Heather Control Over Talkative Chatterbox | Attention Seekers

Heather: Keywords for this remedy are Over-talkativeness, Chatterbox types, Attention seekers, Fear of being alone, Self-obsession, Self-centeredness, Self-concerned, showing off, need for recognition, rage, and indecision.

Certain people are attention seekers because they have a fear of being alone. Bach Flower Heather is the remedy for those types of people. These people are those who are afraid of being alone. Sometimes they don’t even like their own company.

Sufferers of this mental state have a fear of being alone because these types of people are over-talkative. We can say gossip is their full-time job. They get alone or avoided by other people since nobody likes an over-talkative person.

They will talk about you with others, rather than talking to you. Usually, the sufferers will tell you about their life experiences, here and there things or Stupid things, they will tell you about their parents, their friends, cousins, their acquaintances, sometimes talk foolish, etc. They also easily open up their secrets and transfer secrets to others as well.

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Being talkative is not a bad habit but being over-talkative is slightly strange. When these over-talkative persons start talking to you, they will hardly stop.

They like to talk. They don’t like being alone. They have a fear of being alone. Because of their habit of being over-talkative, people usually ignore them. They don’t care about their surroundings in which environment they should talk and in which they should not. They can’t stop themselves from talking.

They can’t remain silent for a single hour. They get feverish if they do not talk with the person standing along with them. Also, they don’t care about whom they should talk to and how much they should talk. They just want to talk. Sometimes they may give a headache to the person to whom they talk. That’s why people start avoiding them.

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Their attention-seeking urge sometimes becomes so intense that a person involves negative words in their gossip. Many people are good listeners because they wish to help others, these types of people can easily be trapped by the Heather personality type persons. With this disease, the sufferer suffers a great loss of energy.

The sufferer will find this type of interaction an incredible drain of their energies, both mental and spiritual. Generally, when one is a Heather type, it’s due to the fact that he is afraid of his own company. Some sufferers feel afraid, lonely, and vulnerable and do not like who they are.

Heather is the remedy or cure for these types of people. Heather helps the sufferer to keep their mind calm. Heather helps the sufferer to stabilize their mind and also helps the sufferer to overcome the fear of being alone. Heather helps to face the problems from which Heather person has to suffer.

Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Heather

Some emotional aspects of a person who needs Heather are:

  1. self-absorption, self-adoration, and self-adulation
  2. desire to reverse aging
  3. aggravation due to persistence
  4. obsession with and enjoying talking in detail about ailments,
  5. alienation due to over-talkativeness
  6. dislike of being alone
  7. seeking attention
  8. no sense of belonging due to loneliness,
  9. talkative, bore, bubbly, excitable, and chatterbox
  10. compulsive talker
  11. a compulsive liar for attention
  12. concerned about self
  13. mental congestion through selfish
  14. absorption and enjoys conversation
  15. demanding and dominating
  16. dependent on people to talk to
  17. exaggerates for sympathy and attention
  18. seeks, desires, and anxious for excitement
  19. an extrovert by nature
  20. eye-contact-close to face-direct
  21. fear of losing friends
  22. fear for oneself if ill
  23. fixation with self
  24. garrulous and gregarious
  25. haughty through vanity /self-obsessed
  26. hypochondria
  27. simulated illness
  28. a high opinion of one’s own image
  29. insecure and clings to others
  30. lack of interest due to self-absorption
  31. interference by talking of self
  32. introspection and lust
  33. invokes illness to obtain sympathy
  34. a martyr for affection /attention
  35. misbehavior to gain attention
  36. nosy and dramatic
  37. ostracized due to unrelenting talkativeness
  38. overanxious for self
  39. over-indulgent
  40. generally ponder on self
  41. possessiveness and preoccupation with self
  42. rejection with overconcern /possessiveness
  43. repeat oneself verbally
  44. seeks emotional security
  45. self-centered, self-important, and self-indulgent
  46. possess stamina
  47. searches out strangers
  48. wish for sympathy,
  49. generally talkative about self for attention
  50. talks quickly
  51. self-indulgent and attention-seeking
  52. saps others vitality

Situation to Use Heather

Everyone is at some time temporarily in the Heather state, but for some it becomes chronic, the extroverted person in a chronic Heather state often “invades your space” by coming oppressively close when they talk to you, even as you seek to get away, people who don’t care who they talk to, children who are in the ego development phase of childhood and who exuberantly tell a lot about themselves, people those who try to take it by force, and it backfires – repelling those whose affection they want most.

Heather as a Treatment

Heather is used for conditions related to severe egocentrism, personality disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, headache, allergy, anemic, and infection. Mental issues like egotism, vanity, pathological self-love, craving for recognition, an inferiority complex, fear of being alone, talkativeness, abnormal need to be in the company of others, brought about by humiliation, rejection, boasting, need for attention, fear of not being acknowledged, talkativeness, feeling left out and loneliness.

Pet and Heather

If a pet is demanding, constant barking, or overly concerned with companionship.

Affirmation and Heather

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with Heather. For example,

  • I choose to be secure within myself.
  • I will identify with others and learn how to listen.
  • I free myself to listen to my inner self.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Heather

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Heather for participation, identification with others, willingness to listen and help others, less talkative, ability to listen to others, empathy, ability to listen to the inner self, tolerance, and confidence.

Heather and Cosmic Serum

Balance Serum, Brain Serum, and Calm Down Serum are the best serum you can use with Honeysuckle.

Dose of Heather

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy depends upon many criteria like age, intensity, and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic Bach Flower Remedy Heather energies even without any problem or hassle for you. Use VK more and more. Learn here how to use VK for BFR.