No Past Hurts, Trauma & Setbacks Comes On Surface While Using VK

In any energy practice, a human becomes the medium of the energy to pass to the other person or situation. In the energy practice, there is a bridge from where the energy travels, and that bridge is the human’s chakras itself.

The human needs to get connected to the energy with that bridge to pass the energy to the required situation or person and he should make sure to get disconnected with the same. If the disconnection is not done then the person sending the energy can get affected.

VK is the best tool when you think about the safety of the person who has to send the energy to the other person or situation. VK is invented as an intentional tool which is the medium itself to pass the energy from the Universe itself to the required person or situation. The person wearing or using VK to send the energy is not the medium of passing the energy anymore.

In many energy practices, the past comes up on the surface and then gets released. It means that many past situations come up to the conscious level of the person and then go back to the Universe. When the past comes up to the surface, then the person might face the same problem again, therefore we never advise to do that.

Remember, this is also possible even VK but we don’t suggest doing so. When the required energy is sent through VK then only good can happen and nothing from the past can come up on the surface. It is the best thing that all energy practitioners want from their learned modality but unable to get or learned.

NO PAST ON SURFACE WHILE USING VIBBES KADA®   nothing from the past can come up on the surface while using VIBBES KADA

VK has special Cosmic Energies in which the situation can get better easily, with speed. Sometimes the situation is better even without the realization of the person and energy has already done its work.

The particular past/ situation can be evaporated right from where it is. Again remember, you need not bring it to the surface to eradicate it completely.

But if one keeps thinking about the past then also it can come up to the surface of your conscious level. If one fears the past to come up then it will come up and show in your feelings, body, face, mind, and emotions.

It is advised to request VK to evaporate the problem wherever it is rather than thinking about it, again and again, moves it up to the surface.

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