How to Use VIBBES KADA – VK with Simplicity and Ease?

How to Use VIBBES KADA - VK with Simplicity and Ease

VIBBES KADA – VK is a gift of the Divine and if you are having one, consider yourself as a chosen one with blessings of COSMIC Energies. As to know about Compassion and Sympathy; one must learn to LOVE, in the same way, to know more about VK, one must first know about Cosmic Energy first.

Cosmic Energy is the energy of the Cosmos. It is the highest form of Energy constituting almost anything and everything – Living or Non-Living known to a human being. Its omnipresence is not only within this world but it includes the Space, Stars & Galaxies, and as such the whole Universe. All which is present in this Universe has sprung out of Cosmic Energy.

To understand as a layman, look at yourself and around you and then race your mind to think about anything possibly existing at the remotest distance your mind can go. Everything that you can think, has its existence because of Cosmic Energy.

How to Use VIBBES KADA with Simplicity and Ease?

Let us understand it at our level of knowledge. We are aware of many forms of Energy but had ignored it as obvious, just as all had seen an Apple fall from the tree but no one paid any attention. Apart from Electrical Energy, Magnetic Energy, Thermal Energy, Hydel Energy, Kinetic Energy, Nuclear Energy, Wind Energy, and more, Physical Energies are often identified in different forms of Organs, Cells tissues, Chemicals, Vitamins, Proteins, Carbohydrates, etc. But these energies have always been felt and never seen. We always have seen the result of the Energy produced.

Like the glowing of the Bulb is the result of the Electrical Energy present in the circuit but the Energy itself could not be gazed at, Power of Water is engaged to do miracles but the Energy (Hydel) is not tangible. As in the language of Biology, we know that the offspring of a human is a human, a Lizard is born of a Lizard, and Monkeys to give birth to Monkey and not Fish. Likewise, right from the Mother’s womb, a human grows from an Infant to an Adult in a definite shape and yet with a variance from others… isn’t it amazing??? But did we ever think about the Energy who is Charioteering this show? This is very complex yet simple.

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How to Use VIBBES KADA with Simplicity and Ease?

It’s the Energy that takes Birth and it is the Energy that gives Birth. The Place is Energy and the Environment is Energy. It is in the Water and in the Wind, It is in the Fire and it is on the Earth. It is in the Solid and it is in the Space. It is injected in Growth and released in Death… even it is after Death and continues to exist. It is infinite and unparalleled which can neither be pierced nor could be burnt, which cannot be drenched by Water and could not be dried by Wind. The essence is that it is present within everything, Energy is the Performer and Energy is the Performance.

The technique is to Channelize the Cosmic Energies through VK into the object or a person to provide Divine blessings and health. Even while Surrounded by Energies everywhere, life forms do not have the ability to receive them due to malfunctions and depletion due to Age, Karma, Regressions, Past-life, etc. but energy practitioners gifted with the knowledge of this, are able to not only receive the Energy but fuse the same into the body, object, issue or situation, etc. Cosmic Energy has its own intellect. It follows the Mental path of the energy practitioners and merges to the affected area of the receiver to provide solution/relief instantaneously.

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Results are amazing and the effects are extraordinary. It sounds interesting and amazing. This is the effect of our VIBBES KADA – VK. Comprised of 11 rays out of a total of 16 rays of Cosmic Energy, VK is the Ultimate Energy Institution.

How to Use VIBBES KADA with Simplicity and Ease?

While we can learn everything about usage & utility of our multi-faced and multi-tasking VK, by studying the basics of VK, there are some basic side-kicks that may make a starting energy practitioner’s life easier. We call it Riders.

Side-Kicks or Riders of VK

It has been commonly observed that a person, who has been blessed with a VK, strives hard to know how can VK be used effectively. Most of the time he is shy to ask or otherwise try to ask old users of VK, as follows :

  1. Somebody is down with a fever, what Serum to be requested?
  2. Somebody has joint pain how can we help that person?
  3. My child is not concentrating on studies, should I use Study serum?
  4. I want my lost money back, what to do?

For all the above kinds of questions, why ask somebody? Instead, why not talk to VK? It understands all the languages of the world and even more, it understands if not spoken too. Just hold your VK and request:

  1. Comprised of 11 Cosmic rays of the universe, Oh my VK, please activate to down Mr. X’s fever. (English)
  2. Hey, Gyarah Cosmic Urjao se paripurna mere dost VK, please mera Pet dard theek kar do. (Hindi)
  3. O VK – mere Parah/Veera, mere Kamar di peed nu changa kardena ji. (Punjabi)
  4. Oh Enn sagothara VK, daysvuseidhuennthondaiysigunapadutthu. (Tamil)

(translation: O my brother VK, please help in my Throat Infection)

  1. Oh Fratello VK, siprega di attivare a guarireilmio mal di schiena. (Italian)

(translation: O Brother VK, please take care of my back pain)

Side-Kicks or Riders of VK

VK is a Cosmic energy transfusing instrument that just requires to be given a target. So, if we do not know much about complex solutions or if we do not know other techniques of energy systems too, we need not worry. VK understands and executes on our simple affirmations provided our mind plays the medium and shows the destination.

  • Regarding the application of Serums, we should understand that Serums are a “Window solution vendor” of a group of symptoms/affirmations. For example, All the stomach/digestion-related affirmations are grouped together to form a Serum which is termed a Digee Serum. They are terrific but in case of any confusion, singular affirmations, which are specific, do the same job. (Serums are special sets of combinations of energies that are attuned in the Universe by Sharat Sir for a specific purpose and can be used only with VK). 
  • ECs are a very popular technique and are used very often, we site suggestions as to which EC to be used and how? What are the norms? What should be written inside and in what color?? Etc. Friends, we should not forget that VK has an immaculate power of Cosmic Energies which is above all other energies and techniques. That is why; VK can perform all other techniques more effectively. So one who is confused in EC may make VKC VIBBES KADA Circle. It is user-friendly and all one has to do is to make a circle with the Kada itself on a piece of paper, write the receiver’s name/names inside and charge the circle with the cosmic energy or required energies. It works as an EC. By and by, when one learns about ECs, it can be used at advanced levels.
  • In simplification to the above, one may not even use a pen or paper even. VK user may just write the name of the person/affected area with his finger on the tabletop and start sending energies with VK. It is not important that the VK user must have a clear imagination power because VK works with your simple intention.
  • It is advised that one must not restrict physical well-being, as the jurisdiction of our VK is much larger. We can do wonders in the Mental & Spiritual world. Once a week or however scheduled, cleansing of Chakras, scrubbing of Aura, etc. It is suggested that one should do a self-cleaning at regular intervals for a self-up gradation.

What should be bourne in mind is that VK is a scientific instrument and should not be expected to change an Orange into a banana. It works and so takes genuine respective time depending upon the issue. Languages and gigs are immaterial; VK operates through the medium of your mind. So the more you are focused, creative, and imaginative, the more effective are the results.

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  1. My review of VIBBES KADA
    Thank you Sanjay Sir for this wonderful article on Vibbes Kada. When i got my Vibbes Kada many things started happening on its own. I did not understand about using specific energies for many situations. But I felt Vibbes Kada was listening to my simple conversation with it from my heart. i was talking to Vibbes Kada about sponsorship for some NGO activities…..within 2 days a Donor approached me expressing to donate many things.
    A little child who depressed and would not talk not socialise remain in its own shell…..started getting normal in few weeks and became bubbly as before just with a simple intention of mine to Vibbes Kade to release her disturbing thoughts and get her lively again.
    With a severe migraine attack i was not able to think what to do, I simply rubbed Vibbes Kada on pain point requesting for pain relief and i was free of pain in 20 mins and completely relaxed in 30 mins without any painkiller.
    I have many experiences with Vibbes Kada just by simply saying what i want the situation changes to what i wished for.
    Thank you Sharat Sir for this beautiful gift of Vibbes Kada following our simple requests.

  2. Hello,

    Can a VIBBES KADA be worn in the shower, while do dishes, basically can it get wet.
    Have a wonderful day.

    Kindest Regards


    Dear Guruji,

    Please let me know, how to rotate?

    Clockwise/anticlockwise/towards the bottle/over the bottle or covering the bottle.

    Is any photo or video clippings available.

    Please help.

    With regards

    Ganapathy. P

  4. Hello Sir can the VK be sized. My Vk is loose i would like to get it sized at the goldsmith and have it rejoined. by doing this is it going to damage the VK or is it safe to do so. pls clarify thanks


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