Rock Water Bach Remedy Soften the Mind of Hard and Rigid Persons

Rock Water Bach Remedy Soften the Mind of Hard and Rigid Persons

Rock Water: Keywords for this remedy are self-abuse, ascetic behavior, hard masters, futility, rage, fight, and self-discipline.

There are certain people who are strict in their way of living. They deny themselves the joys and pleasures of life. Since they think the enjoyment is an interference in their work. They will do anything that can make them strong. They even practice self-repression and self-denial.

The people in this state are in a habit of setting goals and targets for themselves and trying to finish those with the maximum effort they can put through. They often get strict or even harsh with themselves if they feel they are lagging behind their target.

They also wish to set examples for others so that they can influence others with their ideas which others may follow and get better. Although, they neither interfere in others’ work to influence them nor do they criticize someone loud. They also avoid persuasion and commanding others.

The persons in a negative Rock Water state may not be amicable in nature. Due to extreme principles, their behavior has been transformed into that of a rigid person and has become adamant. Communication with these kinds of persons is generally a one-way process since the affected persons do not value others’ viewpoints while sticking to their own, on any matter of subject. There is just dissemination of one’s idea while no exchange of ideas is possible. Although they have a sanctimonious nature, they do not impose their ideas on others.

In this case, a remedy is sought which does not minimize the efforts that persons put in to achieve their goal. And here comes Rock Water, which while not stopping them from their goals. It simply allows them to unbend. The persons get kinder to themself and not dismissive of life’s softer pleasures.

Out of 38 Bach Flower Remedies, Rock Water is the only remedy that is not made up of any flower. To create this remedy, pure water is taken from the running water of Rock. Dr. Bach believed that if running water buffers and softens hard rock then it can also soften the mind of hard and rigid persons. 

The attitude of self-absorption causes the Rock Water person to completely miss the fact that one grows through service to others. It induces the feeling in the person that everyone can find their optimum personality in their own individual way. Everyone may not follow the same rules to get success and also any random way may not be suitable for everyone. Rock Water broadens their understanding and brings them peace. Rock Water causes self-realization of those facts which the person has still not realized.

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Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Rock Water

Some emotional aspects of a person who needs Rock Water are:

  1. abstinence-self-righteous
  2. extreme self-control
  3. accusing due to a desire for perfection
  4. overly active as hard taskmasters to self
  5. adoration, blunt, and straightforward
  6. adulation of self-desire to reverse aging
  7. anger with self for failure
  8. excessively high regard for body-image
  9. the imposing a strict regime for living
  10. mental breakdown due to overwork /burnout
  11. competitive, composure, conceit, and condescending
  12. fond of convections-tradition
  13. desire to convert
  14. strong sense of conviction
  15. discontent, and critical of self
  16. definite sense of purpose,
  17. feels it a failure if has to delegate
  18. delusions of grandeur
  19. denial /suppression of desire
  20. determined, devout, disagreeable, and disapproving
  21. perfectionist and dogmatic
  22. appearance of disdain
  23. rigidly follow dogma
  24. great sense of duty
  25. endurance and exactitude
  26. would like to set an example
  27. fixed ideas and opinions
  28. fussiness about correctness
  29. high strung and house-proud
  30. refrains from indulgence through self-restraint
  31. intolerance of inaccuracy
  32. knows best and mental masochism
  33. martyr to own ideals
  34. as an example to others
  35. megalomania, methodical, and meticulous
  36. morality for self perfectionism
  37. religiously obsessive with self-righteousness
  38. patronizing /condescending
  39. persistent, pious, precise, prideful, and priest
  40. tendency to preach
  41. recluse as a mark of self-martyrdom /self perfectionism
  42. rectitude, reformer, and renunciation
  43. refusal to be consoled as it shows signs of weakness
  44. relaxation is difficult due to tension
  45. sanctimonious, smug, severe, and starchy
  46. superiority complex
  47. sure of themselves
  48. overly concerned with time
  49. tireless, uptight, and vain
  50. unhappy with self
  51. unable to weep due to self-denial
  52. a workaholic by nature

Situation to Use Rock Water

Situations, where you can use Rock Water, are for the people who are very strict in their way of living, those who deny themselves many of the joys and pleasures of life because they consider it might interfere with their work, and some people who are hard masters to themselves, some people wish to be well and strong and active and will do anything which they believe will keep them so, many people hope to be examples which will appeal to others who may then follow their ideas and be better, as a result, those who are rigid, and as unmoving as a rock.

Rock Water as a Treatment

This remedy is used for obsessive/compulsive behavior or self-abuse, excessive self-discipline, excessive need for planning and control, fanatical dieting, self-imposed self-denial, strictness with oneself, anxiety disorders, emotional distress and fears, toe walking and physical stiffness, ascetic, martyr-like behavior, excessive self-discipline and self-control, self-abuse with lack of joy, self-torment, compulsive fanaticism and dogmatism, fear of emotions, control, fanatical dieting, self-imposed self-denial, high BP, and strictness with oneself.

Pet and Rock Water

If a pet is harsh and always ready to hurt others.

Affirmation and Rock Water

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with Rock Water. For example,

  • I allow the joy of life to flow freely through me.
  • I will dissolve perfectionism through inner elasticity.
  • I am safe to be flexible and relaxed.
  • I release my hardness to be transformed into tenderness.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Rock Water

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Rock Water for inner freedom, adaptability, dissolution of inner dogmatism, idealism with a flexible mind, flexibility, moderation of discipline, renewal of playfulness, malleability, complete openness, hope, safety, tolerance.

Rock Water and Cosmic Serum

Calm Down Serum is the best to use with Rock Water.

Dose of Rock Water

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy depends upon many criteria like age, intensity, and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. Learn here how to use VK for BFR.

After getting treated with this remedy, they now also welcome new insights, theories, and thoughts. Although they start listening to others’ viewpoints and would not easily get swayed away from others’ opinions. They will give a thought to others’ wisdom and examine them but again the guidance to accept it or not will only be given by their higher self. Rock Water remedy sends them to a Positive Rock Water State where they radiate their inner joy and peace. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Rock Waterenergies even without any problem or hassle for you. 


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