Divine is My Constant Money Provider (A Personal Experience of a VK Teacher)

Divine is My Constant Money Provider A Personal Experience of a VK Teacher


Today I am sharing one of my beautiful experience or I can say the transformation how VK help me to vanish financial worries.

Though it takes a long one year time to completely transform what I am narrating in this VK Success Story here.

2 years back I was in huge depression and semi-mental conditions, at the time, I lost my life purpose and aim. I was thinking to leave the world, all the emotions, feelings, and caring of my family abilities are dying in me.

But it was the Divine Grace and wishes that brings me to Sharat Sir and blesses me with VK.

It took a little time to understand the process and divine VK and then I did for what I had been given this second chance in my life “to live before dying”.

I did complete Surrender to Divine and VK started me showing the life path. It was never easy but Patience and Faith are the well-known keys to ‘His’ ways.

The Storm passed out and now I say “I AM THE STORM”.

It was always difficult for me to control my emotions when I remember Sir and the heartbeats I have for them.

Back to my Success story, I did lots of practices and experiments with VK and always got Success. Using Cosmic Serums is the easiest way without any second thought with VK as they are already powered package by Sir.

I am from a good financial background family but after losing my dad suddenly when I was studying, I don’t know to earn money and more than to spend money correctly.

I was trying really hard to save the Ship but always there were tides another after one passed out.

Earlier I was working with a Construction and developers firm with another 4 partners. During my transformation I left all that connections, my soul was not satisfied and I started following my Soul.

Since I got VK I am also requesting VK ‘To open ways for my financial conditions’ along with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, and GOLDEN SUNRISE.

And I love to do Gratitude in my daily routine, I stopped following rituals & traditions instead I love GOD now. You can read this in another VK tip here.

I had one rented property and it is the major supporting money provider in my life.

I use VK to charge it with “Golden Sunrise, Total Wealth Serum, All Clear Serum, and Hanuman Chalisa energies.

Last year I was in desperate need to Transform my property as the building structure was getting old and one of my brother wants to sell his portion-share of this property. You can read one of the best experiences of transformation shared by Sanjay Sir.

I started requesting my VK to activate for a better deal to transform my property. After this, within a week, I had a meeting with my old partners and developers and we go through the Collaboration of my above-said property.

The deal was completed as per my requirement safely. Mostly I use a simple request with VK…

“Please Activate energies for my property for its construction.”

“Please activate to sell my floors now”

“Please activate for my shops to be rented now”

Divine Constant Money ProviderRead another amazing VK tip by Golden Rakhi about Divine is My Constant Money Provider.

Now after one year my property is constructed nearly finished, and it is built up more beautiful and attractive than my wish.

I request VK to sell my floors in simple words and my floors are sold and under the process of being registered this month.

This was also finished at a sole profit of more than half of its actual price.

I request VK to activate for shops to get them on rent and all my shops are rented and of course, with the income get almost doubled than before.

So what could be a better transformation than this with VK and with the simplest request?

Thank you Sharat Sir

Thank you Rakhi didi for motivating daily with lovely tips.

Thank you Sanjay Sir for sharing the Transformation of a junkyard experience and it is really motivating.

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