Get A Sign From VK to Live a Happy Life (A Unique Way To Use VK)

Get A Sign From VK to Live a Happy Life A Unique Way To Use VK

Do you want to know if your wish is being listened to? Do you want to know if the universe is working for your wish? Do you have any medium to know if your prayers are heard or not? Do you have any postman who will drop your wish in your postbox or a bird who can carry your desire in its beak to your desired place or person? Maybe yes… Maybe no…

You might not have any person to tells you to whether your desire is going to be fulfilled or you may not have any bird which would fly to get you the reply from the universe for you but you have one simple way to have a clue about your desire under manifestation and that is a SIGN by the universe.

Yes !! the universe sends you to sign about your desires which can help you to know that universe is working for you. The universe sends you to sign in some or the other way, all you need is to learn how to catch the sign sent by the universe.

Signs can Help You in Many Ways

  • Signs, if positive, by the universe, keeps you positive and enthusiastic about your desire.
  • Signs by the universe helps you wait patiently for your wish to get fulfilled.
  • Signs by the universe help you to wait for your desire with more and more happiness.
  • Signs by the universe can help you to choose the best.

Who or What can Help You to Catch a Sign?

Point is, do we have anything to ask for signs with? Is there any person to help you to know the signs or signals from the universe or the traditional pigeon which can carry out signs from the Universe?

Yes!!! You have been blessed with something which can help you get the signs from the universe and that is Your Divine VK.

VK can help you in catching the signs from the universe with efficiency and accuracy. VK can show you how to see the positive sign from the universe. VK has the wisdom to tell you about your query/ desire even if it has an answer as NO from the universe.

There are many signs sent by the universe but you might consider as coincidence and many you might pass by because you don’t know that the universe is sending those signs. But with VK you can clearly know the right sign. Here you are blessed with VK.

VK can be Used in the Following Ways

VK can help you in three ways:-

1st way: VK can help you know about your wish and its happenings in the form of signs. You can ask a particular object, color, vehicle, person, song, movie, or word as a signal from VK. VK can reply to you in that particular object, color, vehicle, person, song, movie, word, or whatever you have asked for. VK can get you the sign from the universe with its own WISDOM. All you have to do is, to follow the mentioned way of asking the signs from the universe through VK, you will get your answers.

2nd way: VK can help you in decision making, YES, or NO. There are many situations in life, where you need to know right or wrong, good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate but there is no way out. There may be no right person to ask about the right thing from. So, the other aspect is:-

  • When you have to take an important decision in your life?
  • When you are in need to check the right or wrong aspects or points in your life?
  • When you need to know if your decision taken is right or wrong?
  • When you need to know if a particular person is correct for you or not?
  • When you need to know if the deal you are about to sign is good for you or not?
  • When the company you are going to join is beneficial for you or not?
  • You can also ask about the career you are about to choose with VK.
  • These and many more similar questions you might have in your life, which can affect you in some or the other way in taking major decisions of your life.

3rd way: It is simple to have one solution out of two choices. But you may have many options too. VK can help you choose one out of two but if you have many options and you want the best one to opt even, then you have to ask between the best two you feel. Or you can choose one option out of two, one by one. 

  • For example, if you have three options like A B C to choose between them, then you can choose between A and B first, and then whatever the answer comes you can again compare with C. Make sure you follow the process for both the choices one by one. You should follow the proper procedure as mentioned for each choice. You should follow the complete procedure for each choice. 
  • There can be a situation where you have only two options A and B and both options are NO with VK? Then what would you do? You can ask for better guidance with VK. You can ask “GOLDEN SUNRISE” to show me the best way NOW with perfect ease”. A better way will come to you. 

How to Make a Request to VK

  1. Sit calmly.
  2. Join your hands as you do when you pray.
  3. Hold VK in between your palms of both hands.
  4. Make a request to your VK, specify the sign in clear words, and specify for what. Example 1. My Dear VK, please help me and show me a sign in form of a full white dog with a black belt within 24 hours, if I will get my bank loan approved for my new home investment. Show me this sign in 24 hrs from now. Example 2. O Divine! VK please help me and show me a sign in the form of a cuckoo bird within 24 hrs from now if project  A will be fruitful for my career.
  5. Say it three times as you do in any other direct request to VK. Note the time. Now the time starts from Zero for your observation of the sign of 24 hours. 
  6. After you have made a request to VK, leave VK for 30 mins.
  7. Let VK work for 30 mins.
  8. You are free to do any other work.
  9. After 30 mins of the request made to VK, VK is free and you can use VK for any other healing or just wear it.
  10. You should ask only for one wish/ desire/ question at one time.
  11. Ask for major decisions or serious situations of your life.
  12. You can do other healing if you want, but wait for 24 hours for the next question or sign from VK.
  13. During the 24 hours, starting from zero time that you noted after the request was placed, you can do your routine work including sleeping and let the VK work for you to show you the sign.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

There are some do’s and don’ts with VK to get the required sign:-

  1. When you make a request to VK for whatever you desire to see as a sign for your wish, ALLOW the wisdom of VK and cosmic energies to work for you.
  2. Do not run here and there to search for a sign. Leave VK and your mind free of the hustle.
  3. Do not stay attached to the result of your question to VK.
  4. Be calm and ready to accept whatever the result may be.
  5. Do not be scared to know the negative result of your wish/ question.
  6. Do not keep asking for the sign again and again.
  7. Ask once and wait for the next 24 hours for the sign to show up.
  8. If you see the sign as requested to VK within 24 hours, the answer is YES for your question. If you do not see the exact sign as requested to VK within 24 hours, the answer to your question is NO.
  9. If you get your answer as NO, please do not ask the same question again for the sign before three months (if needed).
  10. First, work for your desire, create the required energy, and then start asking again through VK. The sign for your desire should not be a common thing, object, color, animal or anything else which you can easily find around yourself. It should be an uncommon thing, bird, object, car, color, animal, etc which you don’t have very commonly around you. For example, you can ask for a parrot as a sign around you if this bird is uncommon in your area and you hardly get to see one parrot around.
  11. The sign should not be so uncommon that the VK gets confused about how to send the sign easily. For example, don’t ask for a lion or a tiger to be seen LIVE in your area. Of course, such an animal can be seen in some book or a magazine or some a drawing by a kid or anywhere else.
  12. You can ask only one sign for one wish.
  13. Do not ask many signs or many wishes at one time. Let VK work for your wishes one by one.
  14. Do not ask silly questions with VK. For example, one might ask which colored dress should I wear today, pink or yellow.
  15. Note the time when you ask your query to VK, do not work with VK till the next 30 minutes. In that 30 mins, you can leave VK aside or you can wear it again. Use VK again after half an hour.
  16. Decide well on your wish/ query and only then ask for a sign. Do not ask anything through VK until you are not prepared with the question.
  17. Be clear about your question for a sign from the VK. There should be clarity in your question. The question should not be vague.
  18. When you request VK for guidance on a decision, you should be ready to accept the guidance from VK.
  19. Only when you are mentally ready to accept guidance from VK, you should request VK for a sign.
  20. VK is attuned with Cosmic Energies, so if your question is clear, VK will help you with the guidance that is best for you. When you make a request to VK for whatever you desire to see as a sign for your wish, ALLOW the wisdom of VK and cosmic energies to work for you.
  21. You can ask only for one wish/ desire/ question at one time. Preferably in one day, ask only for one sign either for yourself or for a better life of someone else.
  22. It is preferred to Ask signs as guidance for major decisions or serious situations of your life. If you are asking for a sign for someone else, make efforts to know what is the final desire of the person, and always keep the intention for the best of that person. Also, look at the final goal of that person, not the temporary status or situation of that person. This is for both selves and for others. For example: If a person is in a love affair and wish to get married to the other person in this affair, don’t ask a sign to show if its a love affair or lust, you can simply ask if the other person is the best and deserving partner in a marriage or if they both deserve each other as life partners in marriage.
  23. You can also take Calm Down Serum in drinking water before starting up with the process if you are thinking too much about your life situations. If you are scared of the results, take Bravo Serum in drinking water, before you request VK and throughout the 24 hours.
  24. Ask once and wait for the next 24 hours for the sign to show up. Do not keep asking for the sign again and again in these 24 hours. 
  25. Accept the sign as shown by VK, whether it is YES or NO. It is the best guidance to you. Start the sign asking exercise when you are prepared to receive the results.
  26. Even if the sign is NO, and you feel it is making you mentally weak, take appropriate energies like Mood Up Serum and Bravo Serum and move ahead to create a new life.
  27. If you feel this decision is connected to your past memories and a NO signal is hurting you, add Bach Flower Rescue Remedy with VK to your helpings. 
  28. Work towards your desire in a new way, if you again feel to ask VK for the sign for an exact same decision, please wait at least for 3 months. Allow VK to manifest for you something that you truly deserve. Give time for yourself and to your actions. 
  29. If in the request, you imagined seeing a real live butterfly as a sign for your question, and if you see a butterfly picture, this will not be a full sign. Interpret your results only for seeing a real live butterfly. That’s why I suggest you, please do not ask for the real-life sign only and do not bound yourself with a real-life sign, be ready to accept your sign as an image or a cartoon, or a gift or anything else. 

What to Do When You Receive the Sign Through VK

  1. There may be a positive or a negative sign by the VK. If you receive the sign within 24 hours then your sign is positive.
  2. If you receive the reply or sign for one wish then you can ask for your next wish or sign. But if you do not get the sign you wanted for your wish/ decision in the next 24 hours it means there is a sign of NO from the VK.
  3. Do not be upset as there is definitely some better plan for you in the future.
  4. You can either jump to your new wish or work for the same wish in a new way.
  5. You can only repeat the question and a new sign again after three months.
  6. Make sure that even if there is an old wish there has to be a new sign. Do not ask for the same old sign.

The Different Types of Signs You Can Ask

There are many different types of signs which you can ask from the universe through VK and a few of them are… some particular birds, animals, car, food, some particular person, banner, hoarding, some song, some movie, a dialogue from a famous movie or your favorite movie, some phone calls, etc.

Unusual activities

Note one thing that whenever you will ask for a sign from VK, you will do, move, act, say, listen, see some unusual things. There may be no usual activities when the VK is sending you the sign.

For example, maybe you have asked for a parrot as a sign for your wish but you are working in an office where there is no possibility of seeing even a bird, there, VK will make you get up from your seat when there is no possibility of you getting up from your seat, drop your work for a while. It may make you talk to your loved one, you might get an unusual call from someone.

VK might create a scene in which you have to stand near the window to attend the call. There, you might see a parrot. Now know, that there was no possibility of you getting up from your seat, no reason to move to the window, no expected call for you to see the parrot which you asked from VK. But VK made you move from your seat to the window which is one place where you can see a parrot sitting or flying.

Be alert for the sign but do not get nervous.

Be positive about the result but do not get attached to the result.

Allow VK to show you the sign so stay detached from the result. Do not panic about the sign even if it is a negative one.

How to be Clear About the Sign Asked

As you need to be clear about the sign you asked, you need to be clear about the sign you think you received too.

For example, you asked for red roses as a sign and you see colored roses again, and again, please do not accept this as a sign. If you have asked for red roses then wait for red roses only, do not be satisfied or fool yourself with other colored roses.

If you have asked for a bird as a sign then Do not be particular to see the bird only live or only in some book, painting, or cartoon. Let the bird be shown anyways but be particular about the bird asked, do not compromise on the species of the bird. Parrot means parrot, not crow. A cow means cow, not buffalo.

Time Expected for the Sign Asked For

The expected time for the sign to be seen is 24 hours. If you receive the sign within 24 hours it is the right time and even the right sign. But if you receive the sign after 24 hours then that is not considered as a sign.

For example, a man asked for a pink car as a sign. He didn’t receive the pink car as a sign within 24 hours but he could see the pink car many times after 24 hours. He saw the pink car after 10 days. He got confused if he has received the sign or not. 24 hours means 24 hours, not after that.

The signs from the VK comes as soon as possible. If it didn’t come around the day asked ie. 24 hours and came later then that can not be considered as the sign as you can see the sign anywhere and anytime even after getting a sign or not getting any sign. In both cases, it is said that the sign should be within 24 hours and not beyond the time.

But if you have seen your sign once and you keep seeing that sign, again and again, it is OK, do not get confused. You will get to read an example of seeing the sign again and again in the article ahead.

Let’s Move on to Some Real-Life Experiences of Some VK Users

Real-Life Experience 1. Rahul is an Indian and he lives in a country with people of many different castes. So Rahul wanted to see an Indian Sikh person, a surd in black clothes, turban, shoes, goggles, belt in the month of May in India as a sign for his some wish from VK.

Note: it is very difficult to see a person in black colored clothes in the month of May in India as this is the hottest month of India and one can hardly choose to wear black clothes in this month.

Rahul was working in his office, suddenly he got a call from his mom. Please know that according to him his mom waits for his office hours to finish to make a call to him. Rahul never had any difficulty in hearing the call at his seat, but today he was not able to hear mother clearly.

He moved to the window to talk properly to his mom. He wanted to make sure if everything was ok as his mother called him up at the odd hour.

There, in the window, he saw a surd in black clothes, with a black turban, belt, shoes, and goggles standing by a car. He could not believe his eyes that he could see what he wanted to see.

A black-dressed person in the unexpected month of the season. He danced in joy to see the black surd and was glad to know that his wish is possible. He said” I love you MA” where his mother was clueless that why her son suddenly said so. She found him very happy.

Real-Life Experience 2. In another experience of Rahul, his second wish and request to VK for his second wish. Again he wanted to see a surd for his sign from VK but this time he wanted to see a surd with a yellow turban.

He prayed with VK and went to his work. The whole day passed but he didn’t see any surd with yellow turban anywhere. 24 hours didn’t finish yet but it was time to go to sleep now. Now in the middle of the sleep, he got up to relieve himself.

He went to the washroom but instead of coming back to his bed and sleep back again (which is a very usual thing for him and for anyone who gets up in the middle of their sleep), he went to the balcony of his room. For no reason he looked right down, there was a plain ground and few people were working on the ground.

One man was in a yellow turban. OMG !!! He had so much to answer to his amazement. Why he got up in the middle of his sleep, why did he go to the balcony, why did he looked around, why was he looking at those men working in the ground.

VK answered his prayer, made him see what he has asked for. Maybe not in the day but if the surd with a yellow turban was near him even in the middle of the night, VK woke him up and made him stand in the balcony, made him see the surd in the yellow turban, and finally helped him know that his wish was approved.

Real-Life Experience 3. This is an experience of an Indian lady who was traveling from Japan back to India. She prayed to VK to make her see a rabbit if her wish can be true. Usually, it is very difficult to see a rabbit on the way back to your home, when you are in the airport and there are very rare chances to see a rabbit on the journey.

Time passed and 24 hours were about to be finished. 15 mins were left to 24 hours when she suddenly peeped into the T.V. screen of an old Japanese lady who was watching a cartoon. To your excitement, we should tell you that the cartoon she was watching had a rabbit in it.

The lady was not satisfied with this small sign and moved to her own T. V. screen where she found another but big rabbit than before. She was amazed and now satisfied to see the rabbit as a sign by VK for her wish.

It is very least expected from an old lady to watch cartoon at this age. It was unusual again. All thanks to VK to show the sign at the right place within the right time.

Real-Life Experience 4. Two best friends got separated for some unavoidable reasons. Let’s name them X and Y. Y was forced to drop all contacts with X. Y had to delete his Facebook account, his mobile number which is followed by WhatsApp.

So no calls or messages even. No contact at all. They both missed each other but had no way to see or contact each other. X was a positive person, he didn’t lose hope, he was hopeful that he will meet Y again. He started asking signs with VK. He asked will Y come back into his life? He asked for a parrot as a sign to see his friend.

He asked parrot as a sign because he had never seen a parrot around his home ever. He did not fix to see the live bird. So seeing a parrot anyways will make him more positive about seeing his friend back.

Within 3 hours of the request to VK, his parent was given a key holder to be hanged on the wall. To your amazement, he noticed his first sign of parrot in that key holder. It had two parrots at both sides of the key holder. The amazing fact to know is that one sign was not enough, VK started sending parrot as a sign again and again whenever X was sad and disappointed.

It took approximately a year for Y to get in contact with X but VK kept X positive by showing the sign “parrot” again and again. X used to jump with joy whenever he was sad and from nowhere the parrot came up showing that Y will be back one day.

Real-Life Experience 5. A lady asked for some colored feathers as a sign with VK. I hope you all know that colored feathers are rare to see around. After three hours of asking colored feathers as a sign for her wish as she left her office, she was standing at the bus stop where she saw colored feathers.

Immediately she called up Sharat Sir to narrate him the whole story. She was very excited to see the feathers as happy she was to see the sign she asked for.

Real-Life Experience 6. There are few experiences by our dear VK expert Golden Rakhi in her article One year with VK. She wanted to have a major decision in her life where she wanted to see a pink or near to pink-colored car as a sign through VK. She was a new VK user and didn’t know much about VK or how to ask for a sign but on simple guidance by Sharat Sir, she could make it do.

She got a positive reply, she saw a pink car which was not a usual colored car around her. She made a very simple request to VK “ If I am thinking right I should see a Pink car or closest shade to pink car within 24 hours. “

Real-Life Experience 7. Even healers who are practicing other healing modalities can take guidance to VK like Tarot Readers, Reiki masters, Past life regression analyzers, Crystal Experts, Akashic record readers, Intuitive readers, Relationship Consultants, Life Coaches, Angel card readers… Read this experience to know more Divine signals to get the right answer in multiple options with VK.

Real-Life Experience 8. A beautiful experience by a VK user in Malaysia to request VK to know about Roots in India to know the family deity.

Real-Life Experience 9. Asking signal for a project contribution, read how VK can be explored even in this way.

Real-Life Experience 10. Even if you get a NO signal, but your heart wanted to hear a YES. Whether you asked a signed request to VK for yourself or someone else, remember VK is there for you and your dear ones for a lifetime.

Help yourself and help others. Read this experience when there was a NO signal and how VK is explored for a new positive life. Read marriage Proposal, asking a signal to VK, a VK experience to see the truth, and support the family.

Real-Life Experience 11. When you get a YES signal, and the person has a new and altogether different path to choose, again VK is there for you and your dear ones. Read asking a signal to VK, choosing a career opportunity and moving ahead, a VK experience.

Real-Life Experience 12. Sometimes you may get a signal from VK in unusual ways if you are well connected with VK. Read VK GIVING SIGNALS when there is a question on energy for healing.

Real-Life Experience 13. A Sign by VK Within 24 Hours.

Read A Negative Sign From VK Too

Real-Life Experience 1. A couple got separated by a girl’s family member. The couple suffered black magic by the uncle of the girl. They were an immense love and could not live without each other. All the friends and family of the boy asked him to part with the girl when they came to know the reality.

But the boy wanted to know if the girl is there in his life or not. He has two questions in his mind, one, is that girl right for him even after black magic? And the second question was: will they be able to meet again after black magic or not.

He got a positive reply for his first wish that is this girl right for him but he got a negative reply for his second wish that will they be together ever, and the answer was NO for him. He didn’t mix the two wishes, he was quite clear about his two wishes. And he asked the two questions accordingly and that too one by one.

Real-Life Experience 2. A VK experience with asking a sign between 2 options and what happened if the sign was not followed, read here.

Just be clear what you want and be ready to accept what VK can show you, it is so simple to ask signs from VK.

There are a thousand more possibilities with VK. Use one and explore the new infinite world of possibilities with VK.

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