Rock Water Bach Remedy Soften the Mind of Hard and Rigid Persons

Rock Water – There are certain persons who are strict in their way of living. They deny themselves many of the joys and pleasures of life. Since they think enjoyment is interference to their work. They will do anything that can make them strong. They even practice self-repression and self-denial.

The people in this state are in a habit of setting goals and targets for themselves and try to finish those with the maximum effort they can put through. They often get strict or even harsh with themselves if they feel they are lagging behind their target.

They also wish to set examples for others so that they can influence others with their ideas which others may follow and get better. Although, they neither interfere in other’s work to influence them nor do they criticize someone loud. They also avoid persuasion and commanding others.

The persons in a negative Rock Water state may not be amicable in nature. Due to extreme principles, their behavior has been transformed into that of a rigid person and has become adamant. Communication with these kinds of persons is generally a one-way process since the affected persons do not value other’s viewpoints while sticking to their own, on any matter of subject. There is just dissemination of one’s idea while no exchange of ideas is possible. Although they have sanctimonious nature, they do not impose their ideas on others.

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In this case, a remedy is sought which does not minimize the efforts that persons put to achieve their goal. And here comes Rock Water, which while not stopping them from their goals. It simply allows them to unbend. The persons get kinder to themself and not dismissive of life’s softer pleasures.

Out of 38 Bach Flower Remedies, Rock Water is the only remedy that is not made up of any flower. To creating this remedy, pure water is taken from the running water of Rock. Dr. Bach believed that if running water buffing and soften hard rock then it can also soften the mind of hard and rigid persons. 

The attitude of self-absorption causes the Rock Water person to completely miss the fact that one grows through service to others. It induces the feeling to the person that everyone can find their optimum personality in their own individual way. Everyone may not follow the same rules to get success and also any random way may not be suitable for everyone. Rock Water broadens their understanding and brings them peace. Rock Water causes self-realization of those facts which the person has still not realized.

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After getting treated with this remedy, they now also welcome new insights, theories, and thoughts. Although they start listening to other’s viewpoints and would not easily get swayed away from other’s opinions. They will give a thought to other’s wisdom and examine them but again the guidance to accept it or not will only be given by their higher self. Along with Rock Water, you can use Mood Up Serum to soften their rigidness. 

Rock Water remedy sends them to a Positive Rock Water State where they radiate their inner joy and peace. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Rock Waterenergies even without any problem or hassle for you. Use VK more and more.