How a Metal Bangle has the Power to Transform Your Lifelong Story

Transform Lifelong Story

Golden Sunrise Divine Souls,

I came to know about VIBBES KADA VK in the last week of April 2017 when I was searching on google any astrological remedies to get your stuck money back, remedies to have happy married life and remedies to pass competitive exams although I don’t believe in all this. This was the time when I was struggling with myself and my destiny on each and every front of life whether be it personal, professional or financial. I was completely devastated by the circumstances and was on the verge when I was thinking to end my life. The only help available to me at that point was my mum’s prayers who only knew less than half of my problems.

One day while searching for remedies to get your stuck money back the link to an article on Litairian website popped up. I started reading it and via the other links mentioned in the article, I came to know about master switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE and about divine VK.

After reading the first thought that came to my mind was will all this help? Is it true? Is it spam or what? How a metal bangle has the power to transform your lifelong story. It shot thousands of thoughts which I think were quite obvious at that time as every single thing was unfavorable at that time.

First thing I did after reading the article was chanting Golden Sunrise for 10 minutes and a bit of laughing at myself that what I am doing. The honest feeling at that point was let’s see and nothing could make my life worse than it is now. But the first surprise was that I was able to sleep peacefully that night after 6 months. The next morning I read the article on Golden Sunrise again this time with an intention how to use it. I felt good after reading the article and then exploring more leads me to switch word videos by Sharat Sir. Even though there were still so many thoughts running through my head but I started watching Golden Sunrise Video. I watched it 4-5 times and all of a sudden, my daughter who is 6 years old said mum you look happy today.

After finishing daily chores I started chanting Golden Sunrise. Within 2 days of watching the video and chanting GS, I had a feeling that I am a strong girl… I will prove it… I will live this life for me, my daughter and my mom and this was the point when I emailed Team VK to ask more about VK.

In the meantime, I started watching Video about how to speed up your life. While watching this video my thoughts were around my husband’s job who had dropped his job to part-time due to some personal reasons. He was never willing to go full time again. I was hoping that something can change his mind and make him work full time. It was difficult to run the family with his part-time job’s salary and this was unbelievable that the events took place in such a way that he has to say yes for full-time hours and that too within 4 hours while I just watched that video for 3 days. But to be honest at that time I was not able to correlate this to watching of video and I realized it quite later.

Although I still have to pass one National exam to qualify as a pharmacist in June 2017, a local job for a pharmacist was there. They want the suitable candidate to start from August 2017 and I applied for that job and got that. These 2 incidences are results of chanting GS, watching GS and speed up your life switch word videos.

I received my blessing in the form of VK from Sir on 8th May 2017. As guided by Sir that don’t wait for any ritual wear it straightaway I wore VK within 5 minutes of receiving the parcel. I looked at it and smiled and the saying from my heart at that time was “you know VK I have so many problems. Nothing is right at my side. Usually, people stop talking to me when they listen to my sufferings. Will you be able to cope as my friend??” And VK replied within 2 hours of me wearing it when me and my daughter were saved from being robbed in a dramatic way as we changed our path that day while coming home from school.

I started reading the manual but still was unsure whether I will be able to use it properly or not but the inner intuition was this is something which will sort out my problems. Next day I came to know about my sister living in Canada is having terrible back pain and my mom was really upset. I thought to take help from VK as by that time I had read the chapter on serums and how to send distant healing.

I requested GS and Pain Care Serum for my sister 4-5 times. The following day she called me for some reason. When I asked about her back pain she said it was a terrible pain but it is relieved more than 80% and she is feeling better and going to work. This is how my journey with VK started almost 6 months back from now. I never looked back after that day.

Next thing was I started requesting to release of negative emotion “apathy” from me and this was very helpful. I started realizing my own value and the feeling of ending my life was healed.

I made a list of all my problems and prioritized them in the order they need to be sorted and again having an intention that I need somebody who can guide how to take help from VK now.

I sent a message to Sir being very hesitant and thinking don’t know what will be the reply about how to request VK to help me in passing my exam to qualify as a Pharmacist in the UK. I told him that I have already lost one attempt and this attempt is really DO or Die now. I got a reply from him within minutes to take the energy of success as much as I can with VK. I got confused that What is the energy of success? I asked him, Sir, how to take it? I don’t know and I got no idea what you are saying? He told me to call him the next day. Next day when I called, he explained to me what exactly to do and reassured me that remember one thing VK will not do any worse.

I started taking the energy of success. While reading manual, testimonials and other articles I found that Study Serum is helpful for students and I started using them. I could easily realize that my learning skills were improving. I was able to concentrate more on my studies but this exam was really very important to me. I was really anxious to know what else I can do? I observed that Rakhi was answering so many questions on VK’s use.

I privately messaged her regarding this exam, my fears and regarding some issues about my daughter as she was scared all the times. She was struggling to make friends. She was also struggling to grasp the reading skills. Rakhi answered all my questions very patiently. Rakhi suggested me to use switchword” Reach First Rank Now” for the exam. Follow up her suggestion, I kept chanting from that day till I got my results. Her suggestion to Give GS to all my books, stationery, and my learnings was really helpful. And I passed my exam with 97% marks.

I have 6 year old daughter. She is a very lovely and sensitive girl but she was very shy and very choosy in making friends. Most of the times she was struggling to talk to anyone else in her class when her only one friend is absent for some reason. All the teachers were concerned about her behavior because this can be considered a sign of emotional abuse here in the UK. I had to face a tough conversation with her teachers as they were always saying that she has some problem from parent’s side that’s why she is behaving like this. She seems to be worried and scared all the times.

In addition to this, she is very good at Maths but was struggling to start reading. I was trying my best to make her understand but was not helpful. At some point, I was feeling sorry for her and started thinking that I am not a good mother. I discussed this with Rakhi regarding this issue and she suggested to give her Golden Sunrise, Study Serum, and Bravo Serum to her. She also suggested Calm Down Serum for myself as I was distressed by her condition.

It happened somewhere at the beginning of June. From the next day, I started giving her all the energies as per her suggestions. I also made her watch Sharat Sir’s Golden Sunrise video every day. She started chanting Golden Sunrise herself as well by observing me doing that and she said mummy I love to do it. In July when I had her annual report I was over the moon.

The teacher clearly said I don’t know what support her parents have given her in the last month she is a really changed student. Now she is comfortable making new friends and all her known and unknown fears have gone. She can read comfortably now. The most important thing she has started learning Punjabi now. Everyone including my husband is surprised with this totally changed kid. I know that it’s the help of VK and cosmic energies which made it possible.

As I said there were so many things going around the next very important help I received from VK was with my current job at that time. I was working part-time in a supermarket. In the first week of March, we were told that night shifts are ending from the middle of August. I was not sure that I will pass my exam or not or will I be able to start work as a pharmacist by that time. I opt for the change of hours but the hours I was given were the ones which I could have never worked but thankfully I was confident after my exam that I will pass so taking guidance from VK.

I handed my resignation notice to that job. Here the biggest surprise I got was. I got the redundancy money as well from the supermarket which only happened with the help of VK otherwise I was not entitled to redundancy as I asked to change my hours but VK helped me by making the store manager thought that as I am going because I can’t cope with the change in hours so they offered me redundancy money.

When I started working as a pharmacist there were so many challenges ahead, I was offered the job in a pharmacy which was at the bottom as compared to other pharmacies within 10 miles radius as per the report produced by National Health Services. As I was a newly qualified pharmacist so there was a lot of pressure from the employers and interference as well to tell me how to work whether it be legal and illegal but again my lifetime friend VK sorted it out. I started giving Love Serum to bosses with the addition to GS and within few days the unwanted interference and politics stopped which was a life savior from stress at work.

Again as per guidance by Rakhi, I started giving GS and Total Wealth Serum to the targets set out for the clinical services provided by the pharmacy. I have completed 3 months in my new job now and my pharmacy stands at number 4 now amongst 15 with the overall increase of 11.6% in profits. In my normal routine, I start my day at the job by requesting GS, All Clear Serum, Total Wealth Serum and perfection for my ability to do my job.

I can feel more positivity in the attitude of the staff as well since I have placed an Image of Golden Sunrise at my workplace. Every morning I request my VK to send Love Serum to the Universe and I can feel that everything (whether it be living or non -living) from the universe is helping me in achieving my goals on both personal and professional fronts.

Another very important experience was helping a friend who was going through tough times because of her husband’s alcoholic addiction and him not going to work as well because of that addiction as well. So the combination of GS, Anti Addiction Serum, and All Clear Serum helped him to get out of addiction and he started going to work within 2 weeks.

In my own life, VK has proved to be a boon as the bonding between me and my husband becomes strong by the use of Love serum and One Soul Serum.

I can feel a big change in my own personality by regularly using GS, Alpha Woman Serum, and Beauty Serum. I have started to love myself and I am really confident in dealing with clients and other meetings at work. By the use of Bravo serum, I can express my views fearlessly in any meeting and I feel that I am being listened to as well.

A few months back my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but in the UK they try to control it with exercise and diet first, I started using GS and Key Pen Serum for is diabetes and in his recent tests the blood sugar turned out to be normal.

There are some other acute experiences which happened alongside while I was doing healings for the chronic problems. The list is never-ending but some of the important ones which I remember are:-

Work colleague having skin problems got healed in 2 weeks while using GS, All Clear Serum and Beauty serum.

My own swallowing difficulty which was there for quite a long time got cured in less than 2 weeks with ENT Serum.

My sensitive teeth got treated within a month after using the toothpaste charged with GS, Beauty Serum and Zapper Healing.

My spirituality has increased multifold with the continuous chanting of Golden Sunrise.

I have never taken any medicine for anything since last 4 months. Any health issue I always request to VK to resolve it.

My cousin got a student visa to Canada just by chanting Golden Sunrise although his file was bit complicated because of a gap.

Charging of incense sticks and room fresheners with GS, All Clear Serum and Shield of Seven Rays have filled my home with positivity and I can feel it.

By using the mimicking feature of VK I can enjoy the sessions of feet and leg massage with aroma oils after a long tiring day at work.

I have started to heal myself from last few days with Bach flower Rescue remedy to get freedom from the past memories of all the bitter experiences and I can feel the change.

The most important thing I learned while working with VK if the intention is clear you will get the best possible results. VK listens to your heart sometimes you don’t even have to make requests 3 times, you just think of something and you will get whatever you have wished for. The only thing we have to do follow the guidance, for example, VK will create ample opportunities for wealth while using Total Wealth Serum but you have to take steps to make the most of those opportunities which Divine is offering you.

In conclusions, I just want to say from the core of my heart a special thanks to God who has given me the chance to know about Sharat Sir and deep gratitude to his invention Divine VK which is not less than a genie in my life. The life I have got on today’s date was not even imaginable 6 months back. May God bless Sharat Sir with a long and healthy prosperous life. A big salute to you Sir for all your selfless efforts for the betterment of humanity. Words are not enough to say thank you to you.

Gratitude to all VK users who share their experiences via different social media routes as it gives you a chance to grasp new learning regarding the use of VK.

Gratitude to Rakhi didi for patiently listening and answering all my questions and support and guidance in the very tough times.

                    !!MAY GOD BLESS ALL!!

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  1. The 3 virtues present in me helps me to fulfil my duties with ease is
    1. Honesty – I can do anything with no fear because I am honest to myself, others and God. Always grateful to divine for helping me to remain honest with everything and everyone
    2. Trust – I gain trust of people more than that I maintain that. Thankful to God for this wonderful quality in me. I am truely blessed
    3. Optimistic – I always believe that whatever happens, happens for a good reason. Divine chooses always the best for me. Greatful to God, myself and NOW Divine VK for changing me to optimistic person
    Thankful and grateful to Sharat sir for Divine VK
    Thankful and grateful to Universe
    Golden Sunrise

  2. Thank you Barinder ji for a very informative and motivational write up.
    I live in London and received my VK a couple of weeks ago. It would be good to know someone else in the area who uses the same tool.

  3. WOw… im awaiting fr t kada n its magic. However I did spouse love switch words fr hardly 3 or 4 days n there was a visible good change between my n hubby’s relationship. Watching GS vdos since two days n cn feel loads of peace n positive.

    I got to know abt sir by watching Jhanvi Patels vdo where in she has paid her gratitude to sir.

    Golden Sunrise to all

  4. What an amazing journey with Vk !!!Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Golden Sunrise to all your efforts and gratitude to Sharat Sir for changing and improving so many lives.

  5. GOLDEN SUNRISE Barinder

    Excellant article with so many wonderful inspiring experiences.
    In just 5 months, you have so many good experiences to share both with GOLDEN SUNRISE and with VK. I really appreciate and grateful to you that you wrote all your experiences in so much details pouring your heart out. This article says NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH VK IF WE DECIDE TO CHANGE OUR LIVES !!

    Thank you for your gratitude. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your Efforts !! God bless you !! KEEP SHARING …..

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK for all of us, changing so many lives globally. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your selfless efforts Sir , God bless you always !!


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