Why Doesn’t VK Need Your Faith To Work? (FAITH AND DOUBT ON VIBBES KADA®)

Faith is such a driving force that it can move mountains. But it cannot be built in a day or it cannot be imposed on anyone. Neither it can be measured nor can it be forced. It comes from one’s own heart. It comes with regular experimentation, observation, and motivation on the topic. Blind faith is neither recommended nor good for a successful life.

One should have his own experiments, observations, and a final and strongly built of faith based on his/her own actions. In the same way, we ask you not to have blind faith in VK. Do experiments with the advised information regarding the usage of VK, have small successes, create your faith, and build it strongly on your own.

Perform your own little experiments with VK and let your faith be built on its own. Construct your faith in your own achievements and observations that you yourself cannot shake it.

We ask you to take action with VK to see the desired results to create your faith. Take small actions to see it working and results. In the beginning do small experiments to see it’s working, with this your faith builds up slowly.

Many small successes create your faith strong enough that it doesn’t get shaken up by anyone’s wrong suggestions. Once you have strong faith then you need not go anywhere else to learn any other energy modality because VK can mimic all energy modalities of this world.

FAITH AND DOUBT ON VIBBES KADAAs you know all energy modalities and religious practices need your faith to work therefore their masters and teachers work more on creating faith instead of teaching true knowledge, so, we recommend you to use VK on your own to know its working and energy system rather than listening to others and depending on your faith and trust in their words.

When the action of using VK is done on your own, then the faith created out of that action will be unshakable, permanent and that faith will last forever. Faith is created slowly but once it is created 100%, no one can shake it ever.

So read here multiple reasons why doesn’t VK need your faith to work

  1. Sun rises on its own and sets on its own. This is law and its nature that doesn’t work on anyone’s FAITH and so is VK. Once made a request, VK will work on its own, not on human faith.
  2. Earth revolves and rotates both, which doesn’t work on human faith. The same is true with VK. It works on a similar Law to send energy to your request, not to YOUR faith.
  3. Like, high tide and low tide are caused by the Moon’s gravitational force. This is a meteorological condition that is not based on a human’s faith. The same is true with VK, VK has to send energy on your request and not on YOUR faith.
  4. Like, Good soil reaps good fruit. This is the nature of good soil to reap good fruit. When best is used as an action, results are also best. There is no faith required. The same is true with VK, you make requests with the best, clear intention and see the best and clear result. YOUR faith was not even required here.
  5. A mother loves her child without the child keeping faith in her to be loved. Same way, VK sends energy to your request without YOU keeping faith in it.
  6. It’s simple to understand that if you keep faith in the divine to be taken care of or be loved then is it Divine? No, DIVINE is one who loves you without YOU keeping faith in him. Same, as VK works on your intention but not on YOUR faith.
  7. Rivers flow to the sea and oceans in a natural process. Ice melts and rivers are formed. No one keeps faith in rivers to be formed or move to the sea. The same is true with VK. Make a request to VK and it will do its action of sending energy.
  8. There are unseen Divine powers and forces that keep nature on the move. These powers don’t work on human faith. The same is true with VK. VK too has that same power and force to keep your work going and bring you the result even without YOUR faith.
  9. As soon as a child is born starts breathing, and never waits for the faith to breathe. The same is true with VK. VK starts sending its energies as soon as a request is made to it.
  10. The respected Sikh Community makes an offering of money or food for Gurudwara’s kitchen. In the Sikh religion, anyone can enjoy langar, no matter what their faith, gender, age, or status is. It is offered in all Gurudwaras of the world. In the same way, anyone of any age, gender, and status can make a request to VK. VK also doesn’t wait for YOUR faith. A hungry person can anytime think of going to a Gurdwara.
  11. The life and death of a human is a natural process. No one can take birth or die just on faith. VK is a revolutionary invention that also doesn’t require YOUR faith to send energy. VK only wants your intention and requests for it to work.
  12. Seasons like winter, summer, autumn, and spring, and day and night are caused because Earth rotates and revolves around the sun. This is a natural process and not based on faith. In the same way, VK sends all positive energies, it’s its nature. Make a request and VK sends energy. VK is designed in the same way.
  13. Electric appliances are designed in such a way that you just need to switch them on and they do their work. AC cools the environment and a heater warms the place. These also work without faith. These are science-based, designed to work this way, and not faith-based. The same technique is used to design VK. VK also works in the same way, as you use the switch of request to VK, it sends the energy at the same speed.
  14. When you eat a medicine, it results in a good effect or bad effect without your faith. Some medicines have a reverse effect also. Could you ever stop that effect with your faith? No? Why, because it is a science-based theory. A chemical in the medicine might not suit you and react to your body. There is no faith involved that medicine will give you only what you want. It will do what it is designed for. Same way, VK will give you what you make a request for, not what you hold faith for.
  15. All concepts of manifestation need your faith to work but VK is designed in such a way that it does not need your faith to work. VK is unique, special, and different.
  16. Every electrical appliance like a fan, cooler, mixer, juicer, and gadget like cell phones, laptops, and iPads is being invented to make your life easier and better. VK is also designed to make your life easy and better. These appliances and gadgets are multifunctional and the same is VK. Faith? Wasn’t required here also.
  17. There are some therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, and yoga asanas that give you results when you practice them. They don’t benefit you while sitting, doing nothing, and just having faith in them that they will ease your pain. In the same way, just make a request to VK, and use it with your intention, keeping faith in VK is not required.
  18. Fruits and vegetables grow as nature makes them, not on human faith. Nature has its own way of growing anything and that is not faith. They take energy from other natural things like soil, water, sunlight, and air. Same way VK uses the Cosmic Energies attuned in it and not YOUR faith, to work.
  19. When you make a cup of tea, you take a 3/4th cup of water, add sugar to your taste, half a spoonful of tea leaves, and a spoonful of milk. The above-mentioned recipe is to make 1 cup of tea. As you mix the mentioned ingredients the outcome is accordingly. Faith wasn’t required. Same way, request the energies to VK and see the outcome, YOUR faith is not required even here.
  20. If you were capable enough of holding faith, would you want anything else in life? Everything would have been falling in its place, magically. Humanity now needs something that doesn’t work on that human faith. So VK is here.
  21. Faith is your own energy. VK has its own energy it doesn’t need yours. It needs only your intention.
  22. Sometimes faith helps you pass the time, and VK heals the situation.
  23. Most of the faith means stop looking at the present situation and waiting for a better future. VK helps you to work on the present and create the future as you want.
  24. When you fly in an aeroplane do you keep faith in its flying technique? You know it’s designed to fly and it will fly. The same is true with VK. It is designed in the same way to work for you and take you where you want to go without having your faith.
  25. If you see things or results going in the opposite direction while keeping the faith, you break even more. Energies through VK are spontaneous, they don’t break, they keep going, and are busy arranging what you want. Rather, VK builds your faith.
  26. Having a goal manifested or a situation corrected is out of the condition which says “If you have faith”. With VK there is no such condition. Energies work with your request, not YOUR faith.
  27. Without VK you need an unwavering faith for your wishes to fulfill. With VK all you need is an intention and request to VK for it.
  28. You can use any energy modality and symbol with its knowledge, meditation, and YOUR own faith. VK has its own power, wisdom, and intelligence to do for you as you want. VK doesn’t want your faith to work.
  29. VK is a modality that gives results without using your faith.
  30. If the divine needs your faith to work then is that divine?
  31. Mother feeds a child not on faith but on her duty. Would you keep faith in your mother to cook food for you? No, you would say/request her to make food for you. The same is true with VK.
  32. Divine and VK are like a parent who works for you on your request/or your intention, not on YOUR faith.
  33. I never ask anyone to have faith in VK. I ask to work with VK.
  34. VK never wants your faith, observe yourself clearly, and you are automatically looking inside for holding faith. It’s the human mind looking for faith, not VK. With VK you don’t need to have faith. It’s like a Divine switch to start the Divine energy.

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