Switchword Power Booster Video To Get Married Soon. Powerful & Easy Solution For Delay Marriage. Increase Love, Romance & Care In Between Married Couples.

Love is the highest emotion for all living beings. Every human has a birthright to love and be lovable. Love increases with more love from inside.

Here in this my 9 in 1 Combo of Multi-Screen Power Booster Video, I present an innovative way to attract love in your life. As you know, I already have many videos on the different subjects but this combo video leaves very powerful effects on your energy system.

This video is first of its kind and you must have never seen this concept before.


  1. This video can be watched by a person who wants to attract marital love from a single person of the opposite sex.
  2. This video can help unmarried or single, men, or women to attract their desired partner or soul mate for marriage.
  3. This video is also for married couples to strengthen their marital bond. It can be watched by either one or both partners.
  4. Must watch by those who have negative planetary dosha/ effects which are responsible for delay marriage.
  5. It will remove all responsible negative dosha/ effects.
  6. While watching, a VK user can use Balance Serum and All Clear Serum to speed up the effect of the Video.


  1. Every single who is ready to mingle.
  2. Those who have lost hope of getting married.
  3. Those who only attract the wrong people for marriage.
  4. Those who have crossed the normal age of getting married and not able to remove this block.
  5. Those who are still searching to meet the desired partner with no luck.
  6. Those who need help from others to manifest the wedding.
  7. Those who got divorced or lost a partner, and wish to get re-married, but stuck in the past.
  8. Every single can watch this video to manifest a specific person for marriage or can watch with an intention to get the best deserving partner for marriage.
  9. A person who is fed up with the delay in marriage…


  1. Those who want more romance in married life. VK users can use Love Serum too.
  2. Those who want more love, care, and respect from the spouse.
  3. Those who want peace and harmony in married life.
  4. If there is a communication gap or misunderstanding, anger, fights, arguments, lack of love between married couples and you wish to improve the relationship to have more love, peace, and harmony.
  5. If your spouse is distracted in an extramarital affair, you can still watch this video, to increase charm and love between you and your partner.
  6. If you are a happy couple, you can still enjoy this video to increase love and harmony.

Warning: This video is not intended for lust or extramarital affairs. Please do not use this video for illicit relationships with multiple partners out of marriage.


Yes, you can. Just before watching this video, place an intention in your mind, that you are watching this video for a specific person to get the effect for that person.


  1. This video is a novel way of raising your vibrational frequency, based on various modules of the law of attraction, switch words all in one.
  2. This video is a 9 in 1 combo and has some powerful switch words and Images according to LOA and they all leave a positive impact on your complete energy system.
  3. This video is very short yet powerful therefore you will quickly get the desired results.
  4. This video has a beautiful blend of images, moving images, switch words with soothing music.
  5. When watched, this video will act on your subconscious mind and leave a positive impact on your energy system.
  6. The switch words will help to remove obstacles and attract more love.
  7. It will remove your mental blocks of negative feelings.
  8. The images and moving images will attract love from the desired partner by raising your vibrational frequency.
  9. This video will help you to feel more love from the inside, increase your charm, make you more lovable, and attract more love.
  10. This video is a powerful solution for delayed marriage.
  11. Generally, I said, do not use too many concepts at the same time, but this video is specially designed by me to give an enhanced effect without confusing your mind.
  12. This video is attuned with COSMIC ENERGY by me to speed up your desires.
  13. It is a short video with multiple concepts of LOA in one, so easy to watch.


  1. You can watch this video at any time of the day.
  2. You can watch this video while traveling, sitting on a sofa, or lying on the bed. No restrictions.
  3. This video creates permanent changes by watching on a daily basis.
  4. It does not work when downloaded.
  5. You can watch it with and without headphones.
  6. You can watch this video at least twice a day. You may watch this video frequently if you feel more connected to it. For best results, do watch this video just before sleeping also, even if you are watching it during the daytime.
  7. You can watch this video until you get the desired results or continue to watch even in a happy married life to sustain or increase marital love.
  8. When you watch this video, you can focus anywhere on the video screen. The moving images are so designed that it will work for you, wherever you focus. That’s the beauty of the video. Don’t worry about where to focus, just go with the flow and enjoy the images. Allow your eyes and mind to focus wherever it goes on the screen.
  9. You can watch this video back to back repeatedly or with a gap as you feel to do.
  10. You are free to watch as many videos as you wish. If you feel dizzy or heavy while watching my videos, you can take a break. This may happen due to the high energy in the video. You may get adjusted to this energy with time. You can take a break and either watch on the same the day or next day if you feel dizzy.
  11. It is good to prioritize your wish and watch my videos accordingly.
  12. Best is to watch the video related to one topmost desire to create more energy and speed up that wish.

You can follow and do GOLDEN SUNRISE MANIFESTATION along with this video. Before sleeping, you can watch this video first and do your GOLDEN SUNRISE manifestation and sleep. Read here a VK Testimonial of a VK user for her wedding bells.

TIP for VK users
  1. If you are a VK user, you can still watch this video, while wearing VK. Before watching, VK users can request VK to enhance the effect of this video multifold for the energy receiver with a simple request in your own words to VK.
  2. You can mimic the energy of this video using VK just with the title of the video with a direct request to VK. Check this VK TIP 34.
  3. You can charge drinking water with the energy of this video. You can club the energy of this video with other healing energies/ Cosmic Serums as per the need of the receivers.


Note: This video is a powerful solution for delayed marriage. It acts like a powerful mantra to get married soon. Don’t miss this marriage proposal idea. This video is the combo of one of the best marriage proposal videos. From now on no need to use Switchword for marriage, Grigori Grabovoi codes for marriage, Mantra for marriage, Tantra for marriage, Yantra for marriage, etc.


  1. It really working somehow….I had some misunderstanding with d person I love….after watching the video last week he came and clear all misconceptions…. though we still have some major obstacles but our love is genuine.i watching this with the faith that it will strengthen our relationship more so that Divine will remove all hurdles between us. thanks Sir

  2. Dear Sharat Sir Golden Sunrise,

    Im Dev chugani from Jakarta Indonesia. I really need your help Sir.

    Re Marriage…I got divorced in 2010 since then till now I haven’t found my soulmate/life partner…

    1.I have asked people who have contacts to let me know if there are any suitable alliances….no results

    2.I joined few marriage websites like shaadi.com, bharatmatrimony etc….there were acceptance but it did not last more than 1 or 2 interactions like exchanging messages or even meeting them once (If they are from Jakarta) after that no news. The closest was one sindhi girl she is a divorcee she accepted my request we started communicating over the phone and exchanging messages…she even came down to meet me and my family stayed a few days and went back after that she didn’t continue further reason being she didnt want to have a child

    3.I also did prayers and havan from a few pandits…no effect

    4.I even requested VK like “attract a perfect soulmate for me now ”,”remove all my hindrances and smoothen my way to find my perfect soulmate now “, asked VK to clear my kundli if there are any hindrances (I used serums ACS,BS and GS), watched your videos to attract soul mate and now even the latest combo videos still no results.Even balance serum also im taking every day…no results.I created EC and energized it with VK also same story.

    There were people who got divorced after me…they could find another one soon .But when it came to me I m still stuck I cant find any…I always wonder WHY???

    So I REALLY need your HELP sir if you can kindly cek and let me know where exactly is the problem and also help me with a solution. Where am I stuck? Is it because I have Rahu in my 7th house? Or are there others hindrances…If you want me to mail my kundli and pic I can mail them to you.
    My DOB 30 March 1976, Time 8.30 am and Place Jakarta Indonesia.

    Hope to hear from you soon sir

    Golden Sunrise

    Dev Chugani

    • Golden Sunrise Dev,

      Have faith and believe in yourself. With VK just request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE please make way for my best deserving partner for my marriage now.

      Keep the intention that you both should deserve each other as partners in marriage for a happy life and you both compliment each other.

      Regarding your marriage proposal.

      Any woman in 40s would not be willing to conceive for biological reasons. And imagine if you become a biological father at 45 yrs of age. By the time the child is 20, you become 65. At that time will you be able to support the youngster well or will it be expected from the child to take care of your health and other needs.

      Same is applicable for your spouse, will she be able to cope up with the responsibilities of a teenager or young child at 60 yrs of your age.

      So the lady who denied your marriage proposal was thinking fairly.

      At 35 plus, couples usually go for adopting a child. A child brings joy to the family whether it’s biological or adopted. In this way, you also contribute to society adopting a child of say age of 8 to 10 yrs. You would be moving 10 yrs ahead in life with this adopted child.

      People also marry for love and companionship at this age.

      VK did get you proposals but it has been your call to place the condition of a child. There was denial with justified reasons from the lady.

      Think about it and maybe if you like that lady you can put your new views to her and propose her again.

      Getting divorced and remarrying… think it as a new life. Do not get into horoscope traps, create your new life with VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE with a fresh new mind.

      You can watch the video as you feel. Be happy and attract a happy married life.

      GOLDEN SUNRISE blessings to you.

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