Benefits of Just Wearing Vibbes Kada®

Benefits of Just Wearing VIBBES KADA®

Friends, you will be amazed to know that VK is not only a benefit to who is using it but also to them who are either near to a VK user or just wearing VK. Yes!!! You read it right, VK is beneficial for even those people who are just wearing it.

As a human, you are surrounded by many situations, which can be either positive or negative. These situations keep depleting your aura. The Cosmic Energy attuned in VK is in the continuous flow and keeps flowing in the aura of a VK user. As a VK user, it keeps you bombarded with Positive Cosmic Energies 24×7. Even if you are not using VK or making any particular requests to VK, but simply wearing it, it will fill your aura up again and again with the Positive Cosmic Energies whenever required.

The energies from VK are so instant that they fill up your aura quite quick. The moment you slip down or move into negative energy, the Cosmic Energies fill your aura back again quite quickly. This way it is less likely that you stay negative or in negative energy for long.

People who are just wearing VK and not using it are also facing situations like less anger, more positivity, more benefits, more protection, more safety, more happiness, less guilt, less sadness. They are amazed to discover that they are not able to stay angry for long. They are surprised to be at ease. They are getting more positive and slipping in the habit of being calm. They are wishing to stay happy and choose to be positive.

As we know that the aura of a VK user is bombarded with Positive Cosmic Energies, and these are also being forwarded to the people who are connected to the aura of a VK user, specially kids. Newborn babies and small kids have an automatic benefit of Cosmic Energy through VK which their mothers are wearing. Small kids and newborn babies are connected to their mother’s aura until a certain age. So, even they can get benefits of Cosmic Energies when their mother’s wear VK, even if they don’t wear.

One biggest benefit which no one can ever think of is….VK creates an immediate shield around you in any fearful, strange, unwanted, or weird situation. There are many people who have an evil eye on you or your family, there are situations where there can be unwanted negative energies, and these unwanted energies might harm you, scare you, haunt you or leave you in fear. In these and many other similar situations, just wearing VK immediately creates a shield around you. You are always safe even if you are just wearing VK and not using or not using much.

The Energies from VK gets aligned to your aura and your energy so well that they keep you safe and secure wherever you need. VK can also boost your chakras even just by wearing. Isn’t VK worth possessing where it gives you protection even without asking…..:)

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  1. Golden Sunrise Sharat Sir

    Can i know please about benefits of wearing vk. if i just wearing vk almost all day everyday for long time, it will cure any kind of disease and protect us from any kind of disease like cancer or dangerous viruses.


  2. Golden Sunrise Sharat Sir
    sorry to bother you

    I have very weak solar plexus chakra i feel pain some time inside it. i drink everyday charging water by vk with “all clear serum balance serum and golden sunrise” and i wearing vk on my hand all day everyday to clean and balance all my chakras and aura . can i know please if i wear vk as necklace and place it on solar plexus touching skin is it clean and balance solar plexus more stronger than wear it on hand or it is same?


      • My life is full of issues including my health too. I am not able to concieve evwn qhen my all reports are ok. Which swithword should i use or if i have to buy this VK, what will be the procedure and the cost.

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