How VK is an Intentional Healing Tool ? Understand with 10 Examples

How VK is an Intentional Healing Tool Understand with 10 Examples

VK is a very simple healing tool. In fact, Sharat Sir has made it in such a way that all we have to do is just request VK. But our human mind complicates things. We try to figure out which language, which request, and which word we should use to ask VK.

Remember VK is an intentional healing tool. It listens to your heart. Often we have a question in our mind but don’t know how to ask VK. Well, look at your question. Many times the solution lies in your question. The way it pops up in your head, ask VK in precisely the same way.

For example:

Situation1: I have a client who is angry with me and doesn’t want to work with me. Now I want to bring back my client to me and I want the client to start working with me happily. So how do I ask VK? 

It’s simple just say “VK please make my client come back to me and start working with me happily”. working with me happily

Situation 2: A friend owes your money but is not paying you. Now you want that this person pays you your money also and is not hurt by your asking for the money. So how do you ask? 

It’s simple just say “VK please make my friend return my money to me and let it not affect our friendship”. return my money

Situation 3: If a guest is supposed to come over and you are busy but can’t even say no to the guest. How would you request VK?

It is again simple, just say “VK Please let this guest not come today or VK please let this guest cancel today’s plan himself”.

It could be any situation. If you can frame the question in your head, you can use the same question to ask or request VK

How VK Intentional Healing ToolFew more cases…

Situation 4: If someone is looking upset but doesn’t want to share the reason then apart from using any serum or if you can’t think of or remember any serum you can simply request “VK please solve this person’s problem and cheer him up”.

Situation 5: If your child is cranky and is not able to tell you the problem and you can’t understand what is bothering him /her you can request like, “VK whatever is bothering my baby, please heal that”. VIBBES VK heals that

Situation 6: If an elderly person is complaining and crying in pain but can’t point out where it is the pain, you can request like, “VK please heal that area of this person where it is hurting or VK please heal the cause of this person’s body ache”.

Situation 7: If a person is not succeeding in an interview and you fail to understand what is happening then request like, “VK please send whatever energies are required for this person to succeed in his interview”.  vibbes kada succeed interview

Situation 8: If in any situation you don’t know the truth and are confused as to what is actually true, you can request like “VK Please bring out the truth in this situation”.

Situation 9: If there are two paths in front of you and can’t figure out which one to choose and don’t know how to ask VK then request like “VK please guide me on which path to choose” (it could be two different jobs, careers, schools, colleges, universities, companies, etc). simplicity vibbes kada guide me

Situation 10: If you are in a situation where you don’t even know if you should be asking VK or not as in should you be changing the situation or not in that case also ask “VK to guide you. VK will show you a way”.

Above I show you some simplest ways to use VK without knowing any energy name or any serum name. No complicated terms or energies. You can frame the sentence in your own words. No hard and fast rule. Sometimes I use English and Hindi (Hinglish) words in the same sentence. Hope you understand very well using VK with a simple and easy request.

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