Centaury Helps For Those Who Never Say No To Do Other’s Work

Centaury: Keywords for the people who need this remedy are self-injurious, meek, polite, submissive, becomes willing slaves to others, used as door-mats, guilt, bully, cannot dominate others, weakness of will, too much influenced by others.

There are certain people who feel shy or hesitate to say no to other people’s work. These kinds of people are unable to say no when someone asks them to do work or assigns them a task whether they want to do that or not. These types of people are used as a door mat as they are used to others’ wishes ahead of their own interests. Century people feel guilty for saying no to others. 

Centaury is the remedy or cure for these kinds of people, who hesitate to say no. There is no specific reason for this even though there is no scientific fact that why they don’t say no to doing other’s work. The main reason behind this is they feel perplexed or awkward saying no. These people are more concerned about others’ opinions also, they are more conscious of what the other person will think about them.

They don’t want to hurt others by saying NO to them. These people want to create a positive image in front of other people, so they do whatever work is assigned to them even if they want to do it or not, that is why they feel drained of energy and vitality and easily get tired. They increase dominance in others and thus increase bully.

They often feel guilty for saying no to others.

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These types of people want to make sure that everyone is happy on their account so they help everyone in every possible way. They put their likes and dislikes in the corner and do their best to make everyone else happy more than themselves. Their actions and thoughts are colored by the ideas and dictates of their companions.

They are also taken advantage of helping others. They spend their lives bound, unnecessarily, to their families and parents, neglecting their own interests and mission in life. They become servants instead of willing helpers as some heartless people just want to exploit those caring ones by getting the maximum work done by them. Just because of those selfish people, century people will get depressed, angry, frustrated, and lose their temper because of thankless behavior of selfish people.

This is because when the centaury people do their best to complete the task, the other person does not easily get satisfied with his work. Other people want more and more work from them. They don’t think about the person’s likes and dislikes if he really wants to do that work or not. These selfish people ask more and more from a person, unbothered to think that they are overloading them.

Those selfish persons neglect the efforts which the other person puts in which makes them lose their own individuality. Century people neglect their own will to do the other person’s work or not but they give the best preference to work assigned to him and complete that work. Their willingness to please and help others inadvertently turns them into a doormat. People use them and go.

For these helpless people, Centuary works as the best remedy. Bach flower remedy Centuary helps out the person to get over this complex situation. Centaury brings a clearer perspective on them. Centaury helps the sufferer to bring the confidence of saying no to others so that they can follow their own dictates of their higher self. Bach flower remedy Centaury helps the sufferer to say “no I can’t do this at this time” without feeling bad and guilty about doing so and hence making the life of the sufferer better which also helps the person to stay uninfluenced by the opinions and demands of the others. 

Some believe that the negative Centaury state may represent a desire to avoid growing up and want to remain emotionally child-like and do as they are bidden, these people do not have to learn to discriminate and decide, the choices are all made for them.

Centaury is used to treat people with weak personalities, who lack self-assertiveness, have servility, are dependent, fretful, acquire selflessness, are victims of self-deception /self-deprivation, pathological cheerfulness, shyness, excessive cheerfulness, or excessive willingness to accommodate the needs of others.

Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Centaury

Some emotional aspects of a person who needs Centaury are:

  1. Generally acquiescent
  2. life controlled by an addiction
  3. alcohol addiction
  4. influenced by and following the advice of others
  5. affectionate does not protest when aggrieved
  6. agrees to keep the peace
  7. avoids arguments and confrontations
  8. awkwardness due to subservience
  9. self-blame and sense of awe
  10. succumb to and never complaints
  11. brainwashing
  12. finds it hard to be brave through fear
  13. burdened by work
  14. endurance, dutiful, and hypocrisy
  15. lack of identity
  16. cries soon because highly sensitive
  17. too timid to delegate
  18. dependant on others for support and strength
  19. not inclined to be demonstrative
  20. disdainful of self
  21. submits to dogma
  22. dominated and manipulated by others
  23. weak will, and helpful
  24. eager to helpful
  25. over-concerned about the accidental killing of insects
  26. protective, motherly, gentle, and selfless
  27. generally quite by nature
  28. exhausted through overwork
  29. desires freedom from duty
  30. seeks liberty from responsibilities
  31. does not complain of grievances
  32. imitates because easily led
  33. impulsive and sentimental
  34. becoming a slave to impulses
  35. comforted by keepsake
  36. meek, modest, and timid
  37. pacifist, demure and passive
  38. easily intimidated
  39. introverted and sincere
  40. receptive to other people’s needs
  41. recoil through an abusive verbal attack
  42. influenced by temptations
  43. sensitivity to controversy, conflict, and strife
  44. longs for release from servile work
  45. generally suffers from repressed emotions
  46. affected by ridicule
  47. inclined to self-denial by nature
  48. vitality sapped by others
  49. self-martyrdom
  50. enjoys and needs tranquility by nature
  51. unhappy with self
  52. unreliable because easily influenced
  53. feels used by others 
  54. unable to say no
  55. used as a doormat
  56. feel guilty for saying no
  57. feel a slave to other’s wishes
  58. putting other’s interests ahead of own interest

Situation to Use Centaury

Where fathers take over care of their children and make them choose what he wants, encourage the positive potential to not to deny your own needs, you can express yourself, defend your opinions, stay uninfluenced by others, when you find yourself drained by others, struggling to say no, feel imposed on, want to follow your own path unconstrained by others’ thoughts and feelings, are a prevent, treat shyness, excessive cheerfulness, or excessive willingness to accommodate the needs of others, weak-willed and subservient tendencies, do not want to be scared to say “No”.

Centaury as a Treatment

Centuary can be used for people with weak personalities, lack of self-assertiveness, servility, dependence, fretfulness, selflessness, self-deception, self-deprivation, pathological cheerfulness or servility, shyness, excessive cheerfulness, and excessive willingness to accommodate the needs of others.

Pet and Centaury

Issues that arise from overwork. It is good for Donkey, Horse, and Bull.

Affirmation and Centaury

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with Centuary. For Example,

  • I am the master of my life.
  • I serve others by being true to myself.
  • I recognize that I give to others only when my own strength is secure.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Centaury

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Centuary for recognition of one’s own identity, self-respect, self-determination, assertiveness, self-actualization, strong individuality, ability to stand for own opinions, knowledge-when to give /withhold.

Centaury and Cosmic Serum

Mood Up Serum, Bravo Serum, and Alpha Male Serum/ Alpha Woman Serum are the best serums that can be used with Bach Flower Remedy Centuary.

Dose of Centaury

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy depends upon many criteria like age, intensity, and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. Learn here how to use VK for BFR.

VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Centaury effects even without any ritual or hassle for you. Use VK more and more. 


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