Switchwords Energy Circle – Energy Circle for Money (Personal and Universal)

Switchwords Energy Circle EC for Money Personal and Universal

Money is our friend. But many times people have mental blocks in receiving money. So here I bring this MONEY ECs for All. The money energy circle has switch-word phrases which will help you to release your mental blocks and welcome wealth opportunities.


  • Anyone and everyone
  • Any company or organization
Sample Money EC

How to Use These Money ECs?

  1. The rules or methods of using Money Energy circles are the same as those for any other ECs. Check here: Rules of Preparing Energy Circle EC.
  2. You can broadcast Universal Money EC in your home, office, factory, showroom, shop, workshop, etc. For this, download and paste Universal Money EC at the required places by following the Rules of Placing the Energy Circle. It will also give benefit to the people who are staying or working in those places.
  3. You can use your Personal Money EC by writing your name or your Company’s name in this EC. For this, download and paste the Personal Money EC at the required places by following the rules of placing the energy circle. It will send Money Energy of the written switchword phrases to the receiver 24*7 for 365 days.
  4. I personally attuned these ECs with cosmic energies and make them more powerful.
  5. You must use them as it is and do not do any edit.
  6. I suggest you, never use more than one Money EC for yourself, for others, or even for a place. It may confuse your energy system. So, if you are using someone else’s Money EC, please don’t use my Money EC.
  7. There is a sample EC to personalize it with a specific person’s name or Company’s name. If you are using it for your business, you can only write the name of your business or you can write the name of your business as well as the name of the owners/ partner. You can download and even print this EC with blank space and write the name of a specific person or Business name.
  8. You can write it down get a xerox if it is clear enough, but if you want to enjoy the charm of this beautiful colored EC you can choose to get it printed in color.
  9. Here, the background is black but you can choose any other color or you can make this by yourself also.
  10. ECs of this article are attuned by me with Cosmic Energies. If you do not want attuned ECs then you can make your own ECs in any color.
  11. If you take a printout, they will give the attuned effects.
  12. To download the EC from your mobile do long-press on the EC and to download it from desktop do right-click on the EC.
  13. The switch words in the picture will not be clear if you take a small print-out.
  14. Along with pasting/using these ECs, You can also chant any of the mentioned switch word phrases.
SHREEM-528 This is a Personalize Money EC
Personal Money EC

Benefits of Money ECs

  1. These are unique ECs that have switchwords related to money, cash, and prosperity.
  2. They have some special switchwords and images which work on the energy system of the person who is using them.
  3. While preparing these ECs, keep your intention in mind.
  4. You can use it for any and all wealth related matters.
  5. These ECs can help you to increase your wealth opportunities.
  6. Personal Money EC can help you to get a new job, create ways to get promotions in the job, and can also help in increasing the salary. Write your name in the given white box of the Personal Money EC.
  7. If you broadcast Universal Money EC at your workplace it can help you to attract more clients and fetch new business deals.
  8. Broadcasting Universal Money EC at a shop and a showroom can help to increase the footfall of customers and thus increase sales and profits.
  9. Broadcasting of Universal Money EC in a factory can help to increase the productivity of the work, sale of the product, turnovers, and attract more contracts and projects as well.
  10. Use the Personal Money EC for the success of your sales team. Write the name of the sales team or the name of the company in the white box of Personal Money EC.
  11. For the success of an event or to get the success of launching a new product, place the Universal Money EC in the event area.
  12. It can also help to increase wealth and pay off debts.
  13. Students can use Personal Money EC to get sponsorships. Write your name in the given white box of Personal Money EC with the intention of getting the sponsorship.
  14. A teacher can use Universal Money EC to increase the number of students for enrollment in coaching classes or courses.
  15. These ECs are made to improve relationships with money so these ECs can be used in any area which is related to money.
  16. Personal Money EC can also help to release fears and anxiety about money and earning.
  17. These Money ECs can make you proactive to work on money encashing projects.
  18. These Money ECs can help entrepreneurs and business owners to live a prosperous abundant life.
  19. You can download Universal Money EC on your cell phone, make it your screensaver or keep it in your phone gallery. Keep looking at this EC on your phone as frequently as possible to refresh yourself for money opportunities.
Universal Money EC

Tips for VK Users on how to use Money EC with VK?

  • VK users can activate Money ECs just with a simple request to VK. Cosmic energies in VK can enhance the speed of working of ECs.
  • VK users can energize these ECs with Total Wealth Serum and GOLDEN SUNRISE with VK.
  • VK users can take a printout of EC and keep it in the notebook or any other closed or hidden area if they don’t want to draw or broadcast in open. Read the latest article for further information related to EC and check the technique of making the ECs.

Do Check the EC Making Technique

You must share this article and ECs with your dear ones as much as you can. You can share your experiences or questions regarding this article on our Facebook Group. The more you share energy related to money, the more you attract money. 


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