25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VIBBES KADA® (VK)

25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VIBBES KADA VK

In this article, I am telling you the Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VIBBES KADA (VK). These special features of VIBBES Kada – VK makes it different from other energy modalities. Not only it is simple, easy to use, powerful, intentional, and a Divine Tool but it has many other unique qualities. The qualities are listed below, let’s check them one by one.

  1. FAITH

All the energy modalities can give you the desired results BUT only if you have FAITH in the modality itself, but VK is one different, unique, and special Divine modality which can give you results even WITHOUT FAITH on itself.

You need not have faith in VK but you should have faith in your own inner guidance and understanding.

You should have faith in the Universe that whatever you are asking shall be granted for sure. You should follow the ways suggested by us and listen to your inner guidance to work with VK. You can get the result for sure. Read more about Faith and Doubt on VK.

25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VIBBES KADA® (VK)


VK is an intention-based tool and works on the intention of a person. VK is created in such a way that it will follow only GOOD intentions and not negative ones. To take benefit of this INTENTION-based tool where no other energy modality can give you results without keeping FAITH on it, you just have to be clear about what you want.

To have great and good results with VK make sure that you hold only one intention for one outcome as changing intentions is like nurturing a new and different seed to grow which will also change the outcome. Read here why and how VK is an Intention tool.25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VIBBES KADA® (VK) INTENTION based tool


VK is completely safe to use. Not only elder, males, and females but even a 2-year-old child can use it with perfect ease. You have to make a request through VK, it will send energies to the required area. As with other modalities, you don’t have to be a channel of energies on your own, which will keep you safe and your energies will not get deteriorated.

Not only it is a safe modality to use but it can also provide safety to a human, relationships, finance, emotions, purity, thoughts, nature, positive attitude of a person, and much more. VK can provide safety from the evil eye, negative energies, or the bad intentions of others. Read more here.provide safety to human, relationship, finance, emotions, purity, thoughts, nature, positive attitude

  1. SPEED

VK is a tool that accelerates your intention as the speed of a rocket and can materialize it relatively fast. The speed of energies through VK is more like that of the speed of a rocket to make a wish come true. It can even change a sad emotion to a happy emotion in minutes. Read more here25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VIBBES KADA® (VK)


VK can mimic the energies of each and everything. This is a very Special Feature of VK. You cannot possess all the precious stones, gems, and crystals with you all the time but now you can mimic their energies at home or anywhere else with all ease. You need not know all the lessons or knowledge of other energy modalities.

You don’t need to have attunements of any energy modality and you can still take the benefits of any energy modality with the help of VK. The mimicking feature of VK can save loads of money, time, effort, and many other things in many ways.

Mimicking can also get you the purest energy of the stone, metal, mantra, affirmation, switchword, and many other things even from the actual form available in front of you. Read more about this feature here.25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VIBBES KADA® (VK)


The cosmic energies attuned in VK are infinite. You can use it 24×7. All of your coming generations can use it. All the members of the family can use the same VK as much as they can and as much as they require, the energies in VK will never finish.

They can take their own VK if they wish so. The energies can flow 24×7 per day, a whole week, one full month, and for the next thousands of years. You can keep on energizing all of your requests anytime and every time and as much as possible. Read why VK since 2009 here.25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VIBBES KADA® (VK)


VK is attuned to infinite energies. It is also attuned forever. You need no recharge or re-attunement of either VK or its user. It is charged once and forever and for infinity. 25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VIBBES KADA® (VK)


In this Universe, there are all types of energies including good and bad but VK is attuned in such a way that no negative energy can be invoked and hence no negative request can be ever materialized via VK.

The energies through VK will not flow as and when any negative request is made. I have designed VK with a lock. The cosmic energies in VK are locked in such a way that it will not work if any negative request is made. Only positive requests can be energized. It is safe and secure to be used. DESIGNED WITH A LOCK


The cosmic energies are infinite and available in abundance for each person on Earth. I have attuned these cosmic energies in VK after many special experiments.

It is designed in such a way that cosmic energies are attuned to it forever and it will also be a treasure for your coming generations to use. The energies will never finish nor deplete. You can use VK for yourself and all your family members anytime and any number of times. GENERATIONS CAN USE


Once a bangle or any other capable object is attuned as VK, it cannot be de-attuned. No other energy practitioner, tantric, or any other person can de-attune VK. NO DE-ATTUNEMENT


After many experiments it was found that an object which, has solid mass, non-rusting properties, durability, no depletion on rough usage, could be commonly worn or carried, is convenient to use, is gender-free, age-free, rituals-free, religion-free, activity-free, time free, can be attuned as VK.

So a steel bangle that our respected Sikh community also wears was chosen to be attuned as VK. It cannot be destroyed until burnt in a furnace to be physically damaged. Nothing is wrong even if it falls off your hand. And neither any de-attunement is possible ever. Read more here.BEST OBJECT ATTUNED AS VIBBES KADA

  1. TOUCH

VK is an intentional tool. It works with the intention of the person who has VK in his touch. Any person can touch VK and make a request with a positive intentions.

VK can be used by all members of a family or friends but it will follow the request of the person who has the bangle in his touch. It works with the intention of the person who has VK in his touch


VK is very simple to use. It works with the intention of a person. Make a clear and positive intention and make a request to VK by saying it 3 times and allowing the energies to work for you. It follows a heart’s request to show up any result.

It has no rituals of washing or cleaning, no formalities of creating a formal atmosphere, and no longer practices of sitting and getting the results with the energies involved. The only thing you need to know is when you have made a request the energies WILL be created for your desire. So you can make a request and be at ease. It sets you free. It is so simple that even a child can use it with ease. Read More.

VK is very simple to use.14.  SUPPORTIVE OF ALL LANGUAGES

English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, French, Italian, European, Chinese, the list goes on. There are many languages spoken around the whole world. But there is no specific language to be used while using VK. VK listens to a heart’s language and follows the intention of a person. ALL LANGUAGE SUPPORT


As soon as you receive VK you can wear it. There are no formalities or rituals added to VK.

  1. Religion: It is free from all formalities of any religious practice. Any person from any religion can wear VK. The energies of any mantra can be consumed by any person of any religion. 
  2. Age: Any person can wear VK including you, your parents, and even your children. It is so safe.
  3. Gender: All male and female members can wear it. It follows a heart’s wish and not a gender-specific request. Females can wear VK 365 days a year. They need not remove it even in the days of menstruation.
  4. Time: As soon as you receive VK you can wear it, no need for any particular time to wear VK. No particular time to make a request to VK.
  5. Place: You can wear VK at any place including bathrooms, cemeteries, temples, parties, offices, schools, outings, picnics, ceremonies, deaths, or any other places.
  6. Activities: VK is free from any activity including washing clothes and utensils, cleaning, dusting, bathing, brushing, making love, having sex, eating, dancing, playing, studying, meditation, other energy practices, or any religious ritual. VK supports in all activities.
  7. Meditation: No need for long hours of meditation now, you can request VK to take you in the best possible deeper meditative trance (level).
  8. Food Free: There is no restriction on eating any food. You can have vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
  9. Possession Free: VK can be used by any member of a family or even a friend can use it. It is neither person-specific nor owner specific. (It is a different matter that you don’t want to share your VK with anyone…;).
  10. Damage-Free: Anyone can use VK any number of times. It is safe even after a fall from your hand on the surface from any height. It is attuned forever. No re-attunement, no cleansing, no purification, no realignment, and no recharge of the bangle or of the person wearing are required. The metal “Steel” of the bangle is already chosen for rough use. It is a non-rusting, long-lasting, comfortable, easy to wear, remove and use unisex, multi-usage, simple-looking bangle.
  11. Side Effects: There are a few side effects of wearing VK and those are happiness, joy, relief, ease, comfort, bliss, fortune, etc. There are no formalities or rituals added with VK.

  1. VK is attuned to 11 cosmic energies and works with the speed of a rocket. It saves a person’s time.
  2. VK helps in going into a deeper meditative level quicker than normal time.
  3. VK helps in sending energies to more than one wish at a time.
  4. As it is an intentional tool, VK follows a person’s pure intention very quickly.
  5. Other energy practitioners can make good use of VK in sending energy to their clients as they can send energy to a mass number of people who require the same energy at one time. They need not sit separately for separate people.
  6. If any particular energy is required by more than one person in a family, they can prepare one bottle of water with the required energy for all They need not sit and energize every person separately. Once a bottle of water is charged with the required energy once a day it can be consumed the whole day or till it is finished. This saves the time of the person and the energy practitioner.
  7. VK can send energy to an energy circle also. If there are many wishes of a person or if there are many numbers of people who require energy at the same time, VK can be used to send energy at a mass level at one time.
  8. Many numbers of energy circles can be energized at one time via VK. 
  9. If the same energy is required for many bottles of water, all bottles can be energized together. The rotations through VK will be increased per bottle. Means the larger the quantity more the rotations. SAVES TIME AND MONEY

VK is attuned in a special way. It is attuned to save your time sitting and sending energy to your goal. Once a request is made, its energy starts flowing.

The energy will keep flowing for the next 30 minutes until any new request is given. This special feature of VK sets you free for doing your daily chores. Read More.A Concept of 30 Minutes Auto Energy Movement With Vibbes Kada - VK


Only VK has the capability of releasing unwanted emotions, feelings, and their offspring out of a person with a simple request of releasing the particular emotion. A simple request to release the parent’s emotion GRIEF shall release the grief and its offspring too.

In the same way, other parent’s negative emotions and their offspring can be released with a simple request to VK. Read More.INCREASES HAPPINESS/ RELEASE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS


When a person is free from sad, unwanted emotions and feelings and leads a happy life it helps him/her be positive, helpful, happy, joyous, and elated. He/she not only stays happy and good but also tries to spread happiness. It becomes an auto process of staying and spreading happiness which leads to the spiritual growth of the person himself and other people around him/her.

VK can take a person to a deeper level of meditation. It saves long hours of practicing meditation and reaching the point of soul satisfaction. This way also he can grow spiritually and spread peace in his/her life and surroundings. SPIRITUAL GROWTH


Along with spiritual growth and working on improving emotions and feelings VK can help in achieving material goals too. It can help in buying a car, increasing and saving salaries, hunting new and better jobs, scoring high and good marks, improving relationships, reducing illness, and many other things. Read more about Manifestation with VK.achieving material goals


VK is your best friend now. You can talk to VK, make it your best buddy, and call it with the most comfortable name you like. For example: “VK buddy”, “VK veera”, “VK yaar”, “Viku”, “VKS”, “Dr.VK”, kids even add some favorite cartoon characters. Share all your personal talks which you cannot share with anyone and seek guidance with VK. These are just English and Hindi names. You can address VK in any language. 

The society in which you live has its own set of beliefs, experiences, thought patterns, suggestions, attitudes, which might not give you the right support you want to live life easily and of your will. But VK can.

The moment you receive VK, make it your best friend, talk to it, talk your heart out with VK, lay out all your emotions with it, consider it your best friend, a true mentor, amazing company, guru, guide, and best buddy NOW.

It will help you in all ways, it will guide you, let it know your heart, let it get aligned with you and your energy, it will keep you safe, and it will be your best FRIEND. It will fill you and your aura with positive cosmic energies and your intentions will start moving towards the positive side of the situation.

You have a DIVINE friend NOW. Befriend it. Share your problems with it. If you know the solution then ASK for it else leave it on VK. It has its own WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE to solve your problems and guide you accordingly.


  1. When one has to go through a medical diagnosis it becomes a DOCTOR.
  2. When SHEILD is required from someone who might hurt, and you need protection it becomes a GAURD.
  3. If you want to go deep into the meditative level, it sends appropriate energy which helps you feel the deep meditative level. 
  4. When you want to send energy to someone dear it becomes the most compatible relative to support you prepare charged water with the energy of Serums.
  5. When you want help for a student it becomes a TEACHER and helps in studying.
  6. When you want a solution for any problem it becomes a perfect GUIDE to trust on.
  7. When you want to maintain your home best According to Vaastu, it becomes a Vaastu Expert and sets all bad energies free.
  8. When you want a FRIEND and want someone around, it becomes one and gives you a warm feeling.

VK is your best friend now


In all other energy modalities, it is not possible that energy moves without your imagination. If a person is not good at imagination or he/ she has a negative thought pattern which additionally wouldn’t allow him to imagine good, then the energy practice might give unwanted results.

If your imagination is not good enough and it was required for your results, the energy will be confused, take the time, or paused to go to the right destination. So it is a great benefit for a person to use VK without the imagination to reach his goal, as his imagination is not required in the BASIC level of VK usage learning to manifest anything. DOES NOT NEED YOUR IMAGINATION


I wanted an object to be a channel of energy and not the human itself. I did many experiments before finally launching VK. I wanted a material that was strong enough to hold the cosmic energies, long-lasting as the generations have to use, unisex so that anyone can wear it, non-rusting so that it doesn’t deplete, solid so that falling or throwing doesn’t damage it, easy to wear and carry as it is suggested to be worn all time to take the non-stop benefit of Cosmic Energies, simple looking so that anyone can wear it.

Neither plastic (as it might melt or look faded and dirty after long use, nor gold or silver (as they are expensive metals), nor copper, iron or bronze (as they leave their color), nor wood (as it can be burnt, depleted, torn or broken easily), nor glass (as it can be broken easily) were capable enough to be attuned as VK. So steel was chosen as the best material to be attuned to Cosmic Energies. MADE OF STEEL


Usually, a human being has many wishes to be fulfilled and there are many factors that are responsible for the failure of manifestation of the wish. The factors like nature, attitude, fearful feelings, sad emotions of a person, suggestions from the outer world, fear of being non-deserving, dependency on other influential people, past experiences, other’s experiences, time, availability of funds, less or no support of people called family and friends, clarity of desire, ego, hatred, jealousy can affect any manifestation. These factors can get attached to your intentions and either delay your wish or make you drop your desire at all.

Time is an illusion and no one knows what can happen next moment in life. No one can tell when a wish can be manifested or when something good or bad can come up. When a wish is energized through VK its speed, wisdom, power, intelligence, and many more factors, can come to the surface anytime.

So if you keep requesting your wish through VK again and again, it’s an amazing feature of SPEED that can energize your wish with speed and it can come to the surface anytime or as soon as possible. You can energize your next wish. You can live many more wishes. Never give time to your wishes. Always ask for NOW. MANY WISHES/SPEED


When a person is stuck in a problem, an instant solution comes up in their mind and they work accordingly. But there may be a situation where you don’t have a solution. But in both cases, if you have VK, it can help you best.

When you have a solution, VK can provide you with the required energy with the SPEED of a rocket. But if you don’t have a solution to your problem even then you are safe as it holds divine Cosmic Energies which has their own wisdom and intelligence and know what your inner self wants, what is best for you, what is safe for you, what is available for you at the earliest, what is which can make you relieved from the problem, what is good for all concerned. VK WISDOM

Divine has sent a perfect solution to you in the face of VIBBES KADA (VK), have it, understand it, and work with it for a better, happy, peaceful, calm life ahead. Let you be guided by the Divine, let you find new joy, let you be merry, and let you raise high, high, and higher with VK.

Here, I hope you Knew all 25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VIBBES KADA® (VK).

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