What is VIBBES KADA – VK? Learn How To Use VK

What is VIBBES KADA VK Learn How To Use VK

Golden Sunrise Friends,

If your question is What is VK and how to learn to practice VK, you are on the right page.

I am grateful to Divine for choosing me to attune VKs. I am thankful to Divine for blessing me abilities to attune VK with Cosmic energies. VK has reached 64 countries. I pray to the Divine that the divinity of VK reaches every corner of the globe. I wish every person is blessed with divinity from VK.

1. VIBBES KADA IS MY 1ST INVENTION: VK also known as VIBBES KADA is a steel bangle that is attuned with Cosmic energies by me. VK is available only from me. VK users are using VK to manifest better health, prosperous life, loving relations, peace of mind, enhancing meditation, and much more.

In this video, the team litairian presents you with a brief introduction to VK. You must watch it till the end to know what VK is.

If you wish to get VK, please write an email to[email protected]

2. MEASURE YOUR BANGLE SIZE FOR VK: VIBBES KADA is available in different sizes for the convenience of its users. All VK are the same in all aspects and work in the same manner. To know how to measure bangle size for getting a perfect size VK that fits your wrist well, click and watch the full video here:

How to Measure Your Bangle Size

Note the VK size is measured in centimeters with the inner diameter of the bangle. Take a perfect round bangle for measurement. Please note there is no exchange of size once you get a VK. To know more about how to measure VK must click on this link.

Find Here Some Learning Videos And Article For VK Practice In Daily Life

VIBBES KADA has infinite possibilities, let’s watch some videos and read articles to learn how VK users are using VK:

Special Energies Used Only with Vk

3. WHAT ARE COSMIC SERUMS: Cosmic Serums are NOT switchwords. In the above introductory video, there is a mention of Cosmic Serums. After inventing VK, I introduced Cosmic Serums, especially for VK users. Cosmic Serums are energy packs released by me in the Universe. Once you have VK, you can use them freely. Cosmic Serums are for health, wealth, personality enhancement, and improving mindset, beauty, and body organs. Click the link to read more about Cosmic Serums.

4. WHAT IS SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS: Shield of Seven Rays is NOT a switch word. It is a special energy system to protect people, beings, things, and places from evil eyes, nazar, black magic, and negativity. Only VK users can access this energy with a simple request to VK. Click on this link to know more about Shield of Seven Rays.

VIBBES KADA users are using Shield of Seven Rays with VK in daily life to protect themselves, their children, their families, reputation, business deals, career, relationships, and much more. Click on this link and read here more about how you can Explore Shield of Seven Rays with VK.

5. WHAT IS VITAL ORGAN BALANCING – VOB: Health is wealth. One can energize body organs or body parts with VK. Click the line to watch this full video to know more. This is what I call VITAL ORGAN BALANCING – VOB. It is a process that VK users need to do continuously on the organs at a time.

Read my first article on VITAL ORGAN BALANCING – VOB to understand more about what VOB is. Watch the video on how you can practice VOB for your healthy body.

If you wish to perform VOB in easy ways for yourself and others, read this full article with examples.

How you can do VOB with Cosmic Serums, read here: How to Use Vital Organ Balancing & Cosmic Serums Together.

6. BASICS OF VIBBES KADA PROCEDURES: When you get your VIBBES KADA for the first time, click this link you should read this full post to learn the basics procedures for using VK. You should refer to this post, whenever you have a question related to procedures for using VK. Must share this post with your family members and friends whenever they have a question on how to use VK.

7. HOW TO SEND ENERGIES WITH A DIRECT REQUEST TO VK: With VK, one can send positive energies to any person, place, situation, wish, being, non-living thing, document, bank account, etc. Distance is no bar with VK to send energies. VK users are sending positive energies to their dear ones who stay with them and even to people who stay away, even in a different city-state or country. It is very simple to send energies through a direct request to VK.

If you wish to learn how this can be done, then click here and watch the video with the beautiful article. It explains how you can send energies even to multiple people in one request to VK at the same time.

8. HOW TO CHARGE WATER AND THINGS OF DAILY USE WITH VK: Water is an integral part of our body and our life. So how about energizing your water and even foods and other things using VK. It’s an easy way to consume positive energies through your daily use items. This article and video explain how to charge water and things using VK.

If you want to learn easy ways of charging water and things with VK, check the full video and read the whole description in this article.

9. HOW TO REMOVE BLACK MAGIC USING VK: If you feel everything is going negative in spite of all efforts and knowledge, you must check if there is any effect of an evil eye, black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, etc. then you can test with VK-charged Hanuman Chalisa Drinking water.

Click the link and watch the video and read the article on VK charged Hanuman Chalisa water, here it explains how to test the presence of evil eyes or black magic in a person. It also explains how to help an affected person to reduce or remove the effects of black magic.

10. MIMIC ANY POSITIVE ENERGY AND HEALING MODALITY USING VK: Mimicking is a wonderful way of using VK. Mimicking means copying the effects of some original practices for a better life. One can mimic the effects of mantras, switch words affirmations, and therapies.

To know more watch this short video: Mimic any positive energy therapies & much more using VK.

11. WOW WAYS OF USING VK SHARED BY VIBBES KADA USERS: Do you want to know how VK users have used VK by their “out of the box” thinking then read here?

12. EASILY DO REIKI PSYCHIC SURGERY USING VK: If you feel passionate to practise Reiki, but you are affected by the negative energies of your clients and you are not able to protect yourself, then check the video in this article. If you have not learned Reiki and still want to practice Reiki, you can do it just with a simple request to VK. VK will perform the Reiki session for you and you can do any other work as you wish. This video and article explain how to perform Reiki Psychic Surgery with a simple request to VK to remove unwanted growth patterns in the body like fibroids, cysts, swelling, and acne. You can even read testimonials at the end of the article about how VIBBES KADA users are using VK to perform Reiki Psychic Surgery for living beings and non-living things including cars, cellphones, etc.

13. EASILY DO ACUPRESSURE USING VK: With VK it’s simple to get the effect of acupuncture, acupressure, and Sujok. You can request VK for acupressure sessions for many people in a day without getting tired. Check this article and video to learn this process. Read in the testimonial links at the ended of the article, how VK users are beautifully changing lives with VK and acupressure mimicking.

14. EASILY DO EFT USING VK: If you feel stressed with negative emotions trapped in your body, you can explore using EFT. for this you don’t have to learn EFT. VK can help you release negative emotions with EFT sessions. When you request VK for an EFT session, VK can do it for you. You can request EFT sessions even for your friends and relatives. If you have VK, you must explore more by watching this video in this article. Do read the advantages of doing EFT sessions through VK. Also, read the experiences of VK users who used VK for EFT sessions.

15. DO REIKI ATTUNEMENTS AND OTHER ATTUNEMENTS USING VK: Attuning a person with Reiki requires a Reiki Master. This is the usual practice. But if you wish to attune yourself or someone even when you have not learned Reiki, you have to use 2 VKs and do this simple process.

Read this full article and watch the whole process in the video: How to do Reiki and Other Healing Attunements Using VK.

16. JOIN VK FORUM TO LEARN MORE: There are many ways to use VK. If you are a new VK user you must go to this full post on the VK FORUM. Read slowly and read the hyperlinks for more understanding. Takedown notes.

17. DAILY USING VK TIPS: How about using these VK Tips in your daily life. Click here and read more than 140 VK Tips based on the experiences of VK users. Explore them and get more ideas to use VK.

Get more inspiration from VK experiences posted by VK users. Read how VK users helped themselves and many others in changing their lives. You will read many interesting ways of mimicking VK in these posts. Use the SEARCH Option with keywords on the forum to learn more. Whenever you have a question on VK practices, must use the SEARCH option and get interesting answers.

18. VK SUCCESS STORIES: Read here Testimonial Articles too from VK users on my website.

Click here to read many success stories of VK users.

19. VK FAQ: VK is so versatile, that people keep getting questions about VK and its applications. You must read this article for many answers in the Frequently Asked Questions summarised. Keep checking this article for more updates on VK.

20. BENEFITS OF JUST WEARING VK: you will be amazed to know that VK is not only a benefit to those who are using it but also to those who are either near to a VK user or just wearing VK. Read here all the benefits of just wearing VK.

21. CLEAR SPACE OF YOUR HOME/OFFICE/FACTORY/SHOP USING VK: Space clearing with VK. You can clear space from negative energies with VK following this article: Space Clearing with Cosmic Energies, Cosmic Serums & VK. If your space (home, office, factory, shop, etc.) has too many negative energies, and you have to use VK repeatedly to clear the space, and you cannot manage your time clearing the space then, here is my 2nd invention VIBBES SEEDER – VS, click here read about VIBBES SEEDER.

Must read here: how VK and VS made a wonderful combination.

22. CLEAR YOUR CHAKRAS/AURA USING VK: Your chakras are the powerhouses on the energy system of your body. They get the energy from various elements (tattva) and regularly send energy to your body, mind, aura, and to your all energy systems. If these powerhouses get defused and malfunction, there is a low feeling of mental and physical energy.

Click here to read the full article on Chakra and Aura Cleansing.

23. GET A SIGN FROM VK TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE: When you have to take an important decision in your life, at that time, getting signs using VIBBES KADA can help you to choose the best.

Click here and must check to Get A Sign From VK to Live a Happy Life – A Unique Way To Use VK.

24. VK ASSURES YOUR SAFETY FIRST: There have been many energy modalities that can help you in many purposes like improving health, creating wealth, releasing emotions, enhancing feelings, and much more. But along with helping others most of the time, they give side effects to the sender. After getting side effects sender’s energy gets a huge depletion in his/her energy system with feeling sick. VIBBES KADA is the best tool when you think about your safety. Check here to know more about why VK is the safest healing tool.

25. NO PAST HURTS, TRAUMA & SETBACKS COMES ON SURFACE: In many energy practices, the past comes up on the surface and then gets released. It means that many past situations come up to the conscious level of the person and then go back to the Universe but while using VK, past situations do not come to the surface. They evaporate right from where they are. Click here and read more.

26. PROXY CHANTING OF SWITCH WORDS USING VK: Do you know you can request your VK to do switch word chanting on your behalf? Click this link and check Easy Ways to do Proxy Chanting of Switch Words & Switch Words Phrases.

27. ACTIVATE ENERGY CIRCLE WITH VK: All these modalities are effective and also get results. But if any of the energy modalities are added with VK the manifestation happens super fast. Click to read more about EC and VK.

28. SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT VK WORKS GREATLY: Don’t miss to read how VK pass the test of the most advanced “Computerized Medical Diagnostic” system in the world, which is developed for the Russian Space Agency to do body health check-ups of their astronauts during their prolonged journey in space to remain fit. (It is important to mention here that the system was used by Dr. Valery Polykov a space commander on the MIR mission. He spent more than 600 days in 2 space journeys and holds the Guinness Book of Records for the longest space journey).

Read the whole experiment here.

29. USING VK DURING PREGNANCY: One of the most cherished moments for a woman is that of motherhood. The bonding of a mother to her child begins from the time of conception. The healthy thoughts and attitudes of the mother form the baby’s first impression. Click and check All Pregnancy Tips Using VK.

30. MORE ARTICLES ON VK: There are many articles by me and my VK team on the Litairian website, read them regularly to update your knowledge on more possibilities of VK practices.

VK Goes As A Blessing To People

I feel divinely blessed when I see VK users changing many lives. I wish you all a GOLDEN SUNRISE joyful life with Divine VK.

If you wish to get VK, please write an email to [email protected]