Mustard Cuts You From Dark, Negative Sad And Depressive Life

Mustard There may be certain phases in life where we may feel depressed or anguished for no specific reason. We may get sad but we will not find the reason for it. We may even feel sad when nothing wrong has happened.

The depression could be intense and it does not feel that the depression could be cured with an approach until it lifts as unexpectedly as it came. Under these conditions, being in happy and joyful states appears impossible to reach. The joy and light of life seem hidden for this duration. We can say, in this mental condition, people feel deep gloom for no apparent reason and some unknown fear too.

This situation may felt by anyone so it is not to worry about much since you are not the only victim of this situation. The situation may be encountered at any time since it advents without warning. It could come while in a joyful event also. The loved ones of the sufferers interrogate and try to lift the melancholy of the sufferer but that may go worthless if the person is in the extreme Mustard state.

A theory also states that there are areas of dark and negative energy that may affect us. That energy could be emitted by some person or a group of the person who is going through a misfortune. A place like a graveyard also emits grief all around. It can also be brought by setbacks in life or un-cleared shocks and trauma.

And after facing this state the sufferer needs a remedy to revive. Mustard does that for us. Though Mustard may not only stop the attack surely it will help you not get affected by those. Mustard will flow positive energy in your body and will motivate you to continue your work without getting affected by the negative energy.

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While in Negative Mustard State, they feel cut from their own light source, and due to which they get hopeless. Negative Mustard State is the one that actually cuts the supply of light from the person’s source.

While Mustard being the remedy other home remedies may also be tried to get back normal.

  • Showering daily- water has a cleansing effect. It washes away the pall and the negative or psychic pollution clinging to you.
  • Smudging the house- House can be smudged by a sage. It is believed to clear the negative energies. It can also cleanse the aura around you. VK user can use All Clear Serum instead of sage. VIBBES SEEDER also helps to remove all kinds of negative energies from your home. 
  • Try to feel positive- by getting positive, you are actually sending the thoughts of love and joy around you.
  • If you are a VK user, you can take Mood Up Serum along with Mustard.

However, being positive in a Mustard State is actually a difficult task. But the remedy Mustard allows you to do so. A mustard remedy can fetch you back to the normal state where you can again enjoy the joys of life and be happy. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tools to mimic Bach Flower Remedy Mustard energies even without any problem or hassle for you. Use VK more and more. 


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