Affirmation: 15 Points You Should Know Before Start Affirming

Affirmations 15 Points You Should Know Before Start Affirming

Affirmation: Do you believe that a few statements can change something in your life? If yes, then go ahead and read this article till the end. Everyone has feelings and emotions for life, for people, for the world, and for specific situations in life. Without words or creativity, it is unable to express emotions or feelings.

Every thought has a unique emotion behind it. Thoughts can be described in words and actions. We have to be very careful about it because, with the help of emotions, our thoughts get the power to shape reality. When you work on any particular thought regularly, it will be definitely manifested.

Affirmation is a positive spoken word that can change anyone’s life. As physical exercises shape our body, in the same way, Affirmation is a conscious way to redesign our thought patterns toward the desired way.

Affirmation boosts up the level of happy hormones and pushes our brain to form a new pattern of positivity. Must-read Affirmations for Love and Abundance And Prosperity Affirmations.


These 15 points you should know before start affirming, keep these constantly in mind:-

  1. The first point of success is Desire. Desire what you want.
  2. You are the master of your Destiny.
  3. You can manipulate, direct, and Manage your own Environment.
  4. Make your life as you Dream.
  5. When your desires are strong enough, Divine will provide you with Superhuman Powers to achieve them.
  6. Do not wait for the right time. Begin where you are and work whatever gizmo you have. When you do that, better tools will be given to you as you Move.
  7. When you put your mind on a specific goal the world stands aside to let you pass Quickly.
  8. Every difficulty and every failure have something good for your greater Benefit.
  9. The mind is the only limitation; tell it clear that you are Unlimited.
  10. Just as a small quantity of fire brings a small amount of heat, weak desires bring weak Results.
  11. If you want to win a Prize, be sure of yourself first that you deserve it.
  12. Your Actions count the most not the words.
  13. Don’t worry about what other people Think, do, or say.
  14. Sometimes your greatest Success is just one step away from your greatest failure.
  15. If you do not imagine Huge Money in your mind, you will never see them in your bank balance. Because whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can Achieve.

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  1. Sir I have readed your Lakshmi money mantras because my financial is not better I readed your mantras & started Lakshmi Gayatri mantra since 10 days & IAM chanting it regularly 108 time s 3or4 times can it change my financial problem because IAM a very devotee of Tirumala Venkatesh sir we are suffering financial problems since 5 years my zodiac is meena Rashi pls give some advise what to do thank u NITIN KALBURGI M No 9886137216

  2. I have started my own bpo and lots of online work and had a huge loss but when I read this I can standup again and try to prove myself thanks to give me strength and positive energy

  3. Golden Sunrise Sir
    Thank you for guidance on Affirmations. Thank you for VK. Its my precious companion. Thank you to the Divine I am able to guide friends positively with patience, examples and instant miracles. All these happenings are because of Vk my buddy. Thank you so much for being with us constantly. Tq Sir

  4. Gratitudes for 6th June, 2016
    1. Thanks to time for penning down grats.
    2. Thanks to CS, VO, mass healing and new group for learnings.
    3. Thanks to charged water for healing me and my near and dear ones.
    4. Thanks to Sir for teaching us next level.
    5. Thanks to Sir for feeding us yum food and for hospitality and talking to us so nicely and been patient with us always.
    6. Thanks to Maam for sharing of recipe and her warmth over phone and at home too.
    7. Thanks to my family for meeting me and special thanks to saisha for her love.
    8. Thanks to time to spend quality time at sis place with other siblings and mom.
    9. Thanks to jijs for his warm welcome and love.
    10. Thanks to me for training great training today.
    11. Thanks to trainees for understanding and giving excellent quality of work post training.
    12. Thanks to excellent feedback/comments from onshore team always
    13. Thanks to great rapport I have with onshore team.
    14. Thanks to confidence and trust my managers and seniors have in me.
    15. Thanks to all the money I have and will have now and always.
    16. Thanks to great vacations I had and will have now
    17. Thanks to hubby for realizing his mistake and working on it and learning from it.
    18. Thanks to Baba for been there in every healing and making me sit in His laps now and forever.
    19. Thanks to Baba for calling me His beti.
    20. Thanks to Sir for calling me His beti.
    21. Thanks to Baba for taking care of me and my near and dear ones.
    22. Thanks to Baba for His unconditional love for me and my family.
    23. Thanks to Baba for constantly guiding me whenever I ask.
    24. Thanks to Baba and Sir for gifting me my precious friend vk.
    25. Thanks to all my maids and vegges maid for coming on time and doing work very well for me.
    26. Thanks to my analytical skills and using it where required only.
    27. Thanks to hubby for mellowing down and accepting me as his wife.
    28. Thanks to yum food I eat and prepare.
    29. Thanks to good stock of fruits, vegges, grocery stuff and thanks to all for eating them lovingly.
    30. Thanks to my eyes and perfect vision.
    31. Thanks to my promising career and job.
    32. Thanks to my savings and bank accounts and lockers.
    33. Thanks to my car, fuel and roads for smooth and safe travel always.
    34. Thanks to smooth and safe air travel always
    35. Thanks to me for packing all the required stuff nicely and packing all the required items.
    36. Thanks to suitcase for keeping our stuff well.
    37. Thanks to support from everyone for our travel.
    38. Thanks to guests for coming when we will not be home.
    39. Thanks to my face for accepting healing, rejuvenating with juice and all eatables including water and glowing always
    40. Thanks to my face for been clean and clear now and forever.
    41. Thanks to my body for been healthy and wealthy.
    42. Thanks to my complete energy system.
    43. Thanks to strength and courage Baba showers me every moment.
    44. Thanks to me for respecting myself and loving myself.
    45. Thanks to phone, internet and watsapp and all apps for keeping me connected to whole world.


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