Place A GOLDEN SUNRISE Image In Your Premises And Witness The Magic

Place A GOLDEN SUNRISE Image In Your Premises And Witness The Magic


COME LET US JOIN TOGETHER and CELEBRATE LIFE with this New Vibrant Image of GOLDEN SUNRISE to Welcome Prosperity into our lives. Today is the first day of GST (Goods and Service Tax) in India, which is launched by PM Modi for a New Vibrant India and here I present GSI (GOLDEN SUNRISE Image) for a New Vibrant World and it is already launched by Sharat Sir a few months back.


GOLDEN SUNRISE Image has beautiful scenery with Rising Sun. That is not a big thing. You can find GOLDEN SUNRISE Image anywhere. Search on the internet and Google shows you hundreds of GOLDEN SUNRISE Images.

Go to the market and you can find it there too. But I am talking about a special GOLDEN SUNRISE Image. picture. Sharat Sir added the switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE to this picture, and then he attuned the WHOLE IMAGE with Cosmic Energies 

Let’s Talk About GOLDEN SUNRISE Image’s Beauty

We can see the bright light from the Sun which is golden in color. The golden rays from the Sun are replacing and pushing away the dark clouds of the night. The golden rays of the Sun fall on the snowy mountains melting the hard frozen ice. The golden rays of the Sun fall on the green fields giving them life.

The big round center of the Sun appears WHITE to human eyes depicting a SUPERPOWER house in the Universe. The light coming out from the center forms another broad bright yellow circle…….there is no darkness in this yellow region. Slowly the yellow light spreads out in the form of golden rays.

As the golden rays spread the darkness fades. On the left side of the image, the sky around the Sun is more yellow and less orange whereas the sky away from Sun on the right side still has a mixture of yellow, orange, brown-gray, and black clouds.

In our daily routine… do we feel extra positive and full of energy as we see the Sunrise from the East??

YES, WE DO !!! 

As the day passes our energy remains high in the first few hours. As the Sun moves towards the west the darkness of night sets in. We feel the depleting energy and then there comes the time to rest. We always sleep in the darkness with the HOPE of seeing a New Rising Sun…a Hope for a New day with MORE energy.

Our body and conscious mind sleep but our subconscious mind are always awake. But there is no energy from the Rising Sun in the darkness of night to the awake working subconscious mind.

So is it possible to have this energy of the Rising Sun throughout 24×7? Yes, it is possible with this GOLDEN SUNRISE Image.

When this Image was designed, Sharat Sir advised putting this image in the EAST direction. I asked this question to Sharat Sir… why only EAST direction Sir?

He replied… when we put this image in the EAST direction of our home or business place or any premises, we can have the effect of the Rising Sun all the time. As a matter of convenience if there is no free wall in the EAST direction… the image can be placed in the NORTHEAST direction of the place.

Now, one would question that If I am sleeping at my residence and no one is there at my business place or office at night. So how will the GOLDEN SUNRISE Image help at my business place or even at home when I am not there?

Well, the answer is, people may or may not be there at a place at a particular time, but there are energies either of the people who left the place or of the things already in that place. Energy exists everywhere and is all around us, in moving objects, in electricity, in fuels, in sound, in mass, in heat, in light, in gravity, and so on. The energy of all…the place the living and non-living things affect us, our minds, our thoughts, and our actions.

This energy needs to be replenished with POSITIVE energy throughout the day and through the night too, Isn’t it?

In addition to Rising Sun, GOLDEN SUNRISE Image also has the Master Switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE.

In the image, the Master Switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE is just below the Superpower Sun. It has an orange shade on the upper half and yellow at the lower half…the shades representing the bright Sun, converting the darkness in the Sky to bright light on Earth.

GOLDEN SUNRISE was received as a Blessing by Sharat Kumar Sir in June 2014, in his meditation. Sharat Sir tested if GOLDEN SUNRISE will work as a switch word or not. He used these testing methods – Dowsing, Muscles test, Psychic Vision, Direct experiments on raw volunteers, Tarot, Double-Blind Test, and Water Taste.

All the results were positive. He also applied it practically with his own life situations and saw amazing results. Sharat Sir then published about GOLDEN SUNRISE so that each and every person benefits from using it. We can read his article GOLDEN SUNRISE ® SWITCHWORD HELPS TO CREATE GREAT MAGIC.

There is so much to write about what GOLDEN SUNRISE does. Personally, I experienced just chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE brings lost Faith and Hope back. It energizes both body and mind to take action again.

It gives them the confidence to get back into wish manifestation. It clears the obstacles. It opens new opportunities when all the doors seem closed. It works to mimic the energy from a rising sun.

It brings happiness even when I say GOLDEN SUNRISE instead of good morning. Being a switch word we can use it any time of the day and even at night to experience the energy from the Rising Sun. Try saying GOLDEN SUNRISE instead of good morning or good afternoon or good evening and know the difference in your energy levels.

So what would happen if we broadcast this Master Switch word, GOLDEN SUNRISE, 24×7 in our homes, business places, or any premises? Many have used it in different ways such as in bottle lamps, on stationery, on tiffin boxes, water bottles, showpieces, tea coasters, infusion bottles. The ideas are endless that we want to explore.

What could be the effect both from Rising Sun and Master Switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE, when it is used together. It is just Unbelievable !!!

My Experiences with this GOLDEN SUNRISE Image

I would like to share my experience from my previous article when I did not know what is VIBBES KADA VK, but I came across what is GOLDEN SUNRISE. I got associated with an NGO DRONA FOUNDATION. There is a learning center for students at DRONA FOUNDATION.

They had recently built a wall to prevent the foul smell coming from a nearby washroom and garbage. We were just discussing what we could do on the wall instead of leaving it unpainted.

An idea struck and the children painted with their own hands, scenery with a mountain and a Rising Sun with the Master Switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE painted in golden color.

This was the drawing. Golden Sunrise Image

After that things suddenly changed at the learning center. It was a new NGO, so Section 80(g) income tax rebate benefit was not available to donors. The application for 80(g) approval took time. After a few weeks, the children started getting sponsorships for events. They started getting invitations for participation in drawing, cooking, dance, and singing competitions.

They also got associated with other NGO sponsors. The money came in more in the kind which they never expected. Children were also invited to festival celebrations with celebrities. It is more than a year now and the magic of GOLDEN SUNRISE still continues there. Anyone can visit this learning center of DRONA FOUNDATION in Mumbai and see this painting even now.

Recently for my company, I wanted to put an image of GOLDEN SUNRISE for positivity and prosperity. Sharat Sir suggested putting Rising Sun with GOLDEN SUNRISE as an image.

As team LITAIRIAN, we screened a few pictures for clarity, appeal, energy, and resolution. We were looking out for an artist or expert who would suggest what would be best to print on A3 size or more. And I got in touch with an expert who was also chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE and was experiencing wonderful changes in life….Anushree Jhaveri. Wow GOLDEN SUNRISE connect again.

Anushree actually printed all the images and rejected other images due to resolution or brightness. Finally, we saw this picture and Sharat Sir added the master switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE and cosmic energies to it. We were still discussing what should be the size and paper type for my office, but Anushree already printed it. She said it was wonderful and took my address.

Before I could ask her for the bank details for the energy exchange, she already couriered it to me. When I received it, my team was so excited that within 15 mins, they put it in the EAST direction. I called Anushree to thank her and she said this was a GOLDEN SUNRISE gift to me as she saw many changes with GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting.

We rejected one business deal a few months back in spite of agreeing on some business terms at a certain low percentage/ratio of profit to us and signing off some initial documents. This had disturbed the whole team. Sharat Sir said, “Sab thik ho jayega” (All will be Well). Within a fortnight of putting this image in our office, we saw many changes.

The energy of my team changed (non-VK users)…more aggression and more openness towards work. A senior financial expert approached us and he himself said he will work with us on contingency. Then we came across another client who agreed with profit for the same deal which we rejected earlier. The deal got finalized for exactly the opposite of what we let go and now with a major share of profit to us and obviously all on our terms.

Golden Sunrise Image on a Wall
Golden Sunrise Image on a Wall

There was another long-term deal that happened but was stuck on one clause for execution. This agreement also got signed off. We came to know additional benefits that we could avail from financial institutions and we executed those.

We came across new opportunities that can be explored. Many new connections got established who extended/offered new opportunities. Don’t miss to check GOLDEN SUNRISE SWITCHWORD MANTRA CHANTING MEDITATION BY SHARAT SIR & DJ KIMOZAVE.

Many old connections got re-established and opened more doors to new opportunities. We received green signals for unexpected and so-called difficult collaborations. There are many other significant changes.

The team energy changes when they look at this GOLDEN SUNRISE Image. I am seeing the difference in energy every other day. Now when anything clicks, my non-VK team members smile and say GOLDEN SUNRISE. Wowwww.

And I pray the magic continues with Sharat Sir’s GOLDEN SUNRISE

In our WhatsApp inbox, we have messages of gratitude to GOLDEN SUNRISE and Sharat Sir, from people who also experienced major changes when they put THIS IMAGE at their home/ workplace, and soon these experiences will be shared with all.

We as Sharat Sir’s Team LITAIRIAN, now invite each and every person, who is reading this article to bring a change in their own life and extend it to all around you by placing this VIBRANT Image of Rising Sun and Master Switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE in the EAST or NORTHEAST direction of your homes and business place and share/ spread the Magic with the whole World.

I dedicate this article to DIVINE and Sharat Sir for blessing us with this VIBRANT Image with GOLDEN SUNRISE to all.

DIVINE BLESSINGS to all with Rising Sun and Master switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE !!!

Here is the GOLDEN SUNRISE Image for you to download. Place this Image at your Premises and Witness the Magic



Check here how to download this GOLDEN SUNRISE Image
      1. Right-click on the image and go to “save image as” and the image will save on your computer.
      2. Print or use this image as a colored one and NOT as a black/white image.
      3. You can even forward this picture to others through WhatsApp, Facebook, and chat, e-applications, email, or any other electronic system.
      4. You can even print it using digital UV printing on glass, wood, acrylic, or any other suitable material for aesthetic effect in your homes, business, and other places.

Note: As guided by Sharat Sir, Do NOT edit this GOLDEN SUNRISE Image otherwise it will lose its effects but you CAN RESIZE it.

Friends, Let’s Make a Better World with a Simple but Most Powerful Way



  1. I am Confident.
    I am loving and caring.
    I am optimistic.
    Thanks divine for blessing me with these qualities.
    Golden Sunrise

  2. Dear Sir,


    After getting a print ,the black cloudy portion of the pic got a bit scattered as the print was in s glossy sheet…

    Will it lower the effect of the image?


  3. Hii I am new here
    I am suffering from lots of skin disease
    Is golden sunrise helpful for giving me beautiful and confident , glowing skin ?

  4. I have one doubt, while writing our dream project about finding our soulmate, should we write in present tense or past tense. It’s confusing.

  5. I felt very much appreciated regarding the most powerful Switchword name as “GOLDEN SUNRISE”. I just downloaded it & wants to make a print out of the same and also keep it at my residence as informed. I am very much liked to see all those wonderful comments on this specific subject and would like to appreciate all of your mesmerizing messages being shared through this fantastic medium.

    Thanks a lot to Mr.Sharat Sir who has been given this kind of Great Image along with the most powerful Swtichword of “GOLDEN SUNRISE”. I am really thankful and Grateful to you and all.

    Aum Sri Sai Ram, GOLDEN SUNRISE to all.


    • GOLDEN SUNRISE Sistla,
      Thank you for your kind and appreciating words. Do share your experiences with GOLDEN SUNRISE with us on this article or on our facebook page GOLDEN SUNRISE.


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