Study Serum {Ss} Can Increase Focus Concentration & Memory (Cs-4)

Cosmic Study Serum-4

Study Serum {SS} is the 4th serum on the list of our Cosmic Serums. There are many thoughts and fearful feelings for some children who are at a learning age and in school. This Serum is a safe and effective mental tonic for such children. Study Serum can help to overcome the weakness of those children who suffer from less memory, forgetfulness, nervousness, mental state, depressed feelings with less marks and feeling low in being competitiveness, lack of concentration in studies, etc.

Some students are fearful to learn the big chapters and some are fearful to remember the chapter at the time of exams, some students are even fearful to write their exams despite learning the lessons well. It is good for students who are not able to retain the lessons taught by their teachers or they learn on their own in the mind, or cannot devote attention to the mind on any subject. effective tonic

Study Serum is an effective tonic to keep the strength of mind and memory. Its regular use strengthens the mental power and concentration of a student. This Serum can help students to attain higher possible marks in their exams.

This Serum is not only for school and college-going student but also help everyone who takes this. Let me tell you what Study Serum can give you.marks study serum

Here is the list of Miraculous Uses of Study Serum

Study Serum enhances perfect intelligence. It helps to increase your encyclopedic and accurate knowledge.

Study Serum gives powerful memory thus increasing photographic memory. It helps to remember and recall anything you need easily and quickly.

Study Serum boost-up and sharpen your general IQ. It gives you fast and easy going student

Study Serum put your brain into a seed learning state, which can further raise your super fast learning ability.

This Serum also helps you to become a super-fast reader. After this, one can read at the speed of thought and also read many words at a time. After achieving super-fast reading ability one can also absorb written information quickly and easily.

It also increases your super fast speed of writing with beautiful handwriting. super fast speed writing

Study Serum also increases your grasping power. With this enhanced grasping power one can digest information quickly and also learn new material very quickly.

This Serum gives clarity of mind in all situations. It also makes sure for an extremely healthy brain and sharp intelligence.

Study Serum not only helps in learning but also raises one’s teaching skills because a good learner can also become a good teacher.raise once teaching skills

It also helps to think clearly and logically. It also increases wisdom. After using it, a receiver will not follow anyone blindly. A receiver of this serum will always think logically, if everything will match with receiver’s own logic then he/she will follow a person or a rule. (Do not use it on your children if you wish that they will follow your teachers or Guru blindly). Study Serum {SS} can Increase Focus Concentration & Memory

Anyone who wants to learn any language use this serum. It will help to learn any language with its grammar, rules, and other things perfectly, easily, and quickly. It will also help you to increase fluency in the new language. Also, help to remember spellings, and how to pronounce and say things the right way. This serum helps to Master new skills quickly.

When your work or project involves reading some information or checking a large amount of data, some analysis, interpretations from the information, or any skill in a job that requires concentration, then you can take STUDY SERUM with VK. It is good for CA, scientists, teachers, etc. Study Serum {SS} can Increase Focus Concentration & Memory

Not only in the learning, writing, studying, etc. field, this Serum can also make the receiver punctual, very organized, extremely efficient in every task, a time saver, and a smart worker. Also, give more creativity and smartness. 

It can also help in memorizing a large amount of data thus resulting in clarity when interpreted.

Smart work is better than hard work Study Serum {SS} can Increase Focus Concentration & Memory

Regular use of this Serum makes anyone A-Grade Student full of Focus, concentration, and very high self-discipline. A student can stay very cool, confident completely relaxed in exams. Stay highly motivated to study every day smartly. Always be well-prepared for exams. Also help to remember important things, events, names, formulas, etc.

At exam time, this serum will help your child to easily recall whatever learned and helps to solve problems and questions very easily.solve problems

This serum will help you to store new facts efficiently, remember faces and names, easily grasp new concepts, access all memories with ease, help quickly solve difficult problems, and memorize anything you study.

Those who take this serum regularly always enjoy taking tests, ignore distractions, have the best grades, succeed in stressful situations and also get support from their parents in their studies. Check this video too How to Charge Water For a Particular Illness.

best grades

Points to Remember about this Serum

  1. Study Serum is a cosmic serum that can be used only with VIBBES KADA VK.
  2. The name of the serum should be taken as Study Serum while sending thru VK and not as short form SS.
  3. Do not use Study Serum with Love Serum.
  4. Request for Study Serum and all Serums are designed to work only with the use of VK.
  5. Do not write Study Serum or any Serum name in a closed energy circle.
  6. Do not use this serum if you are already using more than 3 to 4 serums for other health-related issues. If it is needed then make 10 min gap between Study Serum and the other Serums. This gap of 10 min is when you are taking 2 unrelated serums in 2 different water. Example: if you are taking Men Serum in one water and this serum is charged in another water, then keep a gap of 10 min between intake of these two charged water. For other methods like direct request or charging the name on paper or on a photo, a gap of 30 min can be taken for two unrelated serums. Read here for more about 30 min concept.
  7. Please start Study Serum with 4 doses daily. If you need more energy based on the current situation increase the doses. There is no upper limit for doses of SS, you can take or give as much as you feel.
  8. Study Serum can be taken in drinking water through VK. Also, an image of a filled water bottle can be charged for your dear ones or even for an unknown person in any part of the globe.
  9. It can be sent distantly to anyone simply by writing their names on the paper or on a photograph. Just say the energy name 3 times and place VK on the name or photo.
  10. This Serum can also be sent directly by just touching VK and requesting the energy for the receiver. Just say Study Serum to the receiver’s name 3 times in one go. If we say more than one receiver’s name, the energy will get divided equally.
  11. You can charge milk, tea, juice, or any other food with this Serum.
  12. You can also charge a pen, pencil, copy, books, project sheets, stationery, and many other items with this serum. You can charge study material once a week or every time before the exam.
  13. Anyone who can increase focuses in his/her office, workplace, or anywhere in life also takes Study Serum.
  14. Use Study Serum and Mood Up Serum together if a receiver has depression or always stays in a dull and depressive mood and is frustrated.
  15. Use Study Serum and Calm Down Serum together if a receiver always stays in an irritating, impatient, and angry mood.
  16. Use Study Serum and Total Wealth Serum together to easily get admission to your desired college, university, or school. Use the same combination, if the receiver studies in high school or college because this combination raises the vibration of the receiver to get ready to win the material world.
  17. You can add GOLDEN SUNRISE with this serum to enhance its effects.
  18. Use Study Serum and All Clear Serum together when the problem is arisen due to the evil eye or any Vaastu defect.
  19. Use Study Serum and Anti Addiction Serum together when a child does not want to study due to the addition of TV, computer, mobile, etc.
  20. You can also watch Educational Success Video with this serum to get quick results.
  21. The number of doses will depend on the work profile or the person’s need.
  22. Take Eye Serum, Perfect Health Serum, and Study Serum together if you feel the strain in your eyes due to a heavy workload.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or any idea related to this serum do write in the comment box below. Now be ready to increase memory, study power, smartness, efficacy, and many other things in your life with the help of Study Serum.