Crab Apple Bach Remedy Clean Genuine and False Unclean Feelings (Pimple-Acne Cleanser)

Crab Apple Bach Remedy Clean Genuine and False Unclean Feelings

Crab Apple: Keywords for this remedy are self-hatred, need for perfection, feeling of being unclean, regular cleaning, cleaning mania, compulsive cleanliness, obsessive, futility, and imperfections.

There are certain people who have a habit of cleaning themselves many times a day. They want themselves to be clean. Everyone wants themselves to be tidy but, the one we are talking about is slightly different from theirs. These people are often capricious.

In this mental state, they suffer from “Psychic pollution”. Here Psychic pollution refers to the state where they start to dislike themselves because of being unclean. They think they are filthy or untidy. They need to clean themselves repeatedly like by washing their hands occasionally, taking a bath many times a day, and using a sanitizer after every interval, that interval can be 15 minutes or 30 minutes, or 5 minutes. Usually, they clean themselves over and over again.

Sometimes this mental state gets dangerous for them and other lives also. The mentality of these people soon gets whimsical. They start to think that everyone and everything is polluted and all these things will make them filthy and infected. For example, there is a person standing in front of the sufferer and talking with him. And suddenly the person sneezes, and when the sufferer thinks of himself as desecrated and getting dirty. Sometimes the sufferer starts to fight with other people because he thinks that the person did that deliberately.

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Usually, the sufferer feels polluted or violated in crowded environments like parties, populated markets, or other crowdy places. The sufferer’s first response will be to get away from such areas and people as soon as it gets possible. They want to live in a cleaner place and mostly they stay alone. Obviously, no one wants to be unclean, sticky, or grubby.

If I talk about myself I’m one of those types who need a shower twice a day or I won’t be able to sleep or feel comfortable until I do. But these types of people are over the limit. Sometimes in a Crab Apple state, we scorn genuine problems and concentrate obsessively on one thing that we have fixed – sometimes a pretty minor issue of the whole. We might take Crab Apple to cleanse obsessive, repetitive behavior such as hand-washing, re-checking that appliances are unplugged, and so on.

To overcome that state, Crab Apple is the best remedy or cure for this. Crab Apple is a cleansing remedy. Crab Apple should be taken when one feels violated, or an act has taken place that makes them feel less than savory. Bach Remedy Crab Apple helps the sufferer to overcome the fear of untidiness.

The main use of Crab Apple is to help people who dislike some aspect of their appearance or personality or feel that they have something unclean or poisonous about them, like pimples, boil, skin rashes, etc.  

Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Crab Apple

Some emotional aspects of a person who needs Crab Apple are”

  1. disgust, abhorrence, and abnormality
  2. obsessed with personal defect
  3. blemish 
  4. self-hatred
  5. need for perfection
  6. a feeling of being unclean
  7. regular cleansing
  8. cleansing mania
  9. absorption with details
  10. sense of contamination by abuse
  11. no admiration or adoration for self
  12. dislike of the look of self for aging
  13. agitated with detail-obsessed with and feels unclean due to ailments
  14. sickened by alcohol
  15. awkwardness due to dislike of self
  16. no sense of belonging
  17. feels unwanted and ostracized
  18. blames self
  19. destructive
  20. poor sense of body image due to self-dislike
  21. frequent cleanser
  22. obsessed with hygiene
  23. compulsive habits-eating
  24. concerned about details
  25. mental congestion through concern over trivialities
  26. contamination
  27. self-contempt, critical, dislike, and disdainful
  28. loathsome of self
  29. repulsed by sexual desire
  30. no sense of desirability due to poor image of self
  31. despises oneself
  32. eating embarrassment
  33. avoids eye contact due to embarrassment
  34. fixation with self with detail /with cleanliness
  35. fussiness about detail
  36. trivialities and cleanliness
  37. self-righteous fear of GOD
  38. obsessive hand-washing due to a sense of uncleanliness
  39. house-proud and hypochondria
  40. feels unclean during illness
  41. indulgence in food then feels disgusted
  42. over-influenced
  43. feels controlled by karma
  44. disgusted by obesity
  45. past regrets
  46. peace of mind disturbed by obsession
  47. petty issues
  48. a phobia about dirt-contamination-looks
  49. preoccupation with self
  50. cleanliness and detail /trivialities
  51. self-condemnation and disgust as a result of rebirthing
  52. reclusive by preference due to fear of contamination from outside
  53. secretive due to shame
  54. generally sickly
  55. struggles to please self
  56. obsessed with details of symptoms
  57. fear and disgust of vomit
  58. obsessive-compulsive disorder
  59. frequently hand washing

Situation to Use Crab Apple

Situations, where you can use Crab Apple are neat freaks, people needing this remedy are sensitive to dirt, filth, contamination, contagion, ugly looks, infection, sepsis, and avoid using the toilet in school /cinema /theatre and in their knows’ houses /friends place. Extreme type people would even wash their hands after shaking hands with others, tendencies towards flawlessness, some people do not use others’ soap, towel, etc, overly focused on creating the order or maintaining cleanliness, some people of this remedy are “sensitive to their external appearance, pimples /acne in the face of teenage college boys-girls, grey hair, baldness, some use wig or use hair-dye, some are over conscious of infection, bacteria, and use Dettol to wash their hands or for sweeping the floor of their house, it matters to a crab apple person what makes them ugly before others, if there is a foreign body sensation inside their body, increase the height of short stature persons-if below twenty-five years of age, sand sensation in eyes, pricking, stitching sensation inside the body anywhere, itching of the skin, skin issues, backache or leg pain, feels to cut off that painful portion and keep it aside, parent of preteens or teens.

Crab Apple as a Treatment

Crab Apple can be used for acne, pimples, skin issues-inflammation-redness-swelling-, short height, weight loss, leg pain, backache, itching in eyes due to foreign body, infections, flu, lumps, cancer, cough, abdominal sensations, worms in the stomach, wounds-fingers, reduces timidity and shyness, promotes confidence, feelings of empowerment, eases anxiety and panic attacks, compulsive cleanliness, compulsive obsession with character, morality, impurity, poisoning, external or internal toxic damage, nausea, and chronic illness. Mental illness- conscious of contaminated food.

Pet and Crab Apple

If a pet has rashes, it is obsessive about cleaning and excessive grooming.

Affirmation and Crab Apple

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with Crab Apple. For example,

  • I accept myself to my imperfections.
  • I accept the reality of an imperfect world.
  • I cleanse myself of any toxicity or inharmonious thoughts.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Crab Apple

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Crab Apple for hope, order, purification, inner cleansing, self-acceptance, acceptance of the imperfection around, acceptance of the imperfect world, the cleansing remedy for body and mind, embrace your body and mind, accept your imperfections, share positive energies, along with aiding humans in their quest for happiness, this Bach Flower Remedy is used to treat pest-infested plants or plants that have been re-potted and need a little help getting re-established.

Crab Apple and Cosmic Serum

Beauty Serum, All Clear Serum, and Bravo Serum are the best serums that you can use with Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple.

Dose of Crab Apple

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy depends upon many criteria like age, intensity, and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Crab Apple energies even without any problem or hassle for you. Learn here how to use VK for BFR.