Switchwords For Getting Desired Job

This Video is very intense and created to get your desired job (if you deserve it). You just need to watch this video to increase your probability to get your desired job soon. Just watch this video twice a day or as much as possible. No need to chant any switchword of this video. Just watch and enjoy the results.

Switchwords For Getting Desired Job

I have used these switchwords in this Video


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    I started praying with VK and my family deity for a contact who was diagnosed as having colon cancer…i started praying from saturday …and also asked for ur confirmation on it..
    now doctors say they may not operate and a small non invasive surgery is required…
    so they are happy now… and husband went into depression…he is also feeling better now…
    Thanks to VK FOR THE FAST RESULTS…thanks to YOU too for the guidance and support.


  2. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for ur guidance and reply .
    what i meant to say is if there are lot of people all names cant be fitted in one circle
    so do we create another circle for same purpose.

    and do we write our name also in that circle..

    As i was already doing GOLDEN SUNRISE, ALL CLEAR SERUM…some people who were not responding
    started responding for the work…


  3. Hello Sir/madam

    1.want to know in case of ONE SOUL SERUM should we be writing our name too and all people
    with whom we want cooperation for a work…

    2. If there are abt 100 people … how to go about it….


    • In One Soul Serum, you should write name of all people you want to be as one Unit. Number of people doesn’t matter.

  4. Hello sir,

    would like to know what would be appropriate for treatment of colon cancer..



    • For Cancer Care Serum, All Clear Serum and GOLDEN SUNRISE is most needed.
      For Depression MOOD UP SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE is fine.

  5. Dear sir,

    i would also liketo know if Shani is favorable in horoscope…how to activate and make use of the energy
    thru VK..

    SECONDLY if mars and saturn together in horoscope in 7th house so lot of strife and struggle and delay
    in everything how to use VK to get benefic effects..

  6. HelloSir,

    Thanks for your reply.
    i would like to know
    1. whether 3 switchwords can be chanted for a common purpose together 3 times..

    e.g. to chant All clear serum(3 times)… shield of seven rays (3 times) and golden sunrise (3 times)before going to the interview…

    2. in EC if we cant write the full phrase in one line ….can we continue below..

    e.g. to get back stuck money i cant write GOLDEN SUNRISE-WALNUT-TOGETHER-BRING
    IN ONE LINE inside the circle so can i write TOGETHER-BRING in next line…


    • 1. All Clear Serum and Shield of seven rays are not SW. Use then via VK.
      2. Nothing matter when you write SWP in 2 or more lines.

  7. Hello payal,

    can the switchword video words be used in energy
    circle for a good job as there is no time to watch videos.


  8. “Golden Sunrise Reach Government Job Now” ye switch word job k liye suhi hai …? Main isko chant karti rhti hu daily.. Kya ye thik hai ?? Mujhe job ki bohut jyada jorurat hai .. Please advise….
    Thank you

  9. Hello Sir,

    Kindly advise which switch word we can use for kids school admission as we are facing too much problem for her admission.

    Kindly advise.

  10. Dear Sharat Sir,
    I have been looking for a job change since last two years, have given many interviews but no luck. have not been able to impress or some or other issue popping up for the offer. i have been chanting CHOOSE-DECLARE-INTEND-REACH- GIVE-TAKE-53-COUNT-CHARM-JACKPOT but I do not see any much change. Please help me sir by giving correct switchword if this is not correct.

    Thank you

  11. Sir, I am looking for a job since last 2 years, given many interviews but no luck. At current job have lost confidence. I want to change my job and find great people to work with and learn from them constantly. which SW I shall chant or write and how many times. Please guide. Thank you.

  12. Sir, I am looking for a job since last 2 years, given multiple interviews but no offer in hand and nothing has materialized so far. Which SW shall I chant or write and how many times. Need help.

  13. Sir,I have been chanting this switchword for 12 days consistently. Still no calls / job offers. What should I do?


  14. I sincerely pray to GOD almighty and the Universe that may everyone in this world succeed in the career of their choice and keep growing steadily their income and finances. I can understand how hard it is to deal with a jobless phase. My father had a very bad job phase all his life and I never understood why he was so dejected and angry. I hated him for not earning anything and taking care of the family. My aunty poisoned me against him. Since last three years I am going through a horrible unstable jobless phase and I am beginning to now realise that my father was not wrong. He kept trying to succeed in the career of his choice but life didnot favor him and luck deceived him. May his soul rest in peace. Though I will never come around to love and respect him, life is teaching me a lesson. Hope no one ever has a daughter like me.

    • same with me too, even my dad struggled lot in his life, always faced problems due to job, I used to tell him he is not putting his efforts properly. Now I am Jobless, despite good experience and putting all efforts not getting the job, sorry Dad.

  15. My husband is not getting the job from past one and a half year..he has given interviews which have gone pretty well but not is moving forward.heis even thinking of doing a business but nothing is getting materialized.. can please help us will be highly obliged.. waiting for your response..

  16. Sir my name is Pramila I m jobless plz help me to get my dream job wanted to work at post bank I am preparing for that.also I m childless doctor says it is difficult like twins.and I m suffering from money problem.I need immediate money BT all sources are blocked.plz guide me sir .thank u…

  17. Hi,
    Sir my husband is jobless since 2014 he got a job in July 2016 and there also he faced problems they did not pay his salary. Now again he is jobless and even his clear shot deals don’t happen.sir it’s so difficult to go on like this .Need money to have a normal life ,to pay sons fees,electricity bills etc
    Sir please help me
    Asha goswami

  18. Hello Sir! I want my husband to be selected to go abroad as his group has got an opportunity of any two. Please suggest

  19. Hi, I’m interviewing for a job in Bombay, hoping to correct my salary from a very low base, however the company is trying to minimise my offer due to my current salary. Is/are there switchword(s) or phrase(s) I can use to maximise the compensation on the offer letter?

  20. Respected Sir,
    I am a teacher by profession and am looking for a job abroad. please say which switchword should i chant?

    • Chant “REACH Name of country NOW” 108 times a day…like if you want to go USA than chant “REACH USA NOW”

  21. Hello sir,
    I m into a job where the boss the atmosphere is chaotic.this plays with my judgemental insecure negative mind.I hoped of giving order to my chaotic mind thru a job but …plz tell me whether I shud chant for confused mind or better job.plz reply.its very difficult each day

  22. Hello sir, due to following your suggestions, i have gt a job at my desired location. Could you please let me know what to chant for smooth transitioning? Thanks so much in advance and please continue the good work you are doing.


  23. Can i chant for business too……sir im nt able to utter sw while going through this video so only seeing the vidio is enough????

  24. Dear Sharat Sir

    Please help as since last one year, it has not been easy on the job front. Need a good job desperately.

    Thank you

      • my father’s age is 60 he still work for a refreshment shop due to our low economic position. last week he was kicked out of the job for no reason. They used to provide daily petrol allowance to him since last year he joined and suddenly the owner’s young son denied to give daily petrol allowance and talked very rudely with my father. Owner told my dad not to come shop from next day when my father reached at shop. I am very tensed and sad bcoz I am already in debt of huge loan amount of our home. I am married daughter of him. My mother is also running medical store with no profit no loss situation.Younger brother is still studying sothey have his study expenses.
        how can I help my father with switch words? Can I help my mom to increase huge sale at her shop and how?

  25. Hi Sharat Sir I hv been chanting the following words to get a job Reach Divine Job Count Now Done. Pls let me know if I am right . Regards Ruxana

  26. I always get the job offer letters and in the final stage it goes on hold. This happened to me about 3 times. 4th time i am through all rounds.. and this time too I am facing same problem please help.

      • I got the offer finally sir. Thank you so much for the support. Now I am quiet worried about learning new skill and survival would you please suggest me something ?

  27. Daer sir,
    six back month back i had to leave my job because of continious humilation and insult in job and since then i am Not getting job whic i can do in better way i was doing job out of my place but now not able to decide where to go for job as my parents are old, handicaped and all alone i feel very much worried and nervous when i decidd to go out of my city leavng them alone. But i at the same time i. feel very much depressed as i am sittting ideally as i feel no one respect me my all friends started ignoring me.pleass suggeste somethig which can work instantly as i have no patient i feel suicidal all the time.i had tried many mntra,puja,gemstones astrologers for last ten year. but nothong worked.plz suggest something which can pull me out fr at least this situation.

  28. Hello Sir,

    There is a job that I have applied for since a month. What do I do to be placed there? That job post is my dream job and I know I am the deserving candidate for the same. Could you please help me in this regards? Thank you. 🙂

  29. I am jobless can u suggest me a switch words to get a job how many times i have to chant the switch words

  30. Dear sir ,
    I had a big fight with one of my colleague who was very close to me .after the fight he is not talking to me.its more than a month. I have told him sorry several times. Please guide me what will I chant to make him normal towards me.

  31. I am in desperate need of money to pay off my debt and retire. I have been purchasing the lottery regularly-so far-nothing
    What switch words could I use to help me pay off my debts and retire very early
    Respectfully Yours
    Rick Sawh

  32. Mere husband ka ac service ka business hai wo thick se nahi chal raha hai karza hua hai aur ab wo bahar jane k liye bol rahe hai jo mai nahi chahti mai unko unke business me hi kamyab dekhna chahti hu pls help kijiye maine konsa mantra bolna chahiye q k mai hindu hu aur mere husband muslimhai

  33. Sir,
    Please suggest switch words for my husband to get job in MNC company with good pay according to his experience. He is trying for longer time. His experience is 15+ years. Since his work experience is high, its difficult for him to get job , which they dont consider. Kindly suggest switch words to get job asap.


  34. Sir please can you tell me how many times to reside the chant in the above video to get a job i want im sorry for continuously commenting but please answer

    • No rule for my videos, in my research I found watching a 3 min video is = 25 min of SW chanting…
      If your requirement is fulfilled watching once that is enough and if not watch twice or more….sometimes in acute cases you need to watch quickly back to back as many times as possible….and chronic cases just watch twice a day or as you wish…no one judge and understand your or anyone’s need…it is up to the user’s situation and need….decide your own and use according to them… You can watch maximum 3 videos as many time as you wish because they all are attuned with cosmic energies…if you watch more than 3 video, you can feel giddiness or vertigo due to excess of energy…
      Shifting of Switchwords so rapidly in my videos create fast and instant energy as they bypass your conscious mind and directly interact with your subconscious mind to create magical results. Even I personally attune each of my video with cosmic energy to optimize its result…I did lots of experiments and found that 3 min of video = 25 min switchword chanting and 25 min switchword chanting = 5 days of EC energy so 3 min of video = 5 days of EC…and if you watch many videos a day your energy level raise high and sometime you feel giddiness or vertigo….plz don’t watch more than 3 videos a day…
      “Just Watching is Enough”

  35. HALFWAY-REACH-PERFECT-GIVE-TAKE-53-COUNT-BE-SOMEHOW shall i say this or the one uv posted above? Please tell um reallg depressed

  36. im fed up with my life.i am from lucknow came to bangalore for job search .i completed my b.tech this year.after months of struggle i got a contract job at microsoft and lost it after training since they needed only 2 out of 4 of us shortlisted.i again back to my job search.iv got sick my mental and physical strength and peace has degraded.what shall i do?

  37. Thank you for your wonderful website. sir my son sharath is in USA. He graduated in june 2014 but not yet found a job. He is trying still. I would like to chant on his behalf. Thank you

  38. Sir, thank you for your inputs. I want to know how many times to chant and what to chant to get a very good job with very good salary for my parents and family now.

  39. Already am placed in well reputed company .But my joining date is not yet mentioned by the company .Still am waiting for that day 8 months over .

  40. Dear Sarat Sirji,
    I have been working in a mines for long period of 24 years. But till date i am on same contractual category with no facility of proper house, medical treatment, further training. In fact i am not in permanent category because here mine management / administration donot want to make us permanent for theire benefit. We contractual workmen doing our job but do not get actual salary we deserve.
    So sir, can your video change my workman category as permanent.

    • Golden Sunrise Jagannath,
      Dear please chant Golden Sunrise as much possible for the sake of all other workmen…this will change everyone’s destiny…

  41. Hi Sarat Sir,

    I lost my job last month and now searching for one. What mantra can i recite to get the job i desire? I am feeling very depressed cause the last two interviews i attended was not a succeess in the final rounds. Please help


  42. Hi Sharatsir
    How are you doing. Can you please give me a switchword for finding a good paying data entry job and to win money to pay off all my credit card debts. Thanking you in advance

    Lima Q

  43. i want to use this to get my desired job. have been employed in my current job for last 12 years and desperately want to switch job but nothing is coming forward. one query i have is do i just visualise it as it moves so fast i am unable to read the words. kindly guide me sir. is it ok if we cant read it and just concentrate. please reply

    • Shifting of SW so rapidly in my videos create fast and instant energy as they bypass your conscious mind and directly interact with your subconscious mind to create magical results. And no need to concentrate or read these words…

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