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Karma The Echo of Deeds Karma Theory Karma Yoga Release Your Karma

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What is Karma?

Karma is a fundamental concept in Eastern philosophy and religion that refers to the moral law of cause and effect. It is the idea that the actions a person takes in this life will have consequences in future lives. In other words, it is the principle of “what goes around comes around.” According to karma, the actions a person takes will determine their future experiences and circumstances, and their actions are seen as either creating positive or negative energy. This concept is often associated with Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, but it has become a popular idea in Western culture as well.

People are often observed imprecating their Karma for various reasons, which most of the time are unknown, even to them. They accuse that a certain mishap must be a result of their Bad Karma or maybe they must have done something bad that they are experiencing a certain bad situation.

Now, the question is that, is it correct to imprecate one’s Karma for any unfavorable happening? Does it help anyway to accept, having performed a malicious Karma? Or does it aggravate the situation sometimes? To learn this, we must first know, what exactly, is this mechanism.

What Is the Karma Theory

In the year 1686 approximately, Sir Isaac Newton gave his revolutionary theory of “Laws of Motion”. In his detailing, he explains this through 3 Laws which are as follows:

1st Law: Any object (in a straight line), remains in the state of rest or in uniform motion, unless and until an external force is applied to it.

2nd Law: The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the net force applied & inversely proportional to the object’s mass i.e. a force acting on an object is equal to its mass, times to its acceleration.

3rd Law: For every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction.

The above laws of motion torched a revolution of knowledge in the West and became a pilot source for many more theories thereafter. The whole world recognizes the Laws of Motion given by Newton, but we, in India, never relate it to the enlightened knowledge of Cause & Effect, given thousands of years ago, in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta by our beloved Lord Shri Krishna who sang the invaluable & precious verse

“कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्तेमाफलेषुकदाचन ।

माकर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मातेसंगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ॥

Meaning:- You have the right to perform your karma only… never to the results. Do not let the result be the cause of your actions, neither should your intentions be degenerated to inaction/ non-performance.

In other words, it means that ‘As you perform your Karma, so shall be its result, but retiring for karma is also not going to produce any result’.

To understand the in-depth of Karma, let’s relate this enlightenment with the 3 revolutionary Laws of Newton.

As advised in the lateral part of the verse, inaction or non-performance is considered as No-Karma. If we compare with the 1st Law, unless an external force is applied, there exists no productive happening in this world of matter. Therefore, Karma is essential.

As compared to the 2nd Law of Motion, the acceleration of Karma is the intention of the action performed while its mass is the agenda/ subject. For example, if I have sympathized with a beggar by heart and given him my coat in chilly winter, it’s karma.

Now, the acceleration of my karma is my emotion to help him and the mass of my Karma is the benefit availed by the beggar. Likewise, in the same case, if my intention to donate a group of poor people, is to earn fame/a good name in society, both – the acceleration and the mass of my Karma shall vary from the previous example.

Comparison of the 3rd law is straight and simple – As you sow, so shall you reap. Your Karma is the action and the result is the reaction. Do good and you will receive goodness, Do bad and so shall you get.

One thing in this arena should be kept well in mind – Karma, in itself, is neither Good nor Bad. Sometimes, a good thing for one could be bad for the other. So our evaluations for what is good or bad is immaterial, because, we as humans have a habit of justifying our karma. We tend to ignore or forego, whatever our consciousness hint to be bad karma.

How Does Karma Work

Let’s move from the scientific side of the Karma mechanism, towards the spiritual dimension. From time immemorial our great sages and learned people have imparted knowledge and wisdom about Karma. Lord Krishna blessed us with his immaculate theory of ‘Karmyoga’ which has been retold by many learned spiritual heads afterward.

He envisaged ‘Karma without a desire’ to be an ideal Karma, as it is believed that Karma that is done with a desire, becomes the reason for all miseries. Therefore, one must perform Karma without desiring a result, as if one may assert that THIS has to be done and that’s it.

Karma as such is, vast and most comprehensive. It is committed everywhere and anywhere. It is created from our own actions and also, we are subjected to the Karmic influences of our family, religion, race, and more.

Our actions, thoughts, words, attitudes, aspirations, emotions, and fantasies are all committed to Karmas – consciously or unconsciously, by intention or in ignorance. Vedic view believes in the rebirth of the soul and thus they include the effects of Past life Karma in the present life also.

When a human being ceases to exist, its soul – the source of energy, re-enters to acquire another material body. This body does not remember anything of the past life, but in this process, the soul is accompanied by Karma which, like supplements, are relayed in the present life’s activities and the cycle goes on.

Karma could be classified as ‘Sanchita’, Prarabdha & Agami. Sanchit Karma is Karma performed in the past life which is carried forward to the present. Prarabdha is the result of actions performed that has given existence to the present body. It, however, contains a portion of Sanchita Karma which is experienced by the present body.

Agami’ Karma is the future results of the actions performed. It includes the balance portion of Sanchita karma along with Karma performed in the present life.

Release Karma Echo Deeds Theory YogaWhat Is Karma Yog

Cracking the cycle of rebirth & release from the mesh of karma is Karma Yog.

As evident from the above explanation, a soul continues to take birth and rebirth to reap the effects of Karma – good or bad. Life afterlife, it becomes a never-ending loop for a soul. It gets tortured or pampered to the extent of the body it acquires. People are often heard complaining to be in distress, while they could not remember having done anything wrong to anybody.

There are others who are corrupt and indulge in malicious practices but still enjoy the luxuries of life. Is that what a soul is destined to? A body is punished in current life for its Prarabdha when it does not even know what did go wrong in its previous lives.

Wrong or Right, Karma is performed every moment and it has its results, when there is a result – there is another birth. Is there a way to get over this vicious circle?

In my opinion – Yes, there is a way. Learned souls of Vedanta say “All in the life is preset but all could be changed”. The Almighty has created a perfect world in which everything is set ‘in accord’, but our actions (Karma) altered the situations. Now, if we could have had altered it towards negative, then it can be converted to positive too, as the energy of Karma, echo with the same intensity, as it was generated.

It brings bliss or suffering depends upon how it was initially created. Like if there is a Disease there ought to be a Cure, Karma trails with your soul, and so does your consciousness. This is a pre-destined path and by this, no one is challenging the Destiny.

Destiny is the greatest mystery of the Universe as no one is in the knowledge of one’s destiny. In this process, one may opine that the universe gives each soul, the opportunity to change its path of development. If changed/not changed, it becomes one’s destiny.

Ascent to Enlightenment – How to Release Your Karma

Vedanta has given the resolution to release the effects of Karma, and professors of this knowledge have re-framed the teachings through various interpretations. Re-aggregating, all schools of knowledge suggest, spiritual development and self-realization is the only path where we can change our destiny.

Karma in any form cannot be avoided, but it could be –

  1. Mitigated
  2. Transformed
  3. Neutralized
  4. Transcended

It is said that by performing Sat-Karma, the ill effects of Prarabdha could be altered. It starts as a person elevates spiritually and his/her consciousness escalates towards self-realization.

In the process, his/her Karma becomes pure and desire-less which dilutes the intensity of return-energy of past actions. For this, one has to tailor his/ her lifestyle and virtues as the nature of your Karma created is stored to be released as future events in your life and beyond.

A mind trained to ask the consciousness whether the action intended is prompted from the soul and in accord with the Divine or from one’s ego and selfishness may perform such actions, which may dilute or erase the effects of past Karma in the present life.

For this, a mind & body has to train itself to be worthy for releasing bad karma and earn good karma. The following virtues could be helpful in this direction –

Forgiveness–In this era of revenge, the karma of forgiveness could sound a bit off-track. But, inculcating a habit of forgiveness is the summit of nobility. Although this practice is very difficult in performance, as impulsive emotions are very aggressive and beating the emotions is like swimming against the current.

But, still, a habit of Forgiveness is a huge Bad Karma buster. Moreover, Forgiveness releases a soul from the bindings of guilt and self-embarrassment.

Gratitude – Expression of gratitude to others, is like a scrubber of the soul. As we scrub our utensils with detergents, to shine, so does our feeling of gratitude, to shine our soul. It not only illuminates our soul & aura but also spreads happiness around.

It’s the most eligible teacher of humility and thus pursues human emotions to become virtuous, resulting in the release of Bad Karma.

Self-consciousness – In this material world we live in, we, probably, have time to meet everyone, except ourselves. The reason for this could be that we have sources/devices to be in touch with others, but unfortunately, we never explore ways to meet ourselves. Meditation probably is the only mode to meet oneself.

We should spare some moments from our busy schedules and sit quietly. By sitting quietly, I mean, sitting with a quiet mind – thoughtless. As the worldly thoughts fade away from our minds, our closed eyes turn back inwards.

This situation, in advanced levels, is called ‘Swasakshatkar’ or Meeting Thyself. This practice automatically reverses the Karma done as ‘No Karma done’. Also, this process elevates our inner self to produce avenues to release Bad Karmas.

Spiritual Upliftment – Journey of a Soul spreads from the birth till the end of the body, it acquires. This journey is a universal arrangement for the soul to liquidate the accumulated Karmas.

While attired in a body, the soul undergoes a lifetime discharging the destined format of activities under the environment, it takes birth. Should the course of its destiny be changed positively or negatively, it depends upon its decisions and thoughts.

The soul sits at an unbiased position, like a car with its engine alive and it is upon the driver to drive it off the cliff or continue with the tricky road down the hill. Spiritual enlightenment is required so that we do not become an idiot driver.

Release Karma with Vk – the Discounted Process

While there are several practices to release Karma and its effects, which are given by our learned Gurus, we tend to indulge more and more into materialism. Everyone is interested to know about Karma and show serious concern as of how to resolve/ amend it, but that’s it. Very few acts on this because we all are prisoners of Maya. We love to be in this luxury (Bhoga).

This is not unnatural, as Maya has its fangs dug deep into our being, and anything beyond seems very austere. Moreover, this is the age of science, and thus our mind is trained to believe only what is proven and in this scenario, it is hard to adhere to the knowledge which is beyond the radar of science.

Suiting to the circumstance, in our age, there are a few persons, who with their continuous efforts, are trying to bridge this knowledge gap in our human race.

Spiritual Scientist – Sharat Kumar is one of them. His invaluable contribution to the spiritual world is selflessly dedicated to humanity. His immaculate invention – VK, is benefitting the masses, in India and abroad. It is a multi-level & multi-tasking tool, which heals from diseases to situations, and from relations to emotions.

Engineered to access, mind waves of the person holding VK, when activated, it manifests the positive intentions of the healer into solutions in real. VK has special powers to perform and resolve unfavorable Divine arrangements, of course, in accord with the Laws of the Universe, for a suited person. RA release of Karma is one of them.

As Sharat Sir opines, the Release of Karma effects could convert into Negative, Positive, Neutral, or Ascended in a vice-versa manner depending upon the current behavior & actions of a person.

Activating VK, which contains 11 divine energies of the Universe, one may request with pure intentions to release his/ her Karma, and results are assured.

In this context, it is worth mentioning those people who are over-enthusiastic about their past Karma and its ill effects. They take refuge from Astrologers, Holistic professionals, Past Life regression experts, and Godmen to poke into their past life to learn about their Negative Karmas.

They should know a simple principle, that by the virtue of the Law of Attraction, the guilt of the past (even unknown past), exaggerates the intensity & negativity of actions performed in the past and the same reflects in the present manifold. Therefore, one should stop dwelling in the past and embellish the present… this is what is under your direct control, where you may put your effort, without following anybody’s holy advice blindly. Past karmas could only be converted through present actions.

  • People engrossed in Maya may continue to perform malicious actions and thus enhance their numbers of Negative Karma for the future (Agami Karma) or may get their Past positive Karma transformed into Present Negative.
  • Likewise, in-spite of being tied up in Maya, virtuous people may perform generous actions and may either enhance their numbers of positive Karma (Agami) or transform or mitigate their Negative Karma into Positive.
  • Only a spiritually awakened person, will seriously endeavor to clear his/her Karma account to step up the ladder of enlightenment. We actually start proceeding towards it, when our Karma – Negative or Positive… Past or Present, hits a Neutral ie. Nil. As it hits Neutral, no effects echo from there. Please understand that Positive Karma rebounds with a Positive effect, but it still remains alive karma and the effects have to be borne by the person. He may enjoy luxuries or peace, but in Maya, the person has to commit another Karma (ie. the enjoyment). By Neutralizing Karma, it does not return with an effect and thus is erased. This is exactly what is taught in Geeta – “Performing a Karma is your prerogative, never desiring for a result”.
  • A Karma performed by a person who is conferred to the Divine, resulting in the well-being of the society or humanity does not fall in a good or bad category. It does not reflect back as karma performed too. This is called Transcended/ Ascended Karma. For instance, at the preface of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna preached to Arjuna the essence of Karma and asked him – “O Arjuna, surrender unto me and perform your duty. Truth/Dharma shall prevail at the end. Do not worry and confer your deed to me and I shall lead you to the salvation”. In this war for truth, Arjuna surrendered all his actions to the Lord. In spite he killed innumerable soldiers, but all the effects were ascended towards the Ultimate energy, and never came back to him. In other words, an action performed without a desire of result, which is totally surrendered to the Divine, not only erases the Sanchit & Prarabdha, it vanishes in the Divine forever without a reflection.

Having a VK paves an easy way to mitigate, transform & even transcend the effects of Karma. What is required is the Purity of thoughts and control in desires. Moreover, self-discipline and positive virtues are a requisite which has to inculcate in oneself as a Doctor can give you medicine, but abstinence in habits & nutrition is the patient’s duty.

So, I wish all the Karma Fans… Happy VKing !! Results are assured, do share your experience to enlighten others.


  1. My 3 qualities and virtues
    1). Have a balanced state of mind to all circumstances in life…. happiness and sorrow….
    2) Always in my life have been helpful to each and every one…as like a back bone or spine in body….
    3) Have always lived a life of giving to others…. always a giver, never a taker.
    Gratitude to Divine for always protecting me and being with me in my every breath

  2. 1.I always beg apology for all that done by me any misconduct,mischieves by my words,deeds,thoughts or any means to the divine and all those who are
    affected by my any wrong behaviour.
    2.I pray for good health, wealth and overall wellness for all.
    3.I always try to do my best for my duties as a noble husband,good father of my children, responsible friend and overall a gentle person to all those whom I met in my day to day life.

  3. Golden Sunrise!!
    My Three qualities that I am thankful to divine are; I am an Empathetic Person, i value others emotions and feelings. I heal others who are in need in my work place and surroundings. I am grateful to the Divine for this quality.
    My leadership quality I am grateful about. With good cooperation and encouragement I keep my team motivated to get the best work from each one of them. Thank you Divine for the leadership quality in me.
    My humour, is a great quality I posses. I easily make people around my laugh and be happy. This is very much needed to be healthy and to have a healthy realationship with others. I am grateful to divine for this wonderful quality that I posses of being HUMOUROUS!!
    Gratitude to Sharat Sir
    Gratitude to the Divine

  4. Thank you for your Lucid explanation.
    In my experience, most Hindus have heard of the Gita, but few have ever bothered to take time to open and read it to understand the clear teaching within. We assume that karma is either good or bad and that we should only do good because it leads to pleasure. Liberation is from dissolving it’s net offering it to the lord.

    A little while back I watched a meditation on YT about ending karma. Their rationale was that it served no positive purpose in our lives but hampered our attempts at ascension and liberation. I’ll have to see if I can locate it.

    Our historic racial karmic memory is another issue. All Indians have suffered tremendously over a thousand years of both Islamic and Christian genocide.

    A couple of years back I attended a talk by Peter Chappell, a famous Homeopath. He asked if he were to invent homeopathy today how would it be different to classical homeopathy, which is individual centered therapy?
    He reasoned that it wasn’t just the personal history which played out its symptomatology in a client but their racial history too. And so he would take that into account when starting the case. He said the racial trauma was encoded in the DNA.

    Now I’m a geneticist and what he said made no sense to me whatsoever but I went along with it taking it with a healthy pinch of salt. Of course I agreed with the racial trauma but DNA memory?

    My interest in alternative new age ideas led me to the 12 stranded DNA. That was total nonsense as DNA has a 2 strand double helix so another pinch of salt yet again. My thinking is I don’t care what nonsense of a theory you propose to support your action, is it useful? Is it helpful? A bit like Homeopathy, the dilution and explanation makes it preposterous, but the fact is it works.

    Later on I stumbled across a research paper published by Kings College, University of London published in I think ‘Nature’, not too sure, which looked at ‘Ten Stranded DNA’ It’s molecular structure, formation, and cause. The cause was fears, stress, poverty and trauma. And this would get passed on to future generations.

    Alternative health viewpoint is that this DNA enfoldment to produce a ten strand structure required unenfolding. And is termed DNA Ascension. This would free us from these inbuilt fears which are so part of our being and daily functioning. DNA Ascension would enable us to live our lives in far greater control and abundance than we do at present.

    In my personal life I caught myself thinking ‘My money is never enough’
    Then I reflected on the fact that it was never enough for my parents. My mother’s mother had arrived as a refugee from Rawalpindi, pretty much penniless and my fathers family, also from Rawalpindi, never had enough money either. I don’t expect their ancestors to have been particularly well off, not in that Islam ravaged part of the world.

    Meditation and calmness form part of this deep DNA Ascension unraveling process.

    As workers in energy vibrational medicine we need to think about the application of VK in resolving not only our personal karmic deeds but also those of our ancestors. Balance serum may be useful here.
    Anyhow I hope this post was sufficiently interesting to inspire new areas ideas in our use of VK.

  5. Golden Sunrise,Sharat Sir,Our VK,
    VK teacher Sanjay Roy sir,and motivator teachers.
    Wonderful elaboration of thought on Law Of Karma.
    Karma is an energy associated to our deeds can be transformed in various modes,according to Karma Yoga.the way expressed to release karma like control desires,and positive virtue which I could not digest as I have small appetite,and I am a layman,in this field.thanks vk to help to alter my personality.
    And Salute to Shakat Sir and his selfless work for Humanity.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful article Sanjay Sir

    I see that you have used Gita and Newtonian laws of motion to explain Karma. While Gita perfectly blends with the explanation, I would like to point about the Laws of Motion. Newtons laws of motion have flaws in it. Einstein tried to correct it by creating a Special theory of relativity. He did not complete it before his death in 1955 and now even after 63 years nobody from the scientific community has completed it. I understand that you have tried to satisfy the logical western mind :). We are so much fascinated by the west.

    Enlightening article. Thank you!!

  7. Gratitudes Sanjay Sirji
    Beautiful insight of karma and its affects, i have no ability to comment on your Knowledge and wisdom Sir, but i cannot stop my self to thanks for the wonderful teachings.
    So truely said in simplest words “The energy of Karma, echo with the same intensity, as it was generated. It brings bliss or suffering depends upon how it was initially created.”
    I know writing on this topic needs lots of Courage and guts when there are thousands teachings and rewriting by various masters gurus after Geeta by Lord Krishna.
    Everything is described in this article and with the Solution we have by Great Master Sharat sirji.
    I am so blessed to be at right place at right time under guidance of right Masters.
    Lord blessed me with divine Gift VK through after my prayers “O lord please remove all the darkness and bless us with Golden Sunrise.”
    Gratitudes Sir

  8. GOLDEN SUNRISE Sanjay Sir

    Wonderful sharing. So clear and thought provoking. Loved every word of yours. Also you have connected it scientifically to Newtons laws of motion. Thank you for enlightening us in simple yet powerful words.

    Every article of yours takes me more close to VK.

    Thank you Sharat Sir for #VK in our lives. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts


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