Husband Wife Strong Relationship Through Switchword Energy Circle

Husband Wife Problem Solution Through An Switchword Energy Circle

According to a survey it is found out that 30% of all husband and wife relationship runs into a problem after marriage due to several reasons. Some of the reasons may be different from others but the ultimate goal to improve the result is quite simple.

You all know very well about Energy Circle-EC which is used to broadcast particular energy or energies to a person, place, or situation. If you don’t know much about Energy Circle-EC please click here to know more about them and also know Dos and Don’ts.

Here at Litairian, we have the most effective tips for a good relationship between husband and wife which can improve husband and wife relationship problems, with these simple tips you don’t need to wander around searching for how to improve your relationship with your spouse.

You can also find all used switch words here in the switch word list.

Below is a sample Energy Circle-EC which can be used to increase the bond between husband and wife. In this sample, you can see 9 small circles in between a big circle. This combination of Energy Circles can broadcast a total of 18 energies to a couple for a strong and healthy relationship. Before moving ahead please click here and read what are switchwords and how to use them?

Husband-Wife Problem Solution By Energy Circle


These 18 energies together can transmute a ruined and messed up relationship into a healthy and strong one. In the sample husband’s name is Ron and the wife’s name is Hermione whereas the words in between are emotions that they both want from each other. These emotions are Love, Crave, Respect, Care, Protection, Support, Concern, Praise, and Intimacy.

With the sample, I also provide you with a Downloadable Energy Circle. You can download this by right-clicking on it and save as an option (options vary according to search engines). You can take a print of the saved Energy circle and use it.

Points to be Remember:-

  1. The name of the husband should be first then the name of the emotion and then the name of the wife e.g. “Ron LOVES Hermione“.
  2. The initials of the names of husband and wife should be in capital letters and the remaining is in small letters e.g. “Ron – Hermione“.
  3. The name of all emotions should be in capital letters e.g. “LOVES – CARES“.
  4. The name of broadcasting energies should be in capital letters e.g. “GOLDEN SUNRISE – PINK ROSE“.
  5. All energy circles always work 24X7 but when you activate them with VIBBES KADA they all work faster than before.
  6. You are free to create your own energy circle instead of this one.
  7. All broadcast energies used in these energy circles are selected after long research, therefore, anyone can use them freely.

Increase Bond Between Husband & Wife Downloadable Energy Circle-Increase Bond Between Husband & Wife