Why Vastu Shastra Prohibition Deceased People Photos

As per the Hindu Shastras (Vastu Shastra), it is not good to keep photos of deceased people in the house.

Many years back when the camera was not invented there was no way photos could be taken. So people had no chance to keep photos and pray to the deceased people. Only Rajas And Maharajas had artists with them who painted pictures of their elders when they were alive. In this blog, we will learn how Vastu Shastra of home is necessary for us.

What Happens When Such Photos Are Placed as Per Vastu or Vastu Shastra?

We all are surrounded by different energies and definitely, and we all like positive energies. We don’t like to be drained of our energies. As we all know the human body is made of 5 elements and after we leave again our body has to merge with 5 elements.

The very important thing to note here is that when we keep photos of our ancestors we bring back their earth element and by looking at it continuously and offering prayers we connect our cord with them.

As we don’t know if they are in the astral world or have taken new birth, we are pulling them back energetically. As the law of nature says we have no right to keep anyone in bond especially when they have left the body. We must help them in their journey. By Not keeping their photos framed on the wall we help them.

One can very well look at their pics in the family album so that they recollect good memories. Only once a year during the Shraddh Paksha, the photo can be kept to offer the Gitanjali ie. Offering black sesame and water to all ancestors.

In this case, even if a photo is absent, then also the offering reaches and genetics gets purified in us. Serve everyone when they are alive. That is the best thing one can do. Instead of offering many things to photos to get rid of guilt feeling or for the sake of society.

Let us be good and do good and spread smiles in our family. Now when it comes to Vastu there are no directions mentioned in Shastras for the photo of ancestors. Keeping photos and praying is like inviting them back and they have no option but to live on other people’s energy and thereby resulting in pitra dosh.

It creates a disturbance in Vastu (Vastu Shastra) as most of the energy is consumed by them as they don’t have physical bodies and food to eat. People who want to try to prove this point can do one experiment.

Remove the ancestor’s photos and keep them inside and observe for a month. There will be a big difference in energy levels in the house and more positive energy will flow. With all due respect to everyone’s emotions and their attachments, I can only suggest what’s good and correct as per Shastras which benefits everyone.

After all, it’s a personal decision to follow the guidelines mentioned in the articles for Vastu Shastra. The best remedy for pitra dosh is to feed cows with green grass and fodder for as many days as possible. Avoid giving leftover and stale food to cows.

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