Red Chestnut – There are certain types of people who have a habit of worrying about others irrespective if there is actually a need to worry about others or not. They still worry with no reason for it.

These people fear the well-being of their loved ones. For example, the husband being afraid, if his wife goes out alone in a dark or a mother fretting and worrying over what may happen to her child at school. However, in this state, the sufferer does not limit himself to his family persons. There may also be the case that people over-fear for their friends and even neighbors too.

Since we all have been in an adverse situation and we do not want our loved ones to be in those states. We all have sympathy for those persons in distress. This is our love and sympathy which makes us think about them. Bach Flower Remedy Red Chestnut’s fears are actually normal fears which get exaggerated to the point where they start to have a negative effect. These fears affect the confidence and belief of the person.

Being in this state is boon and bane at the same time. It is said boon because they actually ensure the security of their friends and family repeatedly. It is a bane because worry is a highly negative form of energy that not only affects the bearer but also the person whose well-being is sought by the sufferer since that person has to repeatedly respond to the well-being of the sufferer.

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The people in a negative Red Chestnut state are generally thinking about something bad which may happen. They may be thinking about an accident or attack or meeting with bad luck and so on.

When we are in this state, a remedy is required to help us revive and fight with those negative thoughts. Here comes the Red Chestnut is the remedy to help us let go of those worrying thoughts for our loved ones and makes us placid, tranquil, and peaceful. So that rather worrying which in turn causes trouble to both himself and his companion whose well-being is sought, can be hampered and we can actually become the shelters for those in need.  

Well, these persons or when the person is in Red Chestnut state does not want anyone to come and help unless asked to do so. They even feel bothered if anyone tries to help them without their consent. However, actual help would be to let them alone and let them heal themselves. Along with Red Chestnut Mood Up Serum is also useful to release these kinds of worries.

The concerned persons may actually make it worse if they interrogate the affected person on his problems. At that point in time person just wishes to be alone and need none’s help and just isolation. If the situation has worsened and a remedy is sought then Red Chestnut is the apt remedy for it. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic Bach Flower Red Chestnut energies even without any problem or hassle for you. Use VK more and more.