Beautiful VK Experiences by Balbir Rani Kaur From Singapore (Must Read Reviews)

VK is more than just an object that is gifted to mankind by GOD through Sharat Sir Ji to fulfill his children’s wishes.

If one would feel VIBBES KADA – VK from the heart and understand the “spiritual realm”, they would be able to see how VK is actively and constantly in communication with us. VK picks up our vibrations every moment, sometimes without even asking, our wishes are granted.

What do I mean by the Spiritual Realm?

Simple, it means the unseen realm in the Universe where the Cosmic Energy is at work every second to which VK is attuned in. Thus every thought and vibration one carries matters a lot for the wishes to materialize in the physical world.

We have to have so pure, childlike, and innocent thoughts filled with altruistic love for others. You’ll then witness how VK easily grants and fulfill your request.

I have had several such experiences that I would like to share with all of you since VK became part of my life.

My first meditation experience with VK is one that I distinctly remember to date. I have 2 VKs. Before sitting into the meditation I requested one of my VK to grant me multiple blessings while in meditation and wore it. As for the other VK, I placed it at the center of my head crown.

Within 15 min of sitting into the meditation, I was raised to a higher platform where I first witness the Universe so colorful and a BIG “OM” sign in Sanskrit shining in the Universe. I can feel the vibration of the “OM” in the whole Universe. Following the vibrations, beautiful Angels and Doves were floating around so gently with so dainty looks.

Subsequently, I moved to an even higher platform where I witnessed my favorite deity ‘Mata Mahalakshmi‘ so huge, beautiful, and divine that I could not take off my sight from her as I was so mesmerized by her beauty.

She blessed me and I could feel the energy flowing through my whole body. Finally, when I came out of my meditation, I did not realize that it was more than an hour I have been in meditation.

My face was so radiant and beautiful that the effect lasted for a few days. Whoever sees me, they would ask if I just had my facial…ha ha ha ha.  Thanks to VK for uniting me with my favorite deity and making me beautiful.

Beautiful VK ExperiencesOn another occasion when I meditated with VK the same way as the first one, my whole room was lighted with Golden Light and shining brightly. After the meditation when I walked out of my room in the living hall, my prayer room was also shining with bright Golden Light.

I am so overwhelmed by the beautiful feeling and experiences I always have whenever I do meditation with VK.

Whenever I am sick, VK tends to me like a “MOM” would send me energies at my every request and healing me. On many occasions, my family members were healed by VK whenever they are going through some cleansing, e.g. fever, flu, menstrual crampsetc.

VK is constant guidance and savior for me. I work in a very challenging environment where changes are inevitable. We have to consistently be innovative, knowledgeable with a great memory to stay relevant to our work and embrace these changes.

VK is “parenting” me so well to overcome these challenges. By receiving the relevant energies namely Golden Sunrise, Study Serum, and Brain Serum from VK, I get amazing results.

Whenever I receive these energies, new creative ideas just keep flowing through my mind without a need to think hard. Several dosages of these energies daily keep my mind fresh, energetic, and on auto mode at all times.

Unlike previously, all my works get cleared in no time especially the hardcore cases, saving so much of my productive time to do other things. Thanks to Sharat Sir Ji and VK for removing my daily exhaustion.

Recently when I had my appraisal session with my boss, I could without hesitation and confidently list out all my achievements made for 2017. In addition, I could even proactively suggest to my boss for new developments for the year 2018 that will greatly benefit the organization. My boss was so impressed. The credit goes to VK who grants me energies of Study Serum, Golden Sunrise, Brain Serum, and Bravo Serum.

One very acute incident I would like to share. VK helped my colleague who was having difficulties getting leave from her supervisor for Diwali recently despite asking him several times. Her supervisor is a temperament and bias person who dislikes Indians. When she confided to me, I confidently told her to ask him again. I immediately sent her supervisor GOLDEN SUNRISE, All Clear Serum, and Calm Down Serum.

While I sent my colleague Golden Sunrise and Shield of 7 Rays with my another VK. What happens next unbelievable! Before she could approach her supervisor, he approached her and speaking gently, granted her the leave. My colleague was so overjoyed and thanked me. Again here, VK had resulted in bringing harmony and happiness in people’s lives by performing this miracle.

There were also times when I made only one request from VK for help but subsequently help keep flowing in even without my asking VK e.g. once at work I requested VK to help me clear my pending work/project by sending me All Clear Serum.

To my surprise, all my work was cleared. Till today there is no outstanding work. Any assignments that come in, get cleared immediately. Even on Diwali day, all my tasks at home were cleared before even the expected time. Three Cheers to VK!!!!

What is my take away from this incident is that your innermost attitude is a vital factor for VK to help you. As it goes ‘Your Faith Will Save You’, thus your constant faith, trust, your childlike pure mind will directly speak to VK and the universe that will materialize your every wish even without your asking.

Gym Serum is also helping me a great deal. I’m a very active person who does exercises regularly. However, being over-ambitious about my exercises, I get tired after the exercises. However, recently after taking Gym Serum and Golden Sunrise, I felt less exhaustion after the 1 hour of exercise and in fact, I have the stamina to do more. Thanks to VK for giving me these energies.

In conclusion with deep gratitude from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank GOD for blessing us with Sharat Sir Ji and VK that ease the daily lives of all mankind from exhaustion and make room for a healthy, happy, and prosperous lifestyle. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all VK teachers who are constantly guiding us daily on how we can make better use of VK that will further benefit us.

It is never-ending talking about VK miracles. Every day it has beautiful surprises to grant us like a “Santa Claus” and if it does not at that moment, it means that the arrangements are in process and due soon to be received at the right time. This is the faith one must always develop as only YOUR FAITH WILL SAVE YOU‘ and VK will work wonders for you!

With Deep Gratitude & Love

Balbir Rani Kaur From Singapore


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