Simple & Easy Ways to Charge Drinking Water Using VK

Simple Easy Ways to Charge Drinking Water Using VK A Video by Rakhi

VIBBES KADA (VK) is a steel bangle attuned with Cosmic energies by me. It is a divine healing tool, which can help to improve various life situations. VK has infinite possibilities.

Here in this article, you will find some videos which teach or demonstrate some ways of using VK. There are links provided with each video to learn more. VIBBES KADA.

We will update this page with more videos from time to time in the future. So you can catch up with VK knowledge by frequently visiting this page.

In this video ⇑, VK users can learn different ways of charging water using VK. Water is a medium that can easily take up any positive energy when requested with VK.

Any person can drink or use this VK charged water to receive the energy of #Cosmic Serums or #Mantras or #switchwords or any positive words.

In this video, VK users can learn:-

  1. How to charge water using VK by rotating VK over water.
  2. A simple way of charging the water with VK by just placing VK over the water container.
  3. To charge bulk water containers at home to help all family members to receive energies through VK charged water.
  4. How to charge water distantly for any person in any part of the globe by simply charging the water through an image or picture received online on the phone or any picture.
  5. It also demonstrates a method to charge water using VK by writing with a pen/pencil on a paper or an open or closed book.
  6. Even if you don’t have water, paper, or pen, you will know in this video how to charge water with VK.
  7. There are some important points on what is a dose of VK charged water for a person who consumes it to receive energies.
  8. What should be the frequency of drinking VK charged water for the same healing or different types of healing?
  9. What energies can water take-up by a simple request to VK?

This video is only a quick demonstration of a method to charge water with some combination of energies as an example. You can use VK in a similar way to charge other combinations of positive energies relating to the same aspect of healing in one water.

To know more about this method, check this post #BASICS OF VIBES KADA Post No 24 on VK forum.

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