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When we talk about a place like a home or a workplace, we first think about its occupants. But there is always something more present in any place. Something which is constant and yet variable and that something which we never think of is ENERGIES.

The energy in a place affects the people either positively or negatively, so accordingly, they are known as POSITIVE or NEGATIVE ENERGIES.

POSITIVE energy is one that makes people happy, boosts their morale, motivates them to move ahead in life, leaves a good impact on health, brings in prosperity, creates a peaceful environment, harbor love, life becomes happening, and much more…

NEGATIVE energy is one which may harm, hurt, demotivate people, suck out their energy, make life stagnant, manifest in poor health, block prosperity, break relationships, cause addictions, life seems meaningless…

What Are Negative Energies in a Home or Workplace
Some of the negative energies are listed here…

Negative Energies from People

If there are residual negative emotions of people from many years in the home or building, it may affect the people who are living there in the present. Emotions of people like anger, jealousy, negative thinking, etc. make a place in the atmosphere of the house. Some people would have already left the place, but their emotions still linger there and affect the people who would be now staying there.

defense vibbes seeder litairian sharat sirNegative Energies from Things

Energy is omnipresent in different forms. Energy dwells even in non-living things. There can be negative energy in art or craft work or hand-made articles, coming from people who created it or handled it. If the artists or craftsmen who created the work, had negative energies or emotional or mental issues, their energies may dwell in their work and get attached to such objects.

Also, second-hand articles may have energies of people who first or subsequently handled it before it comes to the next person. People are just unaware that the source of negative energies… Can be such articles.

Some ancestral things like a bed, a wheelchairs may also have negative emotions like sadness, the hopelessness of people who have used it earlier. If such things remain in the house or at any other place, then they may pass on that energy to people using it next or living in that place where such things are kept.

People also attach their emotions to people who are passed away, sometimes through pictures of forefathers or dear ones who have a heavenly abode. The attachment is to the extent that the departed soul may find it difficult to take its journey ahead and the people living will still live in the past with sadness.

Our modern-day gadgets like computers, cell phones, microwaves also create/emit radiations such as UV/IR, which cause harm to the people staying in that place.

Residual Negative Energy from Past Events or Memories

Sometimes, emotions from events that occurred in the past like constant fights between people, intolerance to each other, serious arguments, abusive relationships, and ill-treatment of family members leading to physical assault, may remain in the environment as residual negative energy and affect the people presently living in that house. It could be even from people who died years back in the same house and you are the new tenant or owner of the house now.

Residual Negative Energy from Spirits

The spirits dwelling can be either non-evil or evil with trapped negative emotions. The ones with trapped emotions of depression or an earthbound spirit may affect the current habitants in the house. People in such houses may feel low, tired, experience frequent headaches or giddiness without any solid reasons, irrespective of having a good lifestyle.

If the spirit is too evil, the damage is high. People may sense bad odors with no clue from where it originates. People feel as if someone is watching them, disturbed sleep due to noises or bad dreams, objects don’t remain at the same place even when any living person is not touching them.

Some people feel uncomfortable with heaviness, and nausea, and feel better as they move out of such house or place. The emotions remain through the spirits and still harm people. energies sharat sir litairian

Experiments by Sharat Sir during His New Invention

A lady approached us that she constantly feels giddiness in certain areas of her house especially the kitchen. A few months back the same lady, who is also a VK user, wrote to Sir that while she was sleeping at night, she saw some lady coming out from the ceiling fan with long hairs, frightening face with big eyes and she lied down next to this living lady.

She was frightened looking at it and she felt that it was a spirit and talking to her. She immediately took SHIELD OF 7 RAYS with her VK. After a few minutes, there was nothing around. But this was happening quite often.

She complained that she could not see clothes in her wardrobe. There was a window diagonal to the wardrobe and there was a tube-light just opposite to the wardrobe. Still, she could see the clothes properly neither during the day nor in the night.

She could sense negativity in many places in the house. Her psychic abilities were higher among all the family members. She used to feel scared to use the washroom in the middle of the night. Her maid used to complain a lot while cleaning utensils in the kitchen. Her daughter was happier when she was out of this home.

Here, there was an old couple and their daughter was married. In this home, all the members could sense someone invisible touching their bodies while moving. The daughter, when she came to stay with her parents for a few days, she would feel someone touching her face. The daughter would get scared to sleep alone, so whenever she came, she would sleep with her parents.

Sharat Sir considered both these homes in his experiments for his new invention in July 2017.

Sir analyzed and found both the homes had a negative vortex and dark energy spots. Most of the spots matched with what the members were sensing. The family had a pending court case. There were some electromagnetic radiations at certain locations that correlated with the health problems of the members.

There were some ancestral pictures too, where members were too attached to past people. In both homes, families were on the verge to change their homes. But they decided to wait and work with Sir.

Sir started sending energies to both the homes. Within a few hours, members of both families felt the difference. The negative spirits in both homes were no more sensed by any of the members. The room appears brighter to them.

The wardrobe could be clearly seen. The giddiness vanished. Now Sharat Sir’s new invention is placed in these homes since Dec 2017. One of the court cases was closed with “Out of Court Settlement”, which seemed impossible before June 2017.

There could be multiple remedies available to take care of the situations described above, but will those be permanent or one needs to call a Tantric to wipe out the negative spirits frequently and pay a heavy price. What about electromagnetic radiation? Who would like to insert copper rods in their homes?

Sharat Sir had come up with a VIBBES SEEDER A HEAVENLY SOLUTION FOR ALL BEINGSGOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts Sharat Sir for blessing our homes with peace and positivity without any need to change homes!!!