Energy Circle Working With And Without VIBBES KADA

Energy Circle Working With And Without VIBBES KADA

As humans, we have many issues in life. Some are easy to handle some are difficult to manage. Some need continuous energy some may be solved in just one prayer. Some issues are solved in no time but some take time to be rectified.

To solve any and all issues we can use many ways of sending energies. We can use some affirmations, switch words, energy circles, number codes, prayers, mantras, chants, rituals, long effective meditations, and many more things. All these modalities are effective and also get results. But if any of the energy modalities added with VIBBES KADA the manifestation happens super fast.

You can read more about EC’s do’s & don’t here in this switchword energy circle article.

You can also find all used switchword here in switchword list.

Just for example, we take manifestations with energy circles.

Lets Read Below How Energy Circle Working With And Without VIBBES KADA

Energy Circle Working 1

Energy circles are made to transmit energy for a specific person, wish, event, situation, feeling anything where he needs energy.

VIBBES KADA can send energy to the same person’s event, feeling, situation, the emotion even without an energy circle.

Energy Circle Working 2

Energy circle is mostly used for switch words, switch phrases, number codes, etc.

With VIBBES KADA we need not make any energy circle, switch word, switch phrases, number codes energy will work even without an energy circle.

Energy Circle Working 3

If the number of people written in an energy circle has to send energy then the number of people has to be restricted to as little as possible because the energy gets divided.

But with VIBBES KADA there is no restriction for the number of people to be sent energy in an energy circle as with VIBBES KADA even 1000 or more people can be sent energy together.

Energy Circle Working 4

Normally any energy circle has to be fixed for the energies to be broadcasted.

With VIBBES KADA there is no restriction of the position of the energy circle. We can move the energy circle anywhere we go or move.

Energy Circle Working 5

An energy circle has to be either in front of a person or near their pillow or anywhere around a person to be visible and send energy.

But with VIBBES KADA there are no such restrictions. It can send energy to activate the energy circle from any distance. For example, you can keep your energy circle at home and send energy from your workplace or vice-verse. You can even activate your energy circle from anywhere in the world. For example, you can request VIBBES KADA to activate your energy circle in India even from Australia.

Energy Circle Working 6

Any energy circle should be fixed for the energy to get accumulated. It should be even fixed on a fixed wall or a stable tabletop so that energy too has a stable space to be accumulated. It cannot be moving.

But with VIBBES KADA energy circle can be moving. There are no restrictions on its mobility. You can carry your energy circles in your bag, purse, or wallet.

Energy Circle Working 7

There should be enough space in front and top of an energy circle for energies to move to the universe. (Sharat Sir can see the energies moving)

With VIBBES KADA there are no such restrictions, you can keep your energy circles in any drawer, close room or Almirah, or any other enclosed space. A simple request to VIBBES KADA to activate the energy circle will start sending the energies from VIBBES KADA.

Energy Circle Working 8

As beautiful as possible an energy circle is made, it works faster, as different colors and shapes of energy circle help the manifestation faster.

As simple as an energy circle is possible it gets activated with a simple request with VIBBES KADA.

Energy Circle Working 9

The number of energy circles is suggested or restricted to 3 or a maximum of 4.

With VIBBES KADA any number of energy circles can be activated.

Energy Circle Working 10

A normal energy circle is restricted to the healing issues to names or address separately.

With VIBBES KADA you can send energies to names, addresses, events, buildings, or anything related to the same issue altogether.


    Can we write affirmations inside the energy circles ? Can we send the energies of affirmations like “Iam perfectly healthy now forever” through ECs?

  2. Shirat Sir
    This article emphatically reconfirms that mere use of Energy Circles with SWs etc has many limitations and restrictions although it works; whereas use of VK with or without EC, any limitations have no place at all. VK not only is free from any restrictions but also it is super-fast and most effective apart from its simplicity

  3. Beloved Sir,
    Can we place Mudra or Mantras in enregy circles?? Are they also activated as part of the energy circle?
    And then active with VK the energy circle as a whole with all the Mudras, Mantras, switchwords etc.
    Thanks a lot,


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