittered over the injustices in his or her life, holds grudges, sometimes for years, and sometimes for reasons that have become unclear, rather than erupting and “having it out” with someone, he will smolder and emit clouds of toxic energy.

Willow as a Treatment

Willow can be used for pain, working to change negative thoughts, to deliberately focus on the positive rather than the negative, and thus begin to bring about positive changes in life, to take responsibility for his or her own fate, will cease being a victim, and will become the master of his own fate, will begin once again to enjoy life, to treat bitterness, resentment, a need for revenge, an inability to reconcile, and being at odds with fate, bitterness, disappointment, feeling offended or slighted.

Pet and Willow

If a pet is sulky after being retired. 

Affirmation and Willow

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with Willow. For example,

  • I accept responsibility for my life situation.
  • I release all bitterness and envy I keep stored within me.
  • I choose to guide my life with certainty and firmness.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Willow

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Willow for relinquishment of rancor, positive view of life, optimism and faith, freedom from guilt, self-responsibility, self-respect, dissolution of bitterness, resentment, and envy, mastery of one’s own destiny, desire for transformation, relinquishment of the role of victim, shame, self-empowerment, happiness, faith, inspiration, in-spirited, releasing love, forgiveness, safety, decisiveness.

Willow and Cosmic Serum

Mood Up Serum, Balance Serum, and Study Serum are the best serums that can be used with Bach Flower Remedy Willow.

Dose of Willow

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy (BFR) depends upon many criteria like age, intensity, and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. Learn here how to use VK for BFR.

VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Willow energies even without any ritual or hassle for you. Use VK more and more.