Why VIBBES KADA VK Since 2009 Find the Answer with My View Points

There is a simple law of nature that you give the same you get back and that too in multi-folds. Follow your own inner guidance, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Read the following information about many other energy modalities and practitioners and know the real fact of such products and people who are misguiding about the real facts of life.

If I know there is a tool which has ONLY benefits, if I know that the tool has only good to serve and if I know it’s benefits are innumerable only then I stick to its expansion since 2009 and providing my support, knowledge, wisdom, learning, teachings, and care all for FREE forever. I know VIBBES KADA has the potential to change the world and that is the reason why I stick to its expansion.

That is the reason I keep recommending VK to everyone. I know VK can change the world for the best. It can help humanity at a higher level. It can help a person to live smooth relationships. It can help students to achieve good marks without pressure.

It is a DIVINE way to live. It is not like the other energy tools in the market which leave a person in a question mark for its promises, usages, and usability. It is a 100% true promise by DIVINE itself to live happily.

Mahira Jain

Ψ There are many people who can read your future and guide you with some solution for any upcoming future event in your life. They can read your horoscopes (Janampatri), and make you aware of the situation that might take place in your coming future. They can only predict a possible future for you, but they can never teach you how to create your future. Do you really trust astrologers?

Do you think they have always told you the right situation or the solution? Or they have asked you to go for some expensive upayas or yagyas, spend money on the upayas, and even made you wait for the right times for the solutions to show up despite expensive solutions. Despite spending your money on many solutions you might not have got the results. But with VK you can always get the result.

Ψ They just know how and when to charge you with money and scare you or misguide you for some or the other thing so that you keep visiting them and spending money on their fees. But, VK will only guide you right, send you only positive Cosmic Energies, help you create a new and bright future, needs no more investments in any situation, just needs your simple requests to manifest your own wish.

Ψ Astrologers make you dependent on themselves for knowing the future and possible solutions. They keep you busy with more and more fake and false things so that you are more in fear and keep visiting them for solutions.

VK is attuned with Cosmic Energies but it is shared with every human to make him/her independent enough to take care of his/her wishes to be fulfilled their own way. A VK user is not dependent on anyone to predict the future for him. Rather they can create their own and new future with the help of VK. VK makes you self-independent.

Ψ Spending money, again and again, to know an unpredictable future with Astrologers but investing once in one VK which can manifest infinite wishes, sends infinite energies, guides you every time, sets you free from fear, makes you independent, needs no more investment in your lifetime, available for your generations to use.

Just think for ONCE, isn’t VK worth possession? Aren’t its benefits worth spending money once? If this modality is being shared, expanded, recommended, rather hidden from many for many reasons worth possessing? Isn’t this energy modality proves its stability in the world of spirituality since 2009?

My Crystals can heal but within few days seized with negativity, they need to clear and recharge again…I know that using negative crystals can harm me…

There is a wide variety of energy modalities in the market which can help you in any situation. Either it is an illness or a situation, these energy modalities can help you. But these energy modalities work only on faith and are available in a wide variety.

If you have a positive and strong faith you will get the result but if your faith is less or shaken due to any reason then there will be no result. It will make you move to another tool or a new energy modality. You will have to spend more money on the new solution.

Ψ For example, an energy modality is ENERGY CIRCLES (EC). It is available in many shapes and colors. It has some rituals to be followed like a stable place, placement of EC in front of your eyes, the placement should be such that the energy should not be hindered by any other object, the EC cannot be carried anywhere, it cannot be hidden anywhere, it should be pasted at one place to be energized, one person can use some restricted number of EC to be energized. The person should have full faith in the EC.

Adding more to it, EC cannot be only in a circle but it can be in many different shapes like an ameba, star, abstract, and a few others. And every different shape is available with energy exchange.

Every little change in your situation requires new EC and more money or time to be spent. To make as many different EC there are expensive tools available in the market. But VK is only one of its kinds. It doesn’t need any replacement, re-attunement, or recharge.

With VK you can make just a simple circle with it, you can use any pen or pencil to make an EC, you can use any color or just a simple pencil or a pen to make an EC, you can carry your EC anywhere you want, you can energize your EC from anywhere in the world, you can make any number of EC for yourself or even for others, you can energize all your EC with one VK with one simple request.

You can keep your EC anywhere in your home, office, workplace, purse, bag, wallet, pocket. Your EC need not be in the display or visible, you can hide even it. All it needs is your pure and clear intention. You just need to spend once buying one VK and use it for anything, any number of times, and by anyone.

These Crystals are Useless

Ψ It is the same since 2009, the same speed, same infinite energies, same safety, the same capability of energizing emotions, feelings, events, and situations, the same ability to energize any wish, same way of sending distant energies, same uniqueness to energize anything and everything.

Isn’t it worth possessing? You have to purchase different Energy Circles for different or even the same situation. But ONCE you have VK you need not to invest your money in any other energy modality. One VK is enough to materialize your goals for you and your family’s whole life.

So think about the benefits again here with VK and compare your benefit on your own and notice why this is an established tool since 2009 and not just a temporary modality and tools like other modalities and tools which are launched every now and then.

Ψ There are even many tools like beads, bracelets, crystals, pendants, gemstones available in the market for fulfilling your wishes, which ask you to either, recharge or re-attune, wash out the negative energies and re-energize the product, or buy new products for a new purpose which might make you spend more money and take your time. But VK, once attuned is attuned forever, needs no re-attunements, or recharging back from me.

Mahira Jain

Ψ It has infinite energy which can be used 24X7 by you and your coming generations. VK has no formalities and rituals to be followed from the day you wear. It gets activated with simple heartfelt requests made 3 times.

Once you have spent money on buying a VK, you need not spend either on it again or on any other ENERGY modality to fulfill your wishes. Rather it saves your money spent on medical issues to see doctors, relationships, or financial issues where you see astrologers.

Mahira Jain

Ψ There are many energy modalities where you need to get attuned with the energy yourself, where you might need to go to the masters back and spend more money and time to learn the higher levels. Unlike all, these energy modalities work only on your strong and full faith.

There are many chances of negativity coming back to you while using these energy modalities. In some energy modalities, you need to get attuned yourself to access the energy and need a master to help you with that. But with VK you need no attunement, it is made to set you free from attunement.

Ψ You are safe, it creates a safety shield around the user before performing any action. It creates a safety shield, not you and your family. It needs no more investment in learning how to use VK, a pure intention, a creative mind, and a simple request is required to use VK. It is so simple to use that even a child and an old person can use it on their own.

In the energy modalities, only the person attuned with the energy can access the energy and pass to you but VK can be used by anyone in the home, by family, and even friends. VK will work for whoever makes a request to it, it is not person-specific or restricted to only one user.

Ψ There are some common meditative rituals in which a high level of meditation is being practiced. These meditative rituals also promise the abundance of energies for your spiritual growth. There are proper sessions of the meditative get-together and loads of meditative practice are performed.

This generates loads of energies too. But these energies are just for the session and maybe for few more days but the energy doesn’t last long. But with VK, the energies are there with you forever.

Some of these practices are paid practices. Once you have taken one session you have to pay again for the next session else you cannot receive the energy. Whereas with VK you can access the cosmic energies any time and the energy exchange for VK is just for once and access to cosmic energies is forever, anytime, anywhere.

Ψ You can use VK anywhere like home, workplace, temple, or cemetery. Use it anytime like for cooking, washing, writing, driving, dancing, exercising, and many more things. Use it for anything and everything like energizing any situation, event emotion, or feeling and take the benefit of the energies.

In these sessions, there is energy for a person’s one time use. But with VK you can energize any body parts, chakras, situations, events, emotions, feelings and even illnesses that can be rectified any number of times.

There is a particular time to access and take benefit of the energies in many meditative sessions but you can carry your VK anywhere and everywhere and access the energies anytime you want.

The energies in these meditative sessions are invoked just for one session. But if in the middle of the night you need relief from some unwanted or unbearable pain where no other facility is available for the time being VK can help you.

If somewhere you need protection or safety, the energy of the shield of seven rays through VK can help you. If your profession is in danger for any reason, VK can help you. If a baby is crying for no reason and that too in the middle of the night where no other facility is there, VK can help you.

If there is an emergency and someone is under major stress, VK can help you. If someone is feeling bad, VK can make them feel happy. If someone has disturbed emotions, VK can help you in energizing their emotions. 

Mahira Jain

These meditative sessions are at some particular place where you might have to spend money and travel some distance to access the energy, whereas VK is there with you at home for you to use anytime you want.

There are financial investments in these meditative sessions again and again if you want the access the energies again. But you have VK with you after only a one-time investment.

In these meditative sessions, only one person of the family can access the energy in payment of one. If all members of the family want the energy they all have to go to that meditative session. But with VK all the members of the family can take the benefit of cosmic energy at their own convenience, at home, at no more expense, at the most convenient time, for any illness, situation, event, feelings, and emotions.

Ψ VK has soft and safe energy which even a 3-year child can use. But the energy in these meditative sessions is not advised for children.

In these meditative sessions, there are long hours of meditations involved but with VK you can go into a deep meditative level with just a simple request.

There are other expenses like audio, video or some booklet to be purchased for further energies which include further investments but with VK there are no more investments. Just free access to cosmic energies anywhere, anytime by anyone and for anything. 


Ψ The benefits of VK is not comparable to anything else, can’t be counted, are unmatchable, unique, different, exclusive, special, promising, skeptical, and unbelievable. Being used since so many years and no changes at all, isn’t this worth possessing a VK?

I am making and using VK since 2009 because I know it works for me or for anybody, anytime, anywhere in any situation. It works as a solution for all astrological problems. It always gives me the energy of the desired mantra, crystal, gemstone, medicine, switchword, etc. whenever I request.

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