Easy Ways to do Proxy Chanting of Switch Words & Switch Words Phrases

Easy Ways to do Proxy Chanting of Switch Words & Switch Words Phrases

In This Article:

Are you looking out for a Proxy Chanter of switch words for you?

Do you miss on switch word chanting for yourself because of a lack of time?

You know switch words can change your life but you cannot manage your time and schedule with the chanting of switch words?

Do you want to have switch word effects without paying extra money to Proxy Chanters?

Are you the one who wants to help many with Switch Word Proxy healing, but you cannot chant for so many people at a time and you feel helpless?

If this is your case, there is a simple solution for you.

What is Proxy Chanting & Who is a Proxy Chanter?

Chanting of any switch word or switchword phrase for another person is called the Proxy Chanting of Switch Word. Proxy Chanter is the person, who chants switch words on behalf of some other person. Nowadays many people are giving this Proxy Chanting service with just a few bucks.

Some Proxy Chanters offer low-cost chanting and some others offer high-value chanting. Proxy chanting’s cost varies from chanter to chanter. Proxy chanting’s cost also varies from the client’s pocket. Some proxy chanters ask for big money as they get to know that you are a rich person and you can afford any amount of money.

When you chant switch words for your loved ones that is also called proxy chanting and at that time, you too become a proxy chanter. If you still don’t know about switch word then must read the full explanation on switch words with examples.

Role of Focus in Proxy Chanting

To get the desired results the number of chants may depend on the need and the severity of the situation. If you do proxy chanting for others or if you hire someone for Proxy chanting for your own situation, there could be some limitations like…

  • For how long can you or the proxy chanter chant?
  • Are you sure, how many times it has actually done for you?
  • The proxy chanter may be doing for many people. Is he or she able to focus on your intentions and create sufficient energy for your subconscious mind to have desired results?

If the Proxy chanting is done with many switch word phrases for many people, proxy chanter may get tired too and in that case, a proxy chanter may NOT hold the true intention and power that you would wish and need in your desire.

So will the proxy chanting serve the purpose if there is a Proxy Chanter with an unstable mind?

Easy Ways Proxy Chanting Switchwords Phrases

Limitations of Switch Words

Switch words work ONLY on the subconscious mind. There could be situations where the energy need would be beyond the mind. For example…

  • A haunted house cannot be cleared and healed with the help of a switchword.
  • If a person is affected by the negative spirits or the under influence of black magic, or his/her soul is fully trapped by the unwanted spirits, or the negative spells cannot be cured by switch words.

In the above cases, switch words will not give any help. Therefore, even if you tell a proxy chanter about your miserable situation, and the chanter sends healing with switch words, there would be no effect seen even if switch words are chanted for months or years.

It is important to know the correct situation and cause before you think of proxy chanting with switch words for others as a chanter or ask proxy chanting for you from someone.

Easy and Better Way of Proxy Chanting

There is one easy way to come out of all the above limitations of Proxy chanting of switch words. You can use VIBBES KADA VK. VIBBES KADA is a steel bangle attuned with Cosmic Energies. It has an amazing feature of mimicking other healing modalities.

It can also mimic the energies of master switch words, single switch words, switch word phrases, mantras, and even Energy Circles. You can even activate energy circles in a closed book or inside a drawer or a cupboard.

How to Do Proxy Chanting of Switch Words Easily with VK?

  • First, you need to select the right switch word or switch word phrase according to the situation of the needy person. You can consult with our vast switch word list.
  • Now hold VK and place a request to your VK to chant ABC switch word or switch word phrase for the XYZ.
  • Say the above request 3 times.
  • Now keep your VK aside for the next 30 minutes.
  • In these 30 mins, VK will give the energy of the requested switch word or switch word phrase to the requested person.
  • With the same method, you can send energy on the photo of the person too.
  • You can give the energy of a switch word video or audio too.
  • You can charge some water with the selected switch words or switch word phrases. In this video, watch how to change water thru VK. Watch water charging video.
  • You can also give the charged water to others for their benefits.
  • You can charge other things too if you do not wish to charge water e.g. toffee, chocolate, chew gum, sugar, mouth freshener, etc.
Let us understand the whole method with some examples:
1. Direct Request:

If you want to send the energy of “GOLDEN SUNRISE FULL COUNT” switch word phrase to increase the money, wealth, and opportunities for your uncle John. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps…

  • Just hold VK and say: VK Please send the energy of “GOLDEN SUNRISE FULL COUNT” to my uncle John.
  • Say this request 3 times and place VK aside for the next 30 min.
  • Your uncle John will receive the energy of “GOLDEN SUNRISE FULL COUNT”.
  • You can send this energy as many times as you feel depending upon the need of the situation.

This one is an easy proxy healing for you.

2. Charge Water with VK:

Suppose you want to charge drinking water with the energy of switch word phrase “REACH FIRST RANK NOW” for your children to be successful in exams or competitions. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps…

  • Just hold VK and say, “REACH FIRST RANK NOW’ 3 times and place VK on the drinking water bottle for 2 min if the drinking water is not more than 2 liter.
  • The water is charged with the energy of switch word phrase “REACH FIRST RANK NOW”.
  • Your children or anyone who intake even a single sip of this water will get the energy of switch word phrase “REACH FIRST RANK NOW”.
  • One can intake as many sips as wish throughout the day. The more a person drinks this charged water the more he/she gets the benefits of the switchword phrase “REACH FIRST RANK NOW”.

You can charge the main water tank of your home with any switch word phrase, which is highly benefited, for all the family members. All family members will receive the same energy whenever they drink this charged water.

You can even charge a drinking water tank for your neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. even if they stay in a different country a thousand miles away from you. Read the method described in this post how to charge water distantly using VK.

This is an easy proxy healing for you. In this way, you can help many people to drink from the same container and has undivided energy of switch words and when they drink this switch word charged water frequently; they will receive the effects of switch words repeatedly without the need of chant.

3. Sending Energy on a Photo or Name:

If you want to send the energy of switch word phrase “TOGETHER DIVINE HARMONY” to heal a husband-wife relationship and you have their picture. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps…

  • Hold VK in your hand and say, VK please send the energy of “TOGETHER DIVINE HARMONY” switch word phrase to this couple.
  • Say this 3 times and keep VK on their photo for the next 30 min.
  • You can do this frequently as per the need.
  • If you do not have the photo, simply write both the Spouses names on a paper, make a request as given above, place VK on this written paper, and leave it for the next 30 min.
  • Read more about sending energy on a photo or name.
4. The energy of a Switch Word Video:

Suppose you want to send the energy of switch word video for unstuck and speed up life to your cousin Raman. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps…

  • Just hold VK and request…VK Please send the energy of Switch Word Video for Unstuck and Speed Up Life by Sharat Sir to Raman.
  • Say this 3 times and keep VK aside for the next 30 min.

Just put the intention of the best deserving life of Raman. Do not think which obstacle should be cleared first because VK has its own wisdom to CLEAR the most needful situation first. This Proxy healing allows VK to put the best-requested energy for him.

5. Activating Energy Circles in a Closed Book or in a Drawer

If you want to prepare Energy Circles for your family and for others, but you cannot put them on a wall or you cannot broadcast them openly. You can draw one Energy Circle on a page of the notebook and give it a number 1.

Like this, you can draw many Energy Circles on different pages and give a serial number to each of them like number 1, number 2, etc. You can simply place this book even in a drawer somewhere in your home or office and simply use VK to activate these EC. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to activate these EC…

  • Hold VK and place a simple request, “VK GOLDEN SUNRISE PLEASE ACTIVATE ALL THE ECs in my notebook.
  • Say this 3 times and either keep VK on top of the closed notebook or keep it aside somewhere for 30 next min.
  • If you want to activate a particular EC multiple times in a day (sometimes it is important for you to need or require more energy), you can request VK to activate that particular EC (say the number) and place VK on the top of the closed notebook or keep it aside somewhere for 30 next min.

Benefits of doing Proxy Work with the help of VK

  • It can save time.
  • It can save money.
  • You can become independent.
  • If you have many VKs with you then you can do this for as many people as you wish.
  • You will not catch up with any side effects of switch words because VK is the safest tool.
  • You can use the VK boost method to enhance the speed of healing.

Before going to end up this article, I request you to choose the switch word and switch words phrase with so much of care because sometimes we see many people use and follow the switch words that never ever match with their situation.

The selection of incorrect switch words may not harm you but they may not give the desired or expected results.

Now it is easy to do proxy healing with switch words energy for your near ones just using your VK.