Why Sharat Sir Had invented And Developed VIBBES KADA®


Sharat Sir has been an energy practitioner for the past many years. He has learned 55 energy modalities. He is the master in many energy modalities and he can even attune a person with any available energy modality of the world. During his energy practices, he suffered many setbacks. He suffered many negative effects of energies either physically or emotionally. It took him long hours of practice to heal and clean himself.

Like many other energy practitioners, he was also unaware of the fact that the energy practice in which he is involved is giving him harm in his life. His daily activities were affected due to the negative energies prevailing in the energy practice. This made him decide to look for the cause of the problems occurring in his life.

He is blessed with a special gift by Divine, he can see energies. With this special gift by Divine, he came across a fact of energy practice. He came to know some truths of energy practices:

  • Firstly, when the energy session is performed then there is a bridge formed between the receiver (R) and sender (S) of the energy. According to a ritual in some energy practices, this bridge is created to send the energy and this bridge should be disconnected after sending the energy. If for any reason, the sender forgets to disconnect this bridge then he can suffer the negative energy of the receiver himself as if this bridge can support in sending the energy, this bridge can even support in traveling the energy back to the sender. Must Read Reiki Side Effects.
  • Secondly, all the energy practices require the right imagination and good focus of the sender of the energy. Good focus helps in faster recovery of the patient and the right imagination helps in the right channelizing of energy on the ill body part.

The two issues mentioned above made Sharat Sir think of something which was safe and easy to use. His dedication and strong will to have something nonliving object or a tool with which a human is free of being a channel of energy, made him hunt for the solution. His prayers to have some safe and easy tool for channelizing the divine energies had such power, that he started getting access to cosmic energies one by one.

These energies were so strong and powerful that he could not handle the pressure and thought if he could request the energies to go to someone in need. He clicked on an idea to send the one energy to some ICU of hospitals so that someone or all get some relief. The moment he requested the energy to move he found that he was relieved of that pressure and the energy moved for some better cause.

Again, in a few days, he again got a chance to SEE the other energy. It too had the same pressure and power and again he requested the energy to leave him and go to someone in need. Slowly he could see 16 Cosmic Energies and also found out that these energies can be accessed too. After some observation, he had access to the 11 out of 16 energies and thought of attuning these energies in some nonliving object to which he got success and then he started his journey to attune VIBBES KADA®.

As he was in experimental mode and was observing the energies he found out that these energies are what we are made of. Humans, nonliving objects, animals, plants everything is made up of these cosmic energies only. It was an answer to his query of somehow providing relief to humanity and so he proceeded further and found out that something like VK can be invented.

So he worked day and night to create something like VK. As this world moves on intention but the fact is that both good and bad intentions work. In this scenario safety is at risk, so he wanted something which could work only on good intention, only then it was safe. So an intentional tool, which is 100% safe to use, should have a speed also as fear and doubts on our wishes either stop or pause the process of manifestation.

So he worked day and night to create something intentional, safe, speedy, where human is not the channel of energy anymore, the tool or the object should be time-saving, easiest to use, where no imagination is required, which can give protection from negative energies, where there is no depletion of aura, no long meditation hours, no rituals, no religious restrictions, no formalities, no re-attunement, no re-charging and full of infinite energies to be used, no big lessons to learn, no right language to be used. His deep desire, pure intentions, strong determination, concern for humanity, the experimental attitude was such that he got blessed to access the cosmic energies by the Divine. He was chosen for this beautiful and effective way of relief to humanity. His creative mind, a heart full of compassion, determined will, scientist attitude, and desire to spread relief to humanity, made him launch VIBBES KADA®.

He was so happy to see all his intentions were fruitful now. He actually got what he thought of, which made him believe that no deep prayer is left unheard. Divine himself can come to the rescue if you ASK. Now he thought of sharing his happiness with the world.

At that time he had the option to attune just one VK, help people on his own, one by one and also make money with effective results of the Divine Cosmic Energies through VK. But then that was a very long process and very few would be benefited. “What if I share this invention in another way to humanity and make them independent of making their lives better in their own way?

Then he thought of sharing it with the world also and spread as much relief as he could. His family supported him in his beautiful decision and finally, he launched VIBBES KADA® in May 2009 after proper attunement and uncountable experiments for the safety and relief of humanity. Innumerable experiments were made by the SCIENTIST mind of Sharat sir to hunt the best object which could hold these powerful cosmic energies, so he found steel to be the best holder of the cosmic energies.

This steel bangle is attuned with cosmic energies and the good intention was the base of this bangle, that is why this is an intention-based tool. It has all those qualities which Sharat sir wanted to have. He wanted that this tool:

  • should not need any perfect imagination to send energies to the needy
  • it should need no long hours to sit and meditate
  • it should help you to be a master to make the thing go right
  • should have no side effects on the energy field/aura of the energy practitioner
  • it should work at the speed of a rocket to manifest health, wealth, or whatever is required
  • it should be the easiest and safest way of channelizing the Cosmic Energies to a person, place, situation, emotion, feelings, or wherever it is needed

He got all that he wanted and so he launched an energy modality, called VIBBES KADA® which was created after 10 years of dedication, will, wish, deep determination, and blessing of DIVINE himself to make something of such a kind.

  • He also wanted that if such a modality is launched then the modality should be providing infinite ∞ energies as well which could be used for long, and should be a treasure for a family to be used by generations § as and when he got confirmed that Cosmic Energies infinite also, he decided to launch VK.
  • He wanted that it should have a special locking ᾨ system in which the universal energies can be used only for good. So, VK should have a special lock that should stop working at any negative or unwanted intention. There is no point in launching any invention which is not safe. So, locking on negative intentions was a must.
  • It should be time-saving also else there were again long hours of practicing energy sessions. So,  VK is attuned in a special way where the automatic movement of energy is possible which sets a human free to live life easily.
  • It should be so convenient to pray to it that it gets connected to your heart’s desire at its quickest, that activation of energy happens on Three Simple Requests.
  • It should not deplete human energy at all. Now the energy sessions should be through Cosmic Energies by VK.
  • It should be working on the issue without getting affected by the human ego, thought pattern, trust, and faith. All these emotions and feelings are used to break the manifestation into longer periods.
  • VK is an intentional tool. It should not work on a human’s imagination. How can a person with poor imagination work with VK if it also worked on imagination?  He should be free to just intend and live free and safe.
  • It should be safe, speedy, and protective.
  • It should be something that could be filling up a human’s energy again and again with only positive cosmic energies and that too endless. So continuous flow of energy through VK keeps you bombarded with the Cosmic Energies again and again even without your knowledge and keeps your aura full of positive energy. This is the safety Sharat sir wanted for himself and humanity as negative thoughts, people, and situations around a human depletes the human energy and aura. Now, this needs safety.

This metallic steel bangle, holding 11 cosmic infinite energies, an intention-based energy tool VK was launched in May 2009. No force on Earth, no human in any era, no other hard metal, nothing can unlock its energies or de-attune VIBBES KADA. Not even the creator SHARAT SIR himself. It will be the same as it was created. 

We have listed all important aspects which lead to the invention of a tool like VK. None other had an intention like that of Sharat sir that’s why he was given access to these Cosmic energies by the divine himself. He found him as the best person who had all good intentions for himself and others as well. Now, it’s your turn to make your life easy, better, best, happy, and worth living with the help of VK. He has done his part. 🙂

Written by Payal Jain Under the Guidance of Sharat Sir

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