Why & How Vibbes Kada® is an Intentional Tool as Created by Sharat Sir


Everything on Earth happens with the intention of a person. Either good or bad, the outcome of the intention can state the quality of intention made. None really wants to intend bad but many situations make them feel bad and they face the results in their lives.

So Sharat sir wanted to have something which could give results with only good intention of the person other than his strong faith, undoubted trust, long hour practices to be a master, old rituals, a person being the channel of energy, the person learning symbols and lessons and much more. So HE invented a tool based on the intentions of a person.

VK is an intentional tool. It accelerates your positive intention with the speed of a rocket and your wish is accomplished quite soon. As a human, you can intend for good or bad both, But, VK is attuned in such a way that it will follow only your good and positive intention. It is locked by Sharat Sir in such a way that it will not flow energy on your bad, wrong or unwanted intention.

fixed intention, intention in writtenFIXED INTENTION

Unlike any other energy modality, VK needs your CLEAR INTENTION than faith. When your intention is clear for what you want then it helps the Universe also to arrange things for your wish.

Clear intention gives you confidence and your confidence is very important for the Universe to know what you really want and thus deliver your wish. If your intention is not clear then not only VK but even you will get confused or might forget your intention in a while. So plan your intention well.

Keep your intention FIXED after you have made a clear plan. Fixed intentions have results for sure. Some intentions might take time, might show odd outcomes but if you stick to your intention it will be fruitful for sure. Once your intention is fixed and you have started energizing it with VK then the energy has also started being created.

Please know that if you have started energizing your intention with VK then the energy is created for sure. But if you move from your intention it will also pause.

For example, X and Y had a very loving relationship. But once they had a fight and their relationship started getting bitter. It kept on becoming bitter. But X wanted to bring back this relationship again to a beautiful one.

She started working on it through VK with the required energies. The relationship was bitter for the past 2 years but X expected some results within two days. This type of relationship needs a little time to show up good results. 

X and Y are adults and they are free to have their opinions and decisions related to their relationship, so the relationship needs time to show up any result.

This is not a fight between two kids for toys. Kids don’t hold grudges for their friends, they fight just for a while and then get back to each other to play. They genuinely forget their fight.

But X changed her mind and left her intention of getting back together with Y in just two days. She thought that there is no single sign of improvement and this relationship is not going to work now.

Again in a few days, she wanted to get back to Y and make the relationship better. And now she came up with a different plan to come close with Y. {please note that this was her second intention and it will start being energized with a start point again} as the plan was different.

If she realizes that this is a new plan and it will take its own time to materialize then it is fine but if she thinks that this is the same intention then it might be her misconception. This is just a small idea of changed or shifted intention for you to understand. Please check your thoughts and intentions well before asking to Divine through VK.

So stick to one intention, plan it well, let the energies show you results. Do you want to know the reason WHY DO YOU NEED TO HAVE A FIXED INTENTION then continue to read here:

To have a fixed intention means that you should give energy to only one request. Do not keep shifting your intention. A person can shift or make a new intention when he is not clear about either the problem or the solution or both.

Sit calmly, talk to VK, tell all your issues which you know about, read about energy and action, and make your plan. When your plan of action and energies are set well. What action and which energy is required to achieve your goal then start sending energy to your desire. It is possible that you expect things to happen this way but things might appear some other way. Do not stop sending the energy, keep going, take required actions and wait for the exact result of your intention. 

For example: “you want your son to be a successful man.” This is your fixed intention. Now look back, what stops you? We are writing a few points here but there can be more points also.

  • Is finance a hindrance? Ok, let’s see if finance is an issue then start with Total Wealth Serum, GOLDEN SUNRISE, Alpha Male Serum. If some person has to provide money then check out the reason why he is not giving money and select energies according to that. The person responsible to provide money is a miser then request VK to get you the money which you deserve and start taking the energy of the Shield of Seven Rays to your part of the money only. Don’t be greedy, VK will get you only your money and not anyone else’s. So, even if the provider of money is miser, VK will work on getting your money.
  • Is he not educated well? Now, on to the next point, if he is not well educated. Recheck with him what he wants to do in life? Does he want to make his career out of education or want to be successful without education? As it is not fixed that only educated people can be successful. For this help him with Study Serum first, if you see any changes then carry on else make a plan for his job or seek other ways of creating money. He can go for digital marketing or open a franchise or anything he likes. I know a boy who liked to do something related to cars as he was very fond of cars and wanted to drive all possible cars. So, now you can do two things, first, you can ask for guidance from VK if this work is possible or you can start asking VK to show you the best job available that your son loves to do. Remember to hold the intention that “you want your son to be a successful man”. Keep sending the energy of Alpha Men Serum, Total Wealth Serum, Golden Sunrise. 
  • Is he a lazy person? If he is a lazy person then check the Bach Flower Remedy, guide him to work hard, and keep motivating. Share success stories and share the possibility of a beautiful life ahead. Remember to hold your intention  that “you want your son to be a successful man”
  • Does he have bad luck? If you don’t see any result then check for an evil eye or black magic. Along with other energies start the energy of HANUMAN CHALISA and again, hold your intention that “you want your son to be a successful man”.

Along with your son’s energy check on your own energy also. Somewhere mothers’ fears and doubts also hinder kids’ futures. Take the energy of Bravo Serum and take the required action to use the energy and be brave. Go and talk to the person who has to provide money to your son. Also, remember to hold your intention that “you want your son to be a successful man”.

When your plan is clear and fixed the energies will flow and keep flowing to your wish. Request as much as possible for you. Don’t fix any time and take required actions also. There is no benefit of only requesting energies from VK and not taking the required action. Taking action along with energy is compulsory. Without actions, energy will standstill. 

Let’s understand it in another way. You want your son to be successful and so you wake him up and ask him to go and find a job for himself. All you know is that he loves to do some work which is related to cars. If he is lazy, you give him the required energy so when you wake him up he will align with the energies and won’t be lazy anymore. Daily send energy to your son for being fast and quick and also keep waking him up on time. Both energy and action will work for hand in hand. Hold your intention that “you want your son to be a successful man” take required actions and keep sending the required energies. 

You can write your plan if you wish. It will help you in holding the intention and keep easy and smooth movement. Keep yourself and your son happy and positive, take help from VK even in that, take required energies like Mood UP Serum if you feel sad to see the delayed result. Ask for signs from VK so that you know that your desire is on the way and you can get going.

NOW and FOREVER, this is an addition to your intention. Request for your wish to happen as soon as possible and it should stay forever. When you make a request to VK, your intention should be automatic with NOW and FOREVER feeling. Not only this but all intentions should be with this feeling. Time is an illusion, anything can happen anytime. 

You want your son to be successful is your main intention but other points like his lazy nature, stuck money, removing stubborn people, checking black magic are your small intentions. They are part of your main intention so these are counted as intentions only. 

You can also prepare EC for this goal. Send energy to all ECs and keep taking action as well. Give time to energies to guide you and show the required results. 

Set your goals, plan well, energize first and then take action. Balance your emotions, feel happy and pray as and when required. It’s ok even if you feel like crying. Cry, it’s ok, it’s only prayer in your emotions as a mother. Let emotions appear as per energies, realize and live what energies guide you. 

Add happy feelings whenever required and hold the ultimate happiness with the final goal. You can use the unique feature of mimicking to make you feel what a mother of a successful son would feel like. Balance your emotions and feelings. 

Remember, hold your ultimate feeling of happiness on final achievement only. Feeling that happiness before the actual result might be confusing. Without seeing the actual result happiness would be of no or less use. 

There are so many examples and achievements on the website in which you can read more success stories and check out their actions and plans. 

VK is one ultimate solution to all your issues. Be creative, learn about VK well, experiment, achieve all that you want, and make your life best with VK.

Be thankful to VK, its energies, and Sharat sir for such an amazing, outstanding and unique way of making our lives worth living. 

  1. What will you do if you want one mango tree in your kitchen garden? You just need to plant only one seed to have one mango tree. Same way keep one intention and allow VK to show you the results.
  2. If you plant many seeds of mango for one mango tree you would get many mango trees at all in a very small space. Is it good? You need One Loving Husband but same time you can have many friends. You need One Sweet Home but same time you can have many other houses and apartments. You need One Car to move but you can own many more. Now think about what you want and then intend
  3. When you plant a mango tree you let it nourish with sunlight, water, manure, and air. Same way when you make an intention to VK, nourish it with your patience and allowance.
  4. When you plant one seed of mango to see it grow as one mango tree you sow the seed and let the soil nourish it, water moist it, sunlight shine it beautiful and air for its growth. You don’t keep a watch over their system of working for the growth of the seeds. Same way when you make an intention through VK, make a detailed plan and let the energies work accordingly, you don’t keep checking the system of energies. You should have patience and SURRENDER to the energy system.
  5. When you plant the seed of mango to have a mango tree in the future, you will have to nourish it with sunlight, manure, water, and air. If you plant the seed and leave it like that to grow on its own, it wouldn’t grow or rather it will die. Same way once you plan a wish and make a request to VK or Universe, keep sending the required energy daily, a minimum of 4 times a day, or as much as you can so that you see the results in the future for sure.

unconditional intention


To get a wish to materialize, you make a plan. You try to make it clear as much as possible. And there are chances that you might forget the intention and switch to a similar intention which will shift the energy towards the new intention. So to be on the safe side, so that you don’t forget or shift your intention, we suggest you write it down. The written intention will hold the exact same energy which you once made clearly.

Secondly, when you write the intention with your own hand, each and every cell of your body listens to your intention, supports you in your intention, and aligns with your intention. 


When you make an intention, make it for living in it NOW. For example: if you want to lose weight then make a request to VK to shed off your extra weight NOW.

Some intentions can include results just for one time. For example, you want an easy and convenient parking place while you are out for shopping. This wish is just for that particular time and moment. But some intentions require your intention to be equipped with the feeling of FOREVER.

For example, if you wish for money, a good relationship, weight loss, good results in exams, change the behavior of a person, release particular emotion, create beautiful feeling then make an intention for forever and not just for a particular time. As health should be forever, wealth should be for life long, results should be good in every exam, weight should be lost forever and not keep coming back, and so on. 


You should make intentions as wide and expanded as possible, as you should ask for more and more wealth, you should ask for as much slim body as you want, you can ask for 100% results, you should ask for happy and loving relationships, you should ask for a change in behavior of a person, you should ask for a big car, you should ask for a world trip and so on.

But take care that you don’t ask to be a millionaire overnight, slim and tall like Aishwarya Rai or Taylor Swift when you are just 5 feet tall, change in behavior of a person when you want him to change alone and not you too along with him, good results but don’t expect a jump from 50% grades to 80% grades, big car but with very less money in the bank account and so on. Any impractical intention might confuse the Divine energies and pause to have the right request. 

Why & How Vibbes Kada® is an Intentional Tool as Created by Sharat Sir


When you make an intention, try not to intend with any conditions on Divine to send you your wish. For example, if you are looking for a particular job, if you want to marry someone, if you want love in your relationship, if you want to have good health, if you want to have a baby, if you want to have money or if you want to lose weight. If you are looking for a particular job then keep sending the energy but try not to condition Divine to give you that particular job only.

You never know if Divine has a bigger and better plan for you. If you are looking for a correct partner to get married then try not to condition Divine to send the exact person you are asking for. Again he might have a better person waiting for you. Just mention all what qualities you want in a life partner and leave it to the divine. If you want a baby then just ask for a baby and don’t put conditions in your intention to send you babies in the next 9 months. Never give time and space to the divine to arrange things for you.


To use VK, DO NOT trust it blindly. Do small experiments with it. See how it works for you. See, how it gets the right solution for you. Know how it guides you. See, how it keeps you safe. With small experiments, you will be able to know how to go about its working. Small experiments will create a small faith. Many experiments will build your FAITH strong. And finally, many results will establish a STRONG, UNSHAKABLE, and UNTOUCHABLE CONFIDENCE on VK.

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    Beautiful article on Intention and shift in intention knowingly and unknowingly sometimes. Writing down the intention is an easier way to fix the intention.

    thanks for this article Payal

    • thanks for your thank you Jit. i am thankful to sharat sir for inventing such an intentional tool and making all our lives easy and simple. i am thankful for being a small medium to pass small drop of his ocean of knowledge in few simple words.

    Payalji, thanks for this mindful but intentional article about using VK. Written intentions much more focused, agreed.

    Thank you Sharat Sir.
    Thank you VK.


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