Sweet Chestnut Shower Optimism, Brightness – Bach Remedy For Happiness

Sweet Chestnut Shower Optimism and Brightness Stay Happy Always

Sweet Chestnut: Keywords for this remedy are desperation, futility, grief, controlling, holding on, self-absorption, anger, fight, flight, sorrow, worry, extreme spiritual suffering, acute hopelessness, alone, helpless, hopeless, and unprotected, a “dark night” for the soul. 

There are moments in life when things are not in our favor. And the situation affects everyone in a different way. Some try to be optimistic and find out the solution to their current scenario while some people may get negative. We are talking about the latter people who get pessimistic while facing the problems which life throws at them.

The persons falling in the category of Sweet Chestnut are those who have reached their limits of patience. They have tried different paths to get away but see no way which takes them out of their difficulties. And the repercussion of their unfruitful efforts is that they get anguished and feel annihilated.

The sorrow and the anguish get so great that it becomes unbearable for them. They feel that they have gone through their ultimate limits of endurance. Then this state of hopelessness overwhelms them which leads to the change of their mental state to that of core pessimistic persons. They become unable to accept new beliefs or ideas since their mindset does not allow them to do so.bach flower remedy sweet chestnut, sweet chestnut benefits, sweet chestnut uses, sweet chestnut symptoms, flower remedy sweet chestnut, bach flower sweet chestnut,

At this point in time, they are holding an obsolete belief system that no longer serves the purpose moreover which is making them resistant to change. This point in time demands the acceptance of a new belief system that the present state does not allow. Along with it, a parting of the old belief system which is actually holding them back is required.

Here the Bach Remedy Sweet Chestnut comes into the picture that initiates a positive energy flow inside you. Sweet Chestnut helps you to let go of the past memories and drift your attention to the present to the things which are important. It ameliorates you to accept a new possible future.  

They may come into the Sweet Chestnut stage with some disturbing experiences like:

  • breaking up a marriage
  • the departure of a loved one
  • acceptance or even exposure to some truths that may involve a profound change from within

Sweet Chestnut Shower Optimism BrightnessSweet Chestnut will shower optimism and brightness to your mind, prevent you from breaking, get you relief, and will help you to march on your new path. Sweet Chestnut also shows the path of hope. Must listen to release bad memories audio.

Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Sweet Chestnut

Some emotional aspects of a person who needs Sweet Chestnut are:

  1. abandoned without hope
  2. agony-emotional of grief
  3. anguish, and dejection
  4. no sense of belonging due to loneliness
  5. ostracized, bereavement, and emptiness
  6. blockage of progression in life due to frustrated ambition
  7. broody about misfortune, demented with despair
  8. depleted of energy
  9. depression, helplessness, and heartbroken
  10. utter despair, despondency, and complete anguish
  11. desperation, destitute, and devastated
  12. disinclination due to depression
  13. distraught with events of life
  14. empty due to utter dejection
  15. exhaustion with extreme helplessness and despair
  16. lost faith, heartache, and grief
  17. yearning desire for freedom from torment
  18. loss of faith in GOD
  19. chronic grieving despair
  20. longs for happiness
  21. a desire for liberation
  22. despaired of life
  23. low in spirits
  24. melancholia
  25. slow metabolism of mental energy through depression
  26. the misery with bleak despair
  27. mourning with bleak despair
  28. desires oblivion, overwrought with despair
  29. remoteness due to utter dejection and emptiness
  30. sad and sorrowful
  31. lack of satisfaction with life
  32. utterly forlorn and dejected
  33. spiritless due to deep sadness
  34. rationally considers suicide to escape deep depression
  35. tearfulness through despair
  36. tormented by anguish
  37. wail and weepiness with utter despair
  38. lack of zest through depression

Situation to Use Sweet Chestnut

Situations, where you can use Sweet Chestnut, are breaking up a marriage, the departure of a loved one, acceptance or even exposure to some truths that may involve a profound change from within, where the soul itself is suffering destruction, the person fears breaking down under the stress and works hard to keep his anguish from other people, is recognized by phrases like “I don’t know what to do,” or “I’m at my wit’s end,” but he will not admit to the despair he’s feeling, the extreme negative Sweet Chestnut state is often the beginning of a transformation into a new and much better life. This is an emergency state – a “dark night” for the soul – a time when old beliefs and patterns break apart and make room for new levels of consciousness, and even a new connection to God, the negative state will resist the change, but this personality will somehow realize that he must hit rock bottom in order to rise again, this person knows that he has been lost, but has been found again.

Sweet Chestnut as a Treatment

Sweet Chestnut is used for cancer, headache, itching, pain, spiritual upliftment, desperation, mental anguish, extreme depression, acute hopelessness, extreme spiritual suffering, mental or physical breakdown, desperation if we are at the end of our rope and don’t know how to proceed.

Affirmation and Sweet Chestnut

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with Sweet Chestnut. For example,

  • I free myself to follow the light of spirit on my path.
  • I choose to have faith that I will move through this experience.
  • I can believe in myself, in others, and in the Divine Principle.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Sweet Chestnut

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Sweet Chestnut for full control of emotions, the certainty of success in difficult situations, enlivened faith and self-confidence, liberation, illumination on the path, emergence from utter despair, renewed joy in living, perception of one’s bond with the Divine, inner clarity, hope, faith, inspiration, in-spirited, releasing, love, forgiveness, safety, decisiveness.

Sweet Chestnut and Cosmic Serum

Mood Up Serum, Bravo Serum, and Alpha Male Serum/ Alpha Woman Serum are the best serums that can be used with Bach Flower Remedy Sweet Chestnut.

Dose of Sweet Chestnut

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy depends upon many criteria like age, intensity and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. Learn here how to use VK for BFR.

The symptoms of Sweet Chestnut may even be shown by a normal person when in distress. At that moment of time, the person should try to control himself and stay positive. As it is rightly said by Sh. Mahatma Gandhi…

Keep your thoughts positive

Because your thoughts become your words

Keep your words positive

Because your words become your behavior

Keep your behavior positive

Because your behavior becomes your habits

Keep your habits positive  

Because your habits become your values

Keep your values positive 

Because your values become your destiny

And remember one thing that VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Sweet Chestnut energies even without any problem or hassle for you. Use VK more and more.