REACH Switchword Helps to Achieve Aim And Target

In the series of switchwords, knowledge, and quest I personally found switchword REACH is helpful in many cases. Many times people connect this with finding something but more of a finder this switchword has many other benefits. Let’s discuss them:  

REACH emits Purple Color Energy to increase memory and helps to memorize something forgotten, to find lost or misplaced articles, to solve a problem, and to invent. It helps to find anything and anywhere.

This switchword is more concerned with the effort. When a dilemma crushes your mind it always helps as the key is within you. When you are completely confused about whether to do this or do that, then this SW will work.

Sometimes you fix a target and not able to reach the target even after attempting 4–5 times then you chant REACH. This always helps to fill the gap between you and the goal. This switchword also provides spiritual insights. It shows up the path as a guide and gives ideas and ways that you’re looking for. 

REACH Switchword Helps to Achieve Aim and TargetFor finding something like names, objects, numbers, information, etc. chant REACH as until you find them. But when you want to get an aim, target and goal write as many times a day with the target.


If your target is a specific amount of money like $1000, you must write likeREACH $1000 NOWas many times as you can.

Maybe your target is a specific car, you must write like “REACH Car Name NOW.  

If you want to migrate to a particular country, for example, the USA then writes REACH USA NOW“.

Note: – In spite of writing you can chant also.

You can also create EC to attract the desired aim.


If you want to buy a house with particular qualities, create an EC and write all the qualities of your desired house with “REACH CHARM NOW”. Also, write and chant this SWP as many times as you can. 

If you want to marry a particular quality of a person, create an EC and write all the qualities of your desired person with “REACH CHARM NOW”. Also, write and chant this SWP as many times as you can. 

This Switch word recollects knowledge and information from your mind that already stored and also gives you a path to gain new knowledge and information you want. (And the same time CARE is a switchword that records knowledge and information in your mind that you want to learn or remember).

This switchword makes you more prone to receive new thoughts, inventions, and creativity.

Before going to sleep on the bed, imagine your question or problem and chant REACH, again, and again, if you slip into sleep with chanting, you will definitely get an answer or a way how to rectify your problem.

Switchword REACH Helps to Achieve Aim and TargetHow to use other Switchwords with REACH?  

Using master switchword DIVINE with REACH creates more supreme guidance for your aim.

Using master switchword CHARM with this switch word helps to soothe the mind of those connected people who are directly responsible for your aim.

Master switchword NOW with REACH cut down delay and helps to manifest your desire quickly.

Using switchword GOLDEN SUNRISE with REACH creates multiple shortest ways to obtain your desire and bring many successes to YOU.

Using the master switchword THANKS with REACH helps to release all obstacles and hurdles.

Switchword REACH Helps to Achieve Aim & Target Quickly (REACH NOW)

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  1. Namaste Sir,
    How to use master switchword After Reach or Before Reach ” Golden Surise Reach Canada Now” or Reach canada Now Golden sunrise. as well as other master switchwords.

    Please suggest me
    Thank you

  2. Hello
    Sir I want my husband to get a job in particular United Nations in New York.
    How can I use SW Reach to chant

  3. Dear Sir,
    Please provide SWs to cure cancer, as my uncle recently has been operated. Now Dr. has said that chemotherapy will be done.
    Thank You.

  4. Hello Sir ,
    My husband wants to migrate to Canada as soon as possible , He is trying for a job there . Kindly let me know what should I chant ? Can I do it on his behalf ? Can I write the switch words ?

    • I think you did not read the article completely. Please chant “REACH CANADA NOW”. You can chant on his behalf. You can write also.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Could you please provide the SWs for IELTS exam. As I want to get more than 7 bands in each module. And I always get nervous at the time of any exam.

    Thank You.

  6. Dear Sir,
    I have chanting “Reach Canada Now” since I got to know. But two time our files have been refused. Now my wife & me are planning to start preparation of IELTS exam and apply our files on study visa. My graduation is with distance education so I can’t apply on study visa for Canada, but can apply for New Zealand for study visa. And my has a regular study B. Tech (CSE), so we can apply file on study visa but her English is not so good. We both are stuck in our life, can’t decide what to do or what should do to get Visa either Canada or New Zealand.
    Will wait for your reply.
    Thank You In Advance!

    • Instead of chanting REACH CANADA NOW, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE with the intention for a clear path.

  7. Sir,
    I am seeking for a job.I have 11 years gap in my career.I need a job immediately.I am not getting interviews.I am not good at communication too.Please advise me switch words to get the desired job immediately.

  8. Dear Sir,
    We have applied our files for VISA two times and we got refusal both the time. And I want to apply again this time after two months. Kindly provide the SWs so that we get positive results. As it is my childhood dream and want to fulfill.
    Thank You Very Much.

  9. Sir
    Urgently need advice.My son is going to appear in MCAT exam within two weeks.He had studied very hard. But in one section out of five, he becomes panic as he feels time is running fast and he will not be able to complete that section within given time.This panic state may cause him to answer wrong though he knows the answer.

    Please suggest me switch words to chant for him ,he must clear this exam and got selected in medical college this year.These days I am giving rescue remedy.

    please reply ASAP.

  10. Hello sir
    We booked for a flat almost ten years ago and paying the home loan. Still the construction is not yet finished. How can I use the Switch word REACH to get our flat delivered at the earliest?

  11. I want to marry with my bf shree niwas but my family delay my marriage they won’t finalized me 34 yr in June 13 me 35 I am worried I wish my family will ready for our marriage soon without any delay

    • At the age of 34, you are still not able to decide your life and life path?
      Be clear and go after your dreams.

  12. Sharat Sir,I have just opened a new play group school.I had a target of taking atleast 60 admissions in my first batch from April 18.Not reaching to my goal seems so as there is no admission till now inspite of few enquiries.Can u pls help.

  13. Sharath sir
    I have found your switch words and your helping nature. I need a huge huge money by a specific date. Which switch word i have to use and how to use it. Please answer me at the earliest.

  14. Hello sir..I want admission for my daughter in a school overseas where she used to study before..but school is saying V less chance as it is for class 10…Pls give me as word for this ..Thanks

  15. Hello sir ,
    My husband vishal nanda s visa for south africa got rejected ..he ia applying for it again..need switch words to get his visa approved without any obstacle and as soon as possible….thankyou..

  16. hi sir my fast food business is not working well i am not able 2 pay rant n basic suggest
    i hv started on line imitation jewelry that also not supporting me in full strength pl gave guidance
    i hv 2 shift my rented home in 20 days & now i dint hv a penny in hand dint know what will happen 2 us pl guide us i am very new in this just suddenly read above details so asking

  17. Hello sir
    Golden sunrise. Thanks for all switch words.
    I am planning to buy a new house please suggest powerful switch words I can use EC.
    Also suggest how to create powerful EC.


  18. Hello Sir
    I want to immigrate to Canada on permanent residence visa to join my husband there. We have filed it 1 year ago and still waiting. The process is very slow in Delhi. I am waiting for medical exam instructions and visa stamping. I want the Visa asap and go to Canada next month so that I can start my new life there.

    Please help, thanks.

    • Golden sunrise Kkripa
      You can chant REACH CANADA NOW as much as possible. Everything will cover in this one switchword.

  19. Sharath Sir,

    Atma Namasthe! I wish to know, if I can chant or watch the video on behalf of my brother, daughter, sister. I wish to pray for them. My daughter is studying in college and is in the hostel. I need to help her in studies and safety etc. My brother who is single and working. Not much educated, and is in job. But no promotion designation-wise or salary-wise for the last 10 years. He is hard working and his colleagues are very happy with his work and character etc. How can I help him. I will be grateful if you could kindly advise me, I will and want to pray for him.
    Thanks & Regards
    May God bless you always!!!

  20. Thanks for you awesome videos. I am writing my first official novel and would like to know what video or switchword works best for publishing a novel that deeply resonates with all readers of my chosen genre.

  21. Sir
    I had given an exam for Indian army officer 23rd oct 16 .please suggest me switch word to pass exam
    Thanks sir

  22. Greetings Sharat Sir, thank you from every being for doing such a great service, can i post my querry here plz reply

  23. Great Sir..

    Sir I m looking for good job..But not getting..I have 3 yr break in my carrier might its not considered..but I need job right money required.. Please suggest something for me..

  24. Aw, this was an exceptionally nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to make a greazt article… but what can I say… I hesitate a lot and never seem to get nearly anything done.

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