Centaury Helps For Those Who Never Say No To Do Other’s Work

Centaury: There are certain people who feel shy or hesitate to say no to do other people’s work. These kinds of people are unable to say no when someone asks them to do work or assign them a task whether they want to do that or not.

Some of the symptoms of CENTAURY are:

  • Being unable to say no,
  • Being used as a doormat,
  • Feel guilty for saying no,
  • Feel slave of other’s wishes,
  • Putting others interest ahead of own interest.

Centaury is the remedy or cure for these kinds of people, who hesitate to say no. There is no specific reason for this even there is no scientific fact that why they don’t say no to do other’s work. The main reason behind this is they feel perplexed or awkward to say no. They will often put other interests ahead of their own. These people are more concerned about other’s opinions, they are more conscious about what the other person will think about them.

They don’t want to hurt others by saying NO to them. These persons want to create a positive image in front of other people. They will do whatever work assigned to them whether they want to do it or not. These types of people want to make sure that everyone is happy on their account so they help everyone in every possible way. They put their likes and dislikes in the corner and do their best to make everyone happy.

They often feel guilty for saying no to others.

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But sometimes many people take advantage of these helping kind of persons. Some heartless people just want to exploit those caring ones by getting the maximum work done by them. Just because of those selfish people, Centaury person will get depressed, angry, frustrated, and may lose his temper because of a thankless behavior of selfish people.

This is because when the centaury person does his best to complete the task, the other person does not easily get satisfied with his work. People want more and more work from him. They don’t think about the person’s likes and dislikes. Does he really want to do that work or not. These selfish people ask more and more from a person, unbothered to think that they are overloading them.

Those selfish persons don’t see the hard work of these Centuray people. They just want their work to get completed. They neglect the efforts that the person puts in. Whether he wants to do that work or not but still he gives preference to work assigned to him and doing his best to complete that work. Their willingness to please and help others inadvertently turns them into a doormat. People use them and go.

For these helpless people, Centuary works as the best remedy for them. Bach flower remedy Centuary will help out the person to get over this complex situation. Centaury brings a clearer perspective on them. Centaury helps the sufferer to bring the confidence of saying no to others.

Bach flower remedy Centaury helps the sufferer to say “no I can’t do this at this time” without feeling bad and guilty about doing so and hence making the life of the sufferer better. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Centaury energies even without any ritual or hassle for you. Use VK more and more.