Holly Can Cure Anger, Hatred, Envy, Jealousy And Distrustful State of Mind

Holly Can Cure Anger, Hatred, Envy, Jealousy And Distrustful State of Mind

Holly: Keywords for this remedy are hatred, envy, jealousy, anger, distrust, unfriendliness, aggressiveness, lovelessness, negative or destructive attitude, violence, and lust for revenge, confusion, sorrow, worry, control, and self-absorption.

There are certain people who get angry very quickly, feel jealous, and envy other people. It’s very important to think about these negative attitudes. Because if a person has these attributes, he may never get success in life. We need to look more closely at the cause to do something good or avoid happening something bad in our lives.

Anger, jealousy, and envy are big problems for anyone, especially for the sufferer of this state. Even malevolent for the one who is on the spiritual path. And in general terms, I’ll be not wrong if I say nowadays most people are suffering from this mental state. Mild forms of jealousy arise in any loving relationship, and they lead to growth. But when the jealousy becomes “morbid” the love extinguishes.

For getting so much anger sometimes the reason could be these people perceiving so much injustice and they often feel very helpless for not able to do anything about it. And sometimes the reason could be different.

Some people feel jealous of others’ success and achievements. Also, everyone wants to get rid of it. In the spiritual path, we learn not to get angry. We have to forgive people for the mistakes they do. And the fact is that all these things need a lot of patience and time to come up all from these.

Learning to forgive is an important aspect of our lives. One of the things that empath needs to be aware of is that anger is often used to trigger and control them into actions that they would not normally otherwise take.

If you wish to make someone act out of character, or do something they normally wouldn’t do, you make them angry, indignant, or behave self-righteously. Or we can say that people are so selfish that they use your anger on you, they create a situation where you will do the work according to what they want.

But now we need to come to the next stage in which we have to learn about how to control our own anger? How to repress the anger? If we get angry, how to not express the anger? Now it also needs lots of time and patience. And as we know about today’s time, no one has so much time to do all these things.

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Some people may not be able to overcome these alone. They may need a remedy to do the same. Holly is the remedy or cure for this mental state. Obviously taking Holly won’t make the situation change but helps you to control the anger.

And Holly works to encourage our generosity of spirit and openness towards others. Holly is the remedy that can control all the anger, hatred, envy, jealousy, and distrustful state of mind. Holly remedy can make the person so loving, caring, helpful, kind, and divine too. As the name, Holly itself describes, this remedy can infuse all the Divine Qualities into a person. In a true sense, we can that Holly is the remedy of Divine Blessings.

Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Holly

Some emotional aspects of Holly people are:

  1. abrasive, angry, hateful, and jealous
  2. short-tempered and envious
  3. absorption with vengeance /jealousy/hatred
  4. abusive due to vexation
  5. acid-tongued due to spitefulness /hatred
  6. admiration with envy /jealousy
  7. aggression and spiteful
  8. malicious /spiteful sense of amusement
  9. argumentative and bitchiness
  10. blockage of the ability to give love
  11. cautions due to suspicion complains about others
  12. suspicious of conspiracy
  13. covetous and cynicism
  14. generally demonstrative
  15. despises others, destructive, and devious
  16. lack of diplomacy
  17. distrustful and generally enraged
  18. envious and malicious fabrication
  19. fault-finding with others
  20. anger /hatred for GOD
  21. indifference toward the needs of others
  22. irritability due to ill-temper
  23. hateful and desire to kill
  24. longs for release from envy
  25. lack of love for others
  26. love-struck but jealous
  27. malicious tendencies and merciless
  28. paranoia with suspicion of prosecution
  29. vengeful resentment
  30. pitifully inflicting ridicule
  31. sadistic and skeptical
  32. secretive out of others’ motives
  33. lack of self-control
  34. suspicious of strangers
  35. tantrums and smug
  36. quick and fiery temper
  37. thoughts of revenge
  38. unhappy due to jealousy
  39. vindictive, violent, and wickedness

Situation to Use Holly

Situations to use Holly are seen in a first born child when a second child comes into the family, or any new member in family-office, people with similar talent, money leads to jealousy, also, dogs who have been the “only child” can also become jealous when displaced in their families’ affections by a newborn child, age-post-talent, angry over a romantic breakup, financially strapped, struggling with bills or wish you had more money, more possessions, brokenhearted, children with sibling rivalry issues, children with tantrums and angry outbursts, excessive talking and extremely self-centered dispositions. 

Holly as a Treatment

Holly can be given for anger management, cold, cough, better immunity, better development of bones and teeth, recovery from wounds, abandonment issues, promotes confidence and reduces fears, resolving a needy or possessive attitude, easing jealousy, aggression, choleric or sanguine temperament, lovelessness, negative or destructive attitude, violence, and lust for revenge, unfriendliness, rage, irritability, envy, hate, mistrust, and jealousy. Holly helps to reduce high BP.

Pet and Holly

If a pet is angry, growling, barking, hissing, snapping, or making unprovoked attacks. 

Affirmation and Holly

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with Holly. For example,

  • I feel united with all life.
  • I choose to love.
  • I free myself to live in unity with others, cosmos, participating freely and radiating joy.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Holly

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Holly for tolerance, faith, inspiration, in-spirited, releasing, love, forgiveness, safety, decisiveness, certainty, unconditional, disinterested transpersonal love, feelings of connection, verbal and physical expression of empathy, divine love, comprehension of the world of human feelings, a generous mind, ability to share, “Holly protects us from everything that is not Universal Love, inner harmony, taking pleasure in the achievements and successes of others, freely accepting and feeling the love that flows toward them and having a sense for the Divine scheme of things Holly opens the heart and unites us with Divine Love.”

Holly and Cosmic Serum

Calm Down Serum, Love Serum, and Immune Serum are the best serum you can use with Holly.

Dose of Holly

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy depends upon many criteria like age, intensity, and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic the Bach Flower Remedy Holly energies even without any problem or hassle for you. Use VK more and more. Learn here how to use VK for BFR.